Lesson five .

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Words and expressions. obscure: to cloud, to make indistinctE.g. ~ the line in the middle of workmanship and reality~ the refinement in the middle of right and wrongTears ~red my eyes. The liquor didn\'t obscure his cerebrum.. squeeze. 1. to nip, crush, or compressE.g. to ~ sb\'s cheek playfullyto ~ one\'s finger in the door2. to beset or troubleE.g. be ~ed with frosty and hunger3. to give or spend sparingly; be meanE.g. ~ and
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Lesson five Say Yes

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Words and expressions obscure : to cloud, to make unclear E.g. ~ the line amongst craftsmanship and reality ~ the qualification amongst good and bad T ears ~red my eyes. The liquor didn\'t obscure his cerebrum.

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squeeze 1. to nip, crush, or pack E.g. to ~ sb\'s cheek energetically to ~ one\'s finger in the entryway 2. to harrow or inconvenience E.g. be ~ed with cool and appetite 3. to give or spend sparingly; be mean E.g. ~ and spare/rub She ~es on nourishment so as to spend on attire. squeeze pennies E.g. We\'ve been squeezing pennies all year with the goal that we can visit my relatives in Australia in December.

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More figures of speech with " squeeze " when there\'s no other option E.g. We normally just acknowledge 55 visitors yet after all other options have been exhausted we could take 60. bring sth with a squeeze of salt E.g. She disclosed to me she knew individuals in the film business, however I brought that with a squeeze of salt. feel the squeeze E.g. It\'s six months since he lost his occupation, and he is starting to feel the squeeze.

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dive E.g. The temperature ~d beneath solidifying. The cost of oil has ~d to an amazing failure. The perilous arrangements would ~ Europe into another war. dive in E.g. In the wake of laboring for a quarter century chose to dive in and backpedal to school.

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scrounge: to scan about for sth She ~d transform from the base of her handbag. He ~d about in his drawer. ~ among back number periodicals for an article ~ a ship for stash

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Words meaning " seek " or " inspect " Did you bolt the entryway? – I\'ll go and check . The water tests were examin ed for hints of contamination. The social administrations are asking about the missing young lady. The police test d into his budgetary issues.

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The group went to the abandon to prospect for oil. He blamed the press for pry ing into his private life. While she was out, somebody had strip ed her room. We filter ned the skyline however not a single ship were to be seen. We scour ed the market for crisp aubergines. We found that our neighbors had been spy ing on us.

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flatware - product: fabricated merchandise ironware, programming, equipment, dish sets, stoneware, ovenware

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snap one\'s fingers at E.g. On the off chance that you keep on snapping your fingers at your supervisor, you might be extremely rebuffed. snap/nibble sb\'s take off E.g. He is simply making a recommendation: there\'s no compelling reason to snap his take off/snap at him! be a snap E.g. This occupation is a snap.

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snap wake up E.g. For goodness\' sake, Ann, wake up! Things are not that awful. snap to it E.g. Gone ahead! Snap to it.

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crush E.g. to ~ some juice from the orange ~ numerous things into a day ~ through a slender section a tight ~ : a circumstance where one doesn\'t have much space to place things in;

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press put the ~ on sb (to do sth) : E.g. Rising fuel costs are putting the crush on agriculturists and transport organizations. ~ sb dry E.g. The war, and also the monetary authorizations forced by outside nations, have pressed the economy dry.

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Language focuses in content contribute: begin to work overwhelmingly or distinctly; add one\'s commitment to a general exertion E.g. In the event that we as a whole ~, we ought to land the position completed this evening.

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Don " t trust me: wear " t acknowledge all that I said as genuine trust sb : trust sth that sb has said E.g. You know more about autos than I do, so in the event that you think it needs another gearbox, I\'ll believe you. You can trust me, I\'ll never disappoint you.

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spot: to touch gently, usu. a few circumstances E.g. ~ at his mouth with a cloth ~ some excellence cream all over ~ spread on a cut of bread The craftsman tenderly ~bed paint on the canvas. She ~bed the injury with a yellow ointment.

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feel cornered — expressions comparable in meaning(1) If I help him, the manager will loathe me . In the event that I don\'t help him the workplace staff will abhor me. I\'m between the fiend and the dark blue ocean . We\'ll truly get in Dutch on the off chance that we lose the auto keys. They\'re the main ones our folks have. When we came up short on gas at two o\'clock in the morning, I knew we were in a stick .

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(2) Having lost her travel permit, she is currently in profound water . He has got himself in heated water by quarreling with his supervisor. In the event that you don\'t make a decent showing with regards to, you will be stuck a dilemma .

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(3) He thought living at home was terrible, yet now that he is in New York, he understands that he has hopped from the skillet into the fire . We are up against it this year. We\'re in earnest need of your offer assistance. At the point when Peter was driving on the free path at midnight, his auto split down and left him up a tree . I was in a terrible pickle when I lost my occupation.

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P126 tone versus tune tone : 1) sound with reference to its quality: the sweet ~ of the violin; the abrasive ~ of the processing plant shriek 2) the inflection, expressing, selection of words and so on of a speaker or essayist that communicates a specific significance, feeling, state of mind of him: talk in an irate ~/in a ~ of disdain/objection ; 3) the ascent or fall of the voice in talking or articulation: focus on the rising and falling ~s in your elocution 4) shades of shading: a photograph in warm ~; the coat is a light ~ of green

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tune : recommends the progression of note shaping a tune (of a tune), utilized regularly contrary to the expressions of a tune E.g. He murmured a ~ to keep his valor up. Never should I overlook that frightful ~.

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address versus issue question is more broad, while issue alludes to a question esp. associated with numbers and truths, similar to issues what\'s more and subtraction question is more broad while issue regularly alludes to a genuine trouble that necessities consideration and thought

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embarrassed versus dishonorable embarrassed: You ought to be embarrassed about yourself. He said he felt embarrassed about having done as such little for the general public. disgraceful: It is dishonorable that she stole cash from the visually impaired man. The journalist had found their despicable treatment of political detainees.

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