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To expand and upgrade support in cricket in Leinster at all age, and capacity levels and to advance magnificence inside of all zones of the game. Playing ...
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Leinster Cricket Union Strategic Plan 2008-2012

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Contents Page 3 – Our Mission Page 4 – Aims of the Strategic Plan Page 5 – What would we like to accomplish ? Page 6 – How will we accomplish it ? Page 7 – Measuring our advancement Page 8 – Schools and Youth Page 9 – The following level – 3 rd level universities. Page 10 – Senior Men\'s Cricket Pages 11/12 – Junior Men\'s Cricket Page 13/14 – Women\'s Cricket Page 15 - Coaching Page 16 – Umpiring and Scoring Page 17 – Grounds Page 18 - Finance Pages 19/20 – Administration Pages 21/23 - Appendix 1 – Grounds criteria Page 24 – Appendix 2 – Technical & Communications (incl. PR/Media) Page 25 – Appendix 3 – Criteria for "Senior" status

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Playing Senior Men Junior Men Women Schools/Colleges/Youth Our Mission To increment and improve interest in cricket in Leinster at all age, and capacity levels – and to advance incredibleness inside all territories of the game Grounds & Facilities Governance Finance Administration Media/PR Coaching & Coach Development Umpiring & Scoring

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What would we like to accomplish ? Enhance the standard of cricket being played – with expanded support by Leinster players at the most elevated amounts of all Irish cricket. Keep up and develop the numbers partaking at all levels of cricket Increase the quantities of young ladies and ladies playing cricket Make cricket alluring as a game – and keep our players in the diversion Improve the benchmarks of grounds, offices and hardware – and guarantee that Leinster expands its capacity to host top class cricket matches Increase the quantity of grounds accessible for cricket in the Leinster range Ensure that all authorities – mentors, umpires, scorers and heads – are prepared and prepared to play out their obligations at the required levels Ensure that the LCU controls the game all through the region to the most elevated conceivable standard Ensure that all wellsprings of subsidizing are completely used Promote the game of cricket through all accessible media outlets Ensure that the \'Soul of Cricket\' is held fast to at all times

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How would we accomplish it ? There will be a proceeded with accentuation on drilling of "world class" players at Under Age and Senior levels – men and ladies. Through the Schools and Youth branches we will extend the base for cricket all through Leinster Non-cricket zones will be focused for advancement – with potential for the production of new clubs, or extension of numbers inside existing clubs Local Authorities and important subsidizing organizations will be used where feasible for financing of capital tasks or progressing guiding/improvement work – including the vocation of extra Cricket Development Officers All streets will be researched with a perspective to acquiring extra Ground assets – Local Authority parks/playing fields, schools & universities and so on. The Coaching Association, and the Umpires & Scorers Association will give preparing to keep up and enhance principles in these controls The Regulations of Senior and Junior cricket rivalries will be looked into – in conference with clubs and players – to give a scope of rivalries intended to advance high playing models while guaranteeing maintenance of players in the game. Point by point exhortation and direction will be offered to all clubs in connection to ground support and change. Rules for setting up and continuous organization of clubs will be given

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Measuring our Progress ? The particular destinations and focuses inside this Plan will be evaluated toward the end of the 2009 season, and every year from that point. Goals and targets might be overhauled in the light of such appraisals.

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Playing Schools/Youth Schools & Youth Targeted Growth 2 new schools required in summer guiding & Kwik cricket in every year. 2 new Primary schools in Cup every year – and 1 new Secondary school in every opposition in every year Primary Schools\' group by 2012 1 new Youth group in every year of the Plan Senior clubs to handle at least 1 young men group at all age levels by 2012. Senior clubs to handle at least 1 young ladies group by 2012 Girls U17 association by 2012 Junior clubs to handle at least 1 youth group (young men or young ladies) by 2012 An Assistant Cricket Development Officer to be set up by 2009

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Playing Colleges The following level… .. Build 3 rd level numbers by : Expanding the Schools\' drilling system to incorporate universities. Try to incorporate College groups in LCU rivalries – men & ladies – as proper. Coordinate with IUCA to advance University cricket. Work with the Colleges on ground improvement. Advance improvements in Umpiring and Scoring in University cricket – and delegate Umpires to Intervarsity coordinates Third Level/University Cricket Now - 1 Senior club & 2 Junior clubs associated to the LCU however there are 8 dynamic clubs in Leinster.

