Lesson 1.

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Lesson 1 Characterize "land protection" ? Draft Social Model Graph
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Lesson 1 Define “land conservation”

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? Draft Cultural Model Diagram People in the groups encompassing ensured regions may not comprehend the words “ land preservation ” in the same terms. Their assorted backgrounds have molded their perspectives. Individuals discussed each of the 5 angles delineated in this chart.

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What are the shared traits …?

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Land protection is… Values : how we identify with area Use: what we get from area Tools : approaches to shape scenes ( Paolisso et al. in prep)

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Lesson 2 Define “cultural lenses”

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What is a social “lens”? “a similitude for a state of view” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lens ) “ If you are talking from your perspective, you would discuss what you need, need or feel like. To get a man to do something, it is vastly improved to talk from the other individual\'s purpose of view.” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perspective_%28cognitive%29 ) “In struggle determination a method of utilizing "I", "me", "my" dialect urges the individual to talk from their own purpose of view… Talking about your own perspective brings it upon the other individual to be additionally understanding and helpful. “( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perspective_%28cognitive%29 )

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Examples: assorted perspectives on “conservation” sparing a lifestyle, in view of utilizing what nature gives, …to see untamed life and experience nature … “ as amid my childhood ” a dynamic, versatile procedure of economical harvest to meet human nourishment and material needs . ..” if the area can deliver, it ought to create ” the evenhanded administration of assets in people in general trust , “ consider numerous utilization, organization orders, and voters ” an ethical basic for the long haul insurance of open merchandise (air, water, nature) …” people don\'t have the privilege to wreck it ”

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“Pat’s lens” “My occupation is to keep up the business\' respectability while perceiving the unavoidable issues facing everyone. There will be new parkways, new subdivisions, new organizations, new shopping centers…there is no circumventing needing to offer property.” “ You know, [this is] annihilating my backyard… crushing my childhood.” “I truly just about sob when I consider the forested areas that I cherished as a child, in respect to what they are today and what has happened. I know it is changing and I question in the event that it can ever change back. When I was a child, I meandered this woods and chased them. There were excellent huge trees all around and not a mess of underbrush. “

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“Chris’s lens” “ you plant, and you oversee and you gather that timber and give a decent to the public……You are serving to make employments and you are assisting people….you with aring giving an administration and items that individuals use everyday….” “You’ve got the opportunity to get in there and you’ve got the chance to cut, you’ve got the chance to make do with flame, you’ve got the chance to raise that new woodland underneath the old one.” “I would be unable to let you know at this moment that I would be ready to tie up something in a preservation venture that could be used later on – to take it out of somebody’s hand that could be using it later on for that group. Not to advantage fundamentally an individual, but rather the community.”

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“Lynn’s lens” “So, the residents of Beaumont advantage by having clean water in the Neches River … they don’t essentially see direct advantage to people, yet it is a societal advantage.., what we call biological system administrations. “ “Well, we will likely secure the normal vegetation and, and to do that you need to verify that the conditions that outcome in that vegetation …continue,... in Long Leaf pine uplands it’s fire. In huge stream floodplains, similar to the Neches,… it’s flooding.” “for an area proprietor that’s got a little tract being overseen for numerous uses, positively there’s nothing amiss with evacuating a few trees, let’s say for kindling, while holding a large portion of alternate trees ... There would in any case be significant area preservation benefits”

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“Kim’s lens” “ Whether it’s a human aggravation or a characteristic unsettling influence, it will recover itself and it may not be the woods I incline toward, but rather it’s the one that nature moved the shakers and said, ‘that’s what’s coming up’.” “So there are… quite a few people who acknowledge nature. They advantage an awesome arrangement, specifically, by and by, from assurance of land… we all have a stake in ensuring biodiversity… numerous individuals would not comprehend … what they pick up by and by from it, however each of us does.” “We have an ethical basic to secure nature…”

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What do we mean by a “cultural lens”? Individuals communicated various perspectives about the thoughts in every container of our outline, as though they wear distinctive lenses that “ shading ” their perspectives To mirror this assorted qualities , we worded review things in wording that individuals utilized much of the time. We examined the overview results to find the particular contrasts between “ lenses ” (e.g. component investigation angled). Individuals who concurred with one review thing, were liable to concur with different things in the same “lens”.

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Part 3 Three lenses: perspectives of protection grounds

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Examples of 3 lenses

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Amber lens - devices Land preservation could be incorporated into development and advancement if political, social, and monetary frameworks worked the way they should. improvement ought to happen in zones assigned for development. moderate biologically one of a kind or extraordinary zones. organize land that is debilitated by improvement. stem undesirable development. Fruitful area protection endeavors can\'t be proficient unless all intrigued partner gatherings have the capacity to assume a dynamic part & take an interest in the choice making procedure. neighborhood governments are essential to achievement assemble trust and great working associations with partners

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Amber lens - utilization of area Conserving area serves to keep up solid biological systems. support local plants and neighborhood untamed life. ecological advantages, for example, clean air and water. Land protection speaks the truth utilizing assets astutely with the goal that they will be accessible to meet the shifting future needs of differing landowners & groups. protect rustic personality and character. safeguard the progression of nearby groups. keep up personal satisfaction. save a landowner’s value and open spaces for natural purposes. give salary from sustenance, fiber, and timber generation .

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Amber lens - values It is an ethical basic to monitor land. We don\'t have the privilege to contrarily affect different species. Some area should be saved where nature can be permitted to prosper with almost no contact from people. Land preservation ought to be incorporated into development and improvement. Land protection ought to save working grounds (i.e., terrains used to deliver grain, animals, timber, and so on.) and open spaces. It is imperative to preserve lands for amusement. We ought to ration handles that the vast majority would concur are delightful, elevating, or extraordinary.

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Rosy lens-apparatuses The beneficial creation of normal assets (nourishment, fiber, timber) is the most ideal approach to moderate area. Without dynamic administration, nature can\'t experience its potential. More land could be saved if land protection projects did not oblige area to be saved in interminability. Land protection may be an apparatus to save rural land however it is not an instrument to make agribusiness adequately suitable so agriculturists can keep on working the area.

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Rosy lens-utilization of area Land is a monetary asset, as other budgetary resources, that can be utilized to meet the short-and long haul money related needs of its proprietors. The reason for area protection is to keep up the land’s capacity to give a safe business to groups now and later on. Area is a wellspring of wage in times of family emergency.

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Rosy lens-values If land preservation endeavors are to be fruitful, willful methodologies ought to be sought after over administrative ones. Area use choices ought to be principally represented via landowners. Preservation no matter what is outlandish. A few expenses can\'t go on without serious consequences. Regular asset makers of sustenance, fiber, and timber are the best land progressives. Land protection may restrain a landowner’s capacity to utilize his/her territory in a manner that is important to meet his/her short-and long haul needs.

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Rosy lens-values (cont’d) Humans are the overwhelming species and addressing our needs ought to be a need. The unstoppable force of life is really extreme and in the event that we let only her, she will return even after unsettling influences, for example, clear cutting, over brushing, or tropical storms. Improvement can be a net positive for the earth, if arranging is satisfactory and suitable advances are utilized.

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Green lens I DISAGREE THAT.. Area is an asset to permit groups to develop to meet monetary and lodging needs. Protection is overseeing area for its most noteworthy and best utilize and that can change as per monetary and social needs. More land would be protected through productive cultivating than through the buy and gift of area preservation easements. .:tslid

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