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Envelope and document consents use same rights. Understanding NetWare envelope consents ... Make envelopes like secure in-box by allowing Create right. ...
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OVERVIEW Working with client accounts. Working with security bunches. Overseeing record framework access.

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WORKING WITH USER ACCOUNTS Establish security accounts. Adjust client accounts. Erase client accounts.

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Establish security accounts ConsoleOne: Comprehensive instrument to regulate almost any article that exists in a NDS tree.

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Establish security accounts ConsoleOne

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Establish security records To make another client account: Access File menu. Pick New. Pick User.

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Establish security accounts New User Dialog Box

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Establish security records To make another client account: Click OK to make client account. Dole out client secret word.

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Modify client accounts Steps: Double-click client object. Click diverse tabs to get to record settings sorts in the Properties exchange box.

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Modify client accounts General/Identification: Defines extra client data.

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Modify client accounts User Properties exchange box

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Modify client accounts General/Environment: Enables meaning of the dialect the client will utilize and the default server.

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Modify client accounts Default Server: In a solitary Network, don\'t set the server. In a multi-server Network, determine the server.

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Modify client accounts General/Environment tab

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Modify client accounts Restrictions/Password Restrictions tab

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Modify client accounts Login Restrictions: Account crippled. Account has termination date. Limit simultaneous associations from various PCs.

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Modify client accounts Time Restrictions: Allow/refuse login times.

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Modify client accounts Restrictions/Time Restrictions tab

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Modify client accounts Address Restrictions: Restrict access. Interloper Detection: Restrictions/Intruder Lockout.

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Modify client accounts Administrative obligations: Rights to documents/organizers. Enrollments/bunch participation. Participations/Security Equal To. Security Equal to Me.

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Delete client accounts Steps: Select article in the right sheet. Open File menu. Pick Delete NDS Object.

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WORKING WITH SECURITY GROUPS Creating bunches Maintaining bunch participation

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Creating bunches Steps: Select association compartment. Open File menu. Pick New. Pick Group. Enter new gathering name. Click OK.

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Creating bunches New Group exchange box

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Maintaining bunch enrollment Steps: Open gathering object in ConsoleOne Use Members tab. Open individual client\'s Properties discourse box. Use Memberships/Group Membership tab.

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Maintaining bunch enrollment ConsoleOne Member\'s tab

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MANAGING FILE SYSTEM ACCESS Administer volume and organizer security: Use Network Neighborhood/My Computer as Administrator. Use ConsoleOne to dole out consents.

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Managing record framework access NetWare Rights tab

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Managing document framework access Trustees tab

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Managing record framework access Understanding NetWare envelope consents Assigning rights

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Understanding NetWare organizer authorizations Manage consents to envelopes and individual records. Organizer and document consents use same rights.

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Understanding NetWare organizer consents File framework security rights: Supervisor Read Write Create

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Understanding NetWare envelope authorizations File framework security rights: Erase Modify File Scan Access Control

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Understanding NetWare organizer authorizations Tips: For read-just access to an organizer, gift Read and File Scan rights. Make organizers like secure in-box by giving Create right. Total document framework rights. Consider abilities conceded to client with rights.

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Assigning rights To include a Trustee: Navigate to the organizer. Right-tap the organizer. Pick Properties. Select Add Trustee catch. Pick client/bunch from rundown. Click OK. Use checkboxes in Access Rights bit of the Trustees of This Directory tab.

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Assigning rights To expel a Trustee: Select that individual in the rundown. Click Delete Trustee.

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SUMMARY Working with client accounts: Establish security accounts Modify client accounts Delete client accounts

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Summary Working with security bunches: Creating bunches Maintaining bunch enrollment

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Summary Managing document framework access: Understanding NetWare organizer authorizations Assigning rights

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