Legend Forum on Employee Health Solutions Hyatt Regency Chicago September 18-20, 2006 .

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Hero Forum on Employee Health Solutions Hyatt Regency – Chicago September 18-20, 2006. Global Health Promotion: As easy as 5-10-25. David S. Pratt, M.D. Director, Health Services and Medical Operations GE Energy. GE Energy … A Truly Global Business.
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Legend Forum on Employee Health Solutions Hyatt Regency – Chicago September 18-20, 2006 Global Health Promotion: As simple as 5-10-25 David S. Pratt, M.D. Executive, Health Services and Medical Operations GE Energy

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GE Energy … A Truly Global Business Currently working in more than 100 nations … 100+ years Over 38,000 representatives … ~500 areas $19BN (est.) 2006 income

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Global Problems of Global Prosperity Excess fat calories and additionally too little products of the soil consumption > half Too little practice > 80% Excess weight > 60%

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Poor Diet

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Source: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

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GE Energy Fruit and Vegetable Intake 0-<1 1-<3 >5 3-<5 Poorer admission than the BRFSS information for all Americans

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Lack of Exercise

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U.S. Physical Activity Statistics: 1986–2002 No Leisure-Time Physical Activity Trend Chart

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The Benefits of Physical Activity It can diminish your danger of passing on rashly . Most particularly, it can decrease your danger of kicking the bucket rashly from coronary illness . It can diminish your danger of creating diabetes It can decrease your hazard growing hypertension . It will control your weight. It will help you to construct and keep up sound bones, muscles, and joints. On the off chance that you are a more seasoned grown-up, it can help you to end up more grounded and better ready to move about without falling.

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If practice was a medication and GE had the patent we wouldn\'t have to offer much else… … ..

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Overweight and Obesity

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Increasing US Obesity

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2004 BMI > 30, or ~ 30 lbs. overweight for 5\'4" man

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Increasing Global Obesity Problem 130% half 48% 26% 18%

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Increasing Global Obesity Problem

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Number (in Millions) of Persons with Diagnosed Diabetes, United States, 1980–2004

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The Opportunity for Large Employers Develop a system for enhancing the wellbeing of your workforce in an exceedingly productive manner Encourage better eating regimens, more practice and weight control Make it straightforward, straightforward, and socially perfect, keep it individual Use the web, push it to them, give input in addition to prizes, empower rivalry, and celebrate "legends"

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GE Energy\'s Response to the "Open door" We manufactured an online application that permits e-empowered representatives to set objectives and track their wellbeing practices on a month to month premise Push messages and "advertisements " on the Energy landing page welcome investment Enrollment involves entering age, tallness, weight, current admission of vegetable and foods grown from the ground practice movement as far as steps Each month the application questions the members about their previous month slants and gives prompt criticism

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Challenge Summary for 2004 Program Nuts and Bolts… … . May 1 – December 31, 2004 Employees enter information once every month Weight misfortune/weight upkeep objectives assessed by ebb and flow BMI Maximum of 20 focuses every month for accomplishing objectives: Average day by day servings of products of the soil eaten Average day by day practice Pounds/Kilograms lost or kept up that month Monthly pamphlet, web assets Online nourishment, wellness, and behavioral mentors Raffles Team rivalry End of Challenge Team Prize and Challenge Participant Hall of Fame

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Home page "advertisement" for 0-5-10-25 Challenge

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Challenge Screens for 2004 Program Registration

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Challenge Screens for 2004 Program Sample Weight Goal Selection for representative with BMI>30

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Challenge Screens for 2004 Program Sample 6 month Maximum Weight Goals*

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Challenge Screens for 2004 Program Monthly Newsletter

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Fitness Coaching Page

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Web bolster for Weight Control

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Changes in Intake of Fruits and Vegetables 2002-2005* * All distinctions factually huge at the p < 0.05 level

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Changes in Exercise Behavior 2002-2005* * All distinctions measurably noteworthy at the p < 0.05 level

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Mean Changes in Weight for Unique Participants 2002-2005* * All distinctions factually huge at the p < 0.05 level

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Health Heroes David Parker, Cramlington, UK Ryan Allred, Salt Lake City, UT USA

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The 5-10-25 Challenge Observational Study Conclusions 2002-2005 Participants altogether expanded their leafy foods admission from start to finish of every year\'s program (p<.05) Participants fundamentally expanded their practice level from start to finish of every year\'s program (p<.05) Participants essentially showed a weight change from start to finish of every year\'s program (p<.05)

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Health by Numbers Looking forward : Looking back:

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Fasting Triglycerides Elevated triglycerides are an autonomous cardiovascular infection chance variable. Elements that may add to hoisted triglycerides incorporate stoutness and overweight, physical idleness, cigarette smoking, abundance liquor admission and an eating routine high in basic sugars (>60% starches). Certain maladies (diabetes and kidney illness) and a few meds (corticosteroids, estrogens, retinoids, higher measurements of beta-blockers) increment triglyceride levels. Test Your Result Standard Values Comments Triglyceride 199 mg/dL Less than 150 mg/dL Normal Emphasis is regularly put on weight diminishment and expanded physical movement to lessen triglycerides. 150 to 199 mg/dL Borderline 200 to 499 mg/dL High 500 mg/dL or all the more Very High 0 Live tobacco free. 5 Evaluate your eating routine. Concentrate on bit control and eating the right sort of fat. Maintain a strategic distance from extremes by dodging an eating routine that is high in fat or high in starches. 10 Walk 10,000 stages a day . Stay away from latency. 25 Maintain a solid weight. Take after the proposals in the BMI segment of this report.  Evaluate your liquor utilize. More than one drink a day can hurt your wellbeing. Liquor can bring about an expansion in triglycerides.  Review your drugs with your specialist or drug specialist. Keep your triglycerides low with 0 5 10 25

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Participant\' s Feedback on CRA Quality

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CRA Results at GE Energy

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Key Lessons Learned From Our Efforts The Challenge is connected with great patterns The outcomes met our destinations of expansive achieve, low touch, digitized, effective, worldwide and profound Developing the application and testing is dreary The program association is quick (< 1 minute/month) The program is famous - specialty units contend Heroes are useful No early proof of cases effect ( test measure, time) Decide what you need to gain from the outcomes at the before dispatch Integrate programs so that the mantra is rehashed again and once more… …

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Live Tobacco Free Eat at least 5 servings of foods grown from the ground every day Walk 10,000 Steps A Day or participate in 30+ minutes of direct power practice Strive for a Body Mass Index (BMI) of under 25

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