Letter Round - Up.

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By: Crystal Pritchard. An is for pronghorn. A. Says/a/B is for bison ... X is for x brand. X. Says/x/Y is for yee-haw. Y. Says/y/Z is for zee end. of the letter ...
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Letter Round - Up Dr. Jean Totally Reading #16 By: Crystal Pritchard

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An is for pronghorn A Says/a/

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B is for wild ox B Says/b/

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C is for desert flora C Says/c/

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D is for deer D Says/d/

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E is for elk E Says/e/

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F is for wall F Says/f/

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G is for guitar G Says/g/

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H is for stallion H Says/h/

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I is for iguana I Says/i/

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J is for jack rabbit J Says/j/

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K is for bandanna K Says/k/

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L is for tether L Says/l/

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M is for music M Says/m/

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N is for night N Says/n/

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O is for on the reach O Says/o/

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P is for serene P Says/p/

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Q is for quail Q Says/q/

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R is for rodeo R Says/r/

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S is for seat S Says/s/

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T is for tent T Says/t/

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U is for under enormous sky U Says/u/

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V is for vulture V Says/v/

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W is for wagon W Says/w/

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X is for x brand X Says/x/

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Y is for yee-haw Y Says/y/

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Z is for zee end of the letter round up Z Says/z/

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Thanks for tagging along and for singing our tune. Cheerful trails! Time to jazzed up!

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