Limited Automata.

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Limited Automata. Limited Machine. Info. String. Yield. "Acknowledge" or "Reject". Limited Machine. Move Chart. introductory state. tolerating state. move. state. Starting Design. Info String. Perusing the Info. Info wrapped up. acknowledge. Dismissal.
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Limited Automata

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Finite Automaton Input String Output “Accept” or “Reject” Finite Automaton

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Transition Graph starting state tolerating state move state

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Initial Configuration Input String

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Reading the Input

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Input completed acknowledge

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Input completed reject

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Another Rejection

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Another Example

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Input completed acknowledge

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Rejection Example

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Input completed reject

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Languages Accepted by FAs FA Definition: The dialect contains all data strings acknowledged by = { strings that convey to a tolerant state}

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Example acknowledge

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Example acknowledge

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Example trap state acknowledge

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Formal Definition Finite Automaton (FA) : set of states : info letters in order : move capacity : beginning state : set of tolerating states

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Input Alphabet

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Set of States

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Initial State

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Set of Accepting States

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Transition Function

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Transition Function

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Extended Transition Function

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Observation: if there is a stroll from to with mark then

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Example: There is a stroll from to with name

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Recursive Definition

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Language Accepted by FAs For a FA Language acknowledged by :

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Observation Language rejected by :

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Example = { all strings with prefix } acknowledge

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Example = { all strings without substring }

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Regular Languages Definition: A dialect is general if there is FA such that Observation: All dialects acknowledged by FAs shape the group of standard dialects

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Examples of normal dialects: { all strings with prefix } { all strings without substring } There exist automata that acknowledge these Languages (see past slides).

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There exist dialects which are not Regular: Example: There is no FA that acknowledges such a dialect (we will demonstrate this later in the class)

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