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LINH. The Netherlands Data System of General Practice. Review. position of the GP in the Netherlands association and financing what information are gathered and how look into ventures what's to come. Association and financing. A j oint task of: Dutch relationship of GPs
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The Netherlands Information Network of General Practice

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Overview position of the GP in the Netherlands association and financing what information are gathered and how research extends the future

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Organization and subsidizing A j oint venture of: Dutch relationship of GPs Dutch College of GPs Center for Quality of Care Research (WOK) N IVEL Basic foundation supported by the Dutch Ministry of Health

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Aims of LINH: Collect data in GP hones for: wellbeing s ervices r esearch nature of consideration exploration general wellbeing observing

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Representativeness 80 c omputeri s ed general practice s (around 350.000 patients) 6 noteworthy GP programming bundles

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Data stream 1. Consistently: full horribleness and mediations recording when all is said in done practice. 2. At regular intervals: extraction programming sent to G P s G P s recover information and sen d it to LINH s torage in focal database

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Data stream (2) 3. Consistently: extraction and transfer of determination of sicknesses in 45 hones flu reconnaissance

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Quality confirmation hone choice methods support for ICPC coding broad programming testing and checking information stream systems , quality checks criticism reports to practices practice visits (at any rate bi-every year)

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History of LINH

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What information are gathered? contacts + finding + scene writing (new/existing) referrals + related analysis remedies (ATC codes) + partner determination judgments coded utilizing ICPC quiet qualities ( sex, date of conception, postcode zone, sort of protection)

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Individual patient records take after patients in time (consideration chains) comorbidity comedication linkage to healing facility databases linkage to CBS databases (eg. occupation, ethnicity)

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Output: a few cases

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Mean number of home visits and contacts amid counsel hours with the GP per tolerant every year, ordered by, 2003 Annual reports on horribleness, contacts, medicine referrals at

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Monthly section in the Journal of the Dutch school of GPs (Huisarts & Wetenschap)

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Health impacts of firecracker calamity Enschede (2000)

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Prescription studies off-name endorsing changes in repaid bundle

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Monitoring yearly Influenza immunization crusade

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Evaluation electronic recommending framework

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Sudden changes in dreariness (bioterrorism)

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Towards an European dismalness system? (the eHID venture)

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Antibiotics remedy in France and Netherlands

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GP repayment in connection to workload

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Information Network out of hours administrations

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Evaluation assignment appointment

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The future (1): Need to adjust to changes in the association of GP consideration presentation of ‘call centers’ (triage) presentation of GP communities for out of hours administrations developing part of practice attendants/medical caretaker specialists/doctor aides new referrer: word related medicinal services no referral required for physiotherapy

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The future (2): The following stride in general wellbeing checking week by week extraction of information makes open doors for: observing irresistible illnesses (flu) checking uncommon infections and sudden changes in horribleness designs (bioterrorist assaults)

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The future (3): Technological advancements ICPC-activated pop-up screens with additional inside and out inquiries to explore grimness not secured by ICPC

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More about LINH at: Graph and table headings in English

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