Life Cycle Assessment of Borate Treated Structural Systems TSS .

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Economical Development is a Borax technique. EnvironmentalProduct stewardshipPollution preventionResource stewardshipSocialSafety
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Life Cycle Assessment of Borate Treated Structural Systems (TSS) Tarun K. Bhatia, US Borax Andrea Russell, Five Winds International Gerry Pepper, US Borax Shannon Turnbull, Five Winds International September 24, 2003

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Sustainable Development is a Borax technique Environmental Product stewardship Pollution counteractive action Resource stewardship Social Safety & human wellbeing Stakeholder engagement & straightforwardness Communities Economic Shareholder return Economic commitment

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We have 5 noteworthy goals Protect wellbeing & security of representatives & open Enhance human potential Maximize asset use while limiting ecological effect Optimize our monetary commitment to society Expand how our items add to feasible improvement

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LCA work extends our insight into SD effect of our items Borax has finished LCA on its items. Borax performing LCA on borate applications

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TSS is a borate application that is experiencing LCA work Treated Structural System (TSS) Build the whole structure with borate treated wood for assurance from termite, rot, and other wood destroyers. borate weight treated timber borate treated wood composites

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The TSS esteem recommendation mirrors SD values Lower life cycle cost. Bring down asset utilize. Bring down vitality utilize. Bring down green house gasses. More open to living space. More advantageous indoor and open air situations.

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Why LCA? LCA can be, and is, utilized to bolster a few activities in Borax: Market Support Process Improvements and New Technology Evaluation ISO 14001 Product Profiles SD Reporting Product Innovation

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Goal and Scope Goal: put information into legitimate databases, for example, BEES and ATHENA™ so originators can better portray the supportability of utilizing borate treated wood and OSB in particular material and building item applications Study to be directed in consistence with the ISO 14040 arrangement of guidelines on Life Cycle Assessment

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Functional Units Zinc borate treated OSB utilitarian unit: 1000 board feet of OSB that is 7/16" thick treated with 0.75% zinc borate by weight Tim-bor treated timber practical unit: 1000 board feet of timber, treated with 0.42 lbs of Tim-bor per cubic foot of wood

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Boundary Conditions

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Boundary Conditions

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High-level Process Map

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High-level Process Map

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Where are we now? Kept running into barricades in information gathering: CORRIM information not distributed yet Available information is dated and now and again is not material Faced with test of deserting unique timetable or utilizing information that does not meet the first needs as laid out in the Goal & Scope Definition

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Decision-production in the information accumulation prepare

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Decision-production in the information accumulation handle

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Future activities for finishing the review Waiting for CORRIM information to be distributed - ideally inside the following couple of months This will empower ponder results to mirror the objective and investigate at first set and will give great informational collections to accommodation to Athena and BEES databases

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Summary SD is a vital activity at Borax LCA on borate applications has a business esteem Creates learning for Borax Helps clients with item decisions Data gathering is essential to the LCA procedure

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