Library Essentials: making the library fitting to the requirements of understudies in the 21st century.

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Library Essentials: making the library suitable to the necessities of understudies in the 21st century Mary Keeping an eye on School Library Relationship of Victoria Sandy Phillips Victorian Instruction Channel Chief Division of Instruction and Preparing, Victoria
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Library Essentials: making the library fitting to the needs of understudies in the 21st century Mary Manning School Library Association of Victoria Sandy Phillips Victorian Education Channel Manager Department of Education & Training, Victoria

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The Victorian Essential Learning Standards another way to deal with sorting out educational programs

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This educational modules methodology addresses The financial and social changes connected with the advancement of our worldwide, information based world and their suggestions for schools, and The developing proof base about how individuals learn and its suggestions for showing that works

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A move far from expanded substance towards:- An understudy focused methodology Developing the learner who can apply their insight past the classroom to new and distinctive circumstances Autonomous learners

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The Players Teachers 1940s, 1950s, 1960s Print era Socialize in eateries News, current issues, perusing, occasions, Parkinson/Oprah Aliens in an online world “Technology as a second language” Students 1980s, 1990s, 2000s Net Generation Socialize online Chat, SMS, amusements, reproductions At simplicity in immersive universes

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Speaker’s Note To succeed past the obligatory years of educating, everything understudies need to add to these three limits. The three sorting out standards of the VELS are gotten from these three expressly expressed purposes. Together they help to answer the expansive inquiry regarding the sort of youngsters we need our schools to sustain.

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Three segments The procedures of physical, individual and social improvement and development The branches of learning reflected in the conventional orders; and The interdisciplinary limits required for compelling working inside and past school (we like it as of now!!)

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Three strands Physical, Personal and Social Learning Discipline-based Learning Interdisciplinary Learning

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Balance and fairness Knowledge, aptitudes and practices in each of the three strands Together the three strands give the premise to understudies to grow profound comprehension A capacity to take their learning and apply it to new and diverse circumstances The orders are identified with alternate strands in another and incorporated way

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Novice learners to master learners! The advancement includes: Noticing elements and significant examples of data Acquiring substance information that is sorted out in approaches to mirror a profound comprehension Applying information in courses proper to setting as opposed to practicing one’s memory Approaching new circumstances in adaptable ways Autonomous learners

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What is diverse? What is the same? Interdisciplinary Learning/ICT Discipline-based Learning Physical, Personal and Social Learning Discipline-based Learning

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What does this mean? More prominent acknowledgment of the individual and social aptitudes Greater acknowledgment of the cross educational programs abilities Statewide benchmarks in these.

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Implications for school libraries Skills that have never been expressly expressed are currently recognized and models expressed Interdisciplinary aptitudes and practices are of equivalent worth to train abilities and information An entire school methodology is important for arranging Integration and joint effort obliged Focus on what is fundamental for master or self-governing learning

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Things to consider Collaborative methodologies (arranging groups) Novice to master learner (free research abilities) Transferability of learning Student-focused methodology (learning styles) Thinking abilities (procedures) Assessment (developmental) Rich ICT learning environment LEADERSHIP

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Learning as Teachers Five phases of Integration: Foundation Integrated Innovative Transformative Leadership !

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ICT concentrates on furnishing understudies with the apparatuses to change their learning and to enhance their learning surroundings. grow new thinking and learning abilities that deliver inventive and creative experiences impart locally and internationally to take care of issues and to share information

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Thinking The investigation of speculation empowers understudies to procure systems for intuition identified with enquiry, handling data, thinking, critical thinking, assessment and reflection. Deduction approves existing information and empowers people to make new learning and to construct thoughts and make associations between them.

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Personal Learning Learners are best when they are aware of themselves as learners and masterminds inside of a learning group. This space gives understudies the information, aptitudes and practices to be effective learners both at school and for the duration of their lives. Self-inspiration Engagement Responsibility for one’s own taking in A “connected” worldwide national

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The Online World Supporting Global & Personal Learning

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The Online World Supporting Thinking & Creativity BLOGGING Literature

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The Online World Supporting diverse Learning Styles Movie Life in the trenches Virtual Tour Life in the trenches Timeline : Persecution and Genocide Under the Nazis 1933 - 1945 iMovie manifestations “We didn’t begin the fire” Educator outlined movement Springfield USA

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Scaffolding for Thinking Hotlist/Web Hunts List of destinations Theme/Topic Based Fact Finding Reporting back WebQuest – Real Ones!!! Critical thinking Critical supposing Team building and cooperation Persistence Creative and sidelong considering

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We Didn’t begin the flame WebQuest – Create Thinking Hotlist/Web Hunts Groups/Individual “Surf the net” Fact Finding Discussion Reporting back Open Questions What had worldwide effect? Why? What criteria was utilized? Wrangle about Transformative Thinking What might highlight in a tune/Rap from Aust/NZ/HK Creative Thinking Maybe make one The melody closes in 1982 what noteworthy occasions would you include in the iMOVIE? Make Personal Learning/Reflection What occasions throughout your life have been critical?

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WebQuests Best WebQuests TOM MARCH Bendigo Senior Secondary College LISA HAYMAN

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Webquest of the Year SLAV/Education Channel The Way Things Work Catering for camp China’ s Great Inventions Competition during the current Year – Collaboration

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In the expressions of Stephen Heppell Let us be the Leaders to … ……the environment expected to quick track everybody towards the sort of delightful, connecting with, tempting , extending, changing environment that our young learners need. Province Education Ministers Conference Prof Stephen Heppell November 28th 2000 http://r

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