Lilies of the Field .

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Lilies of the Field . Don’t worry, put your trust in God . Worry Stones. *small *flat *fits in hand “Worry Stone”????? If you’re worried, Rub it and you will have peace. ?????????. What’s To Worry About?? . *Adults *kids. Jesus has the answer!.
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Lilies of the Field Don\'t stress, put your trust in God .

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Worry Stones *small *flat *fits close by "Stress Stone"????? In case you\'re concerned, Rub it and you will have peace. ?????????

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What\'s To Worry About?? *Adults *kids

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Jesus has the reply! One day a substantial gathering of individuals was accumulated around Jesus on a slope and he started to show them. "Try not to stress over whether you have enough sustenance and drink, or enough garments to wear," he said, "There are more essential things in life than nourishment and garments,"

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Birds "Take a gander at the winged animals noticeable all around," Jesus said. "They don\'t stress where their next dinner is originating from. They don\'t hide away grain in outbuildings. But, the Heavenly Father deals with them. Most likely you are worth more to him than a fowl."

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Lilies "And why stress over your attire ?" Jesus proceeded. "Take a gander at the lilies of the field and how they develop. They don\'t work or make their attire, but then Solomon in all his transcendence wasn\'t dressed as flawlessly as they seem to be. On the off chance that God administers to these wildflowers, most likely he will deal with you. Why do you demonstrate your absence of confidence by stressing over these things?"

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Belief and Faith Our part as devotees: *We need to accumulate, much the same as the fowls * Have FAITH! *MOST OF ALL > NO WORRIES!!!

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You are Beautiful Remember that you are more essential to God than the most excellent blossom. On the off chance that he nurtures the blooms, he unquestionably looks after YOU!!!!

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 Bible Verse for now  "Along these lines I will inform you, don\'t stress concerning your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear." Matthew 6:25a (NIV)

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Prayer Father, we thank you that you give our each need. Help us not to stress, but rather to have confidence. So be it

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PowerPoint Presentation by Ami Patton Based on a Children\'s Sermon by Charles Kirkpatrick Free Use for Ministry Purposes

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