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Playing Senior Men Senior Men\'s Cricket Top Senior Club players require a stage past club rivalries. The LCU will effectively seek after the reestablishment of an Inter Regional or Interprovincial rivalry. Players with potential to create in the amusement will be distinguished and advanced to playing in larger amount rivalries. In conjunction with the Cricket Development Officer(s), and the Coaching Association, the presentation of Youth cricketers into Senior Cricket will be done in an organized and significant approach to guarantee the fullest improvement of the players concerned. Senior clubs must focus on a structure which will guarantee the best improvement of cricket in the LCU zone in general. In an offer to stem the loss of players from cricket after "Youth" levels, the Senior Competitions Committee will audit all Senior cricket controls with a perspective to giving an assortment of alluring rivalries went for club players. This will incorporate an audit of begin times and length of matches. In conjunction with the other fitting sub-boards of trustees (Grounds and Coaching), and the LCU&SA, the Senior Competitions Committee will work to guarantee that Senior Cricket is played to the most noteworthy standard conceivable, on appropriate pitches and outfields, and with qualified authorities at all times. The expressed criteria for a club in Senior cricket to be met by every single Senior club by 2012 (see Appendix 3)

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Playing Junior Men Junior Cricket NOW 14 Junior Clubs Target zones with no cricket – work with the CDO and mentors to run honing centers in these regions. Look to begin new clubs where conceivable. Advance cricket in nearby schools – host and/or sort out school rivalries. 2012 ?? Grounds Committee to screen all Junior club grounds – and give exhortation on ground planning, change and conservation

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Playing Junior Men Junior Cricket Coaching centers to be accommodated Junior clubs to advance the improvement of player capacity – in conjunction with the Junior Branch, and the Coaching Association The Coaching Association will work with every single Junior club to create mentors – benefiting of courses at all fitting levels. Junior rivalry controls will be audited – and input looked for from every Junior club & groups – to guarantee the cricket played is alluring – and intended to keep players in the game. Keep up and Grow By the 2010 season every single Junior club ought to have the capacity to return match results and subtle elements in "electronic" arrangement * League tables and individual insights will be made accessible on the LCU site. * See Appendix 2

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Playing Women\'s Cricket

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Playing Women\'s Cricket

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Coaching & Coach Development Coaching The LCU Coaching Committee will seek to run the accompanying courses :- Two Introductory courses every year One Level 1 course every year One Level 2 course like clockwork There will be three "Refresher" courses run every year – one out of season and two amid the season. The Coaching board will proceed in its dedication to give abnormal state drilling to all "Age" and "World class" squads. Club Requirements The LCU will urge every single constituent club to have individuals go to applicable guiding courses to agree to the club necessities. All qualified mentors will be urged to mentor at club level Each club ought to have a honing co-ordinator (ideally Level 2 or better) Each club ought to have a 1 st group mentor, a Youth\'s mentor and a ladies\' mentor – together with adequate prepared mentors accessible to mentor all lesser association players.

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Umpiring & Scoring Umpiring & Scoring The Leinster Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association will be in charge of the organization, and preparing of all Umpires and Scorers in Leinster. The LCU will urge club players to end up required in Umpiring – both while playing, and as a long haul expansion of their cricket profession. Specific accentuation will be set on urging Senior standard players to end up required in umpiring, and accomplish appropriate capabilities – with a perspective to enhancing Regional and National umpiring models. The LCU&SA will give basic courses in no less than 4 distinct focuses every year for the essential advantage of current players and other intrigued people in clubs. Particular umpiring targets are : To accomplish and keep up no less than 50 dynamic umpires (2207 – 44 dynamic umpires) To accomplish and keep up no less than 900 arrangements for every season. (2007 – 803 arrangements) To accomplish and keep up 100% scope of Senior 2/3 matches (95% in 2007), and half scope of Middle A/B (35% in 2007). To expand the delegate at ECC levels to 6 umpires on the ECC Representative board and 2 umpires on the Elite board (2007 – 3 umpires on the Representative board). To have every single dynamic umpire with a base GL6 capability. To have 15 qualified individuals from the ACO To have 10 umpires with GL4 qualif

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