Lisbon - Copenhagen - Maastricht Consortium Walk 2005.

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Introductory VET: Difficulties and Open doors for Europe Tom Leney Lisbon - Copenhagen - Maastricht Consortium Walk 2005 Aggressiveness The 'Lisbon scorecard'
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Beginning VET: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe Tom Leney Lisbon - Copenhagen - Maastricht Consortium March 2005 Johan van Rens, Director

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Competitiveness The ‘Lisbon scorecard’ EU is frail on intensity and execution. Frustrating monetary and occupation advancement. Lisbon objectives won\'t be come to without more activity and advancement

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Competitiveness: who leads? Higher total national output per capita than USA: just Luxembourg More gainful every hour: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Different nations, diverse difficulties - Productivity; work; aptitudes; speculation; advancement And social attachment? Effective models in Europe: the Nordic gathering? The instance of Ireland? Lisbon - Copenhagen - Maastricht Consortium March 2005

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Educational accomplishment General correlation

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Skills and capabilities to address future issues? Which are the key skills? (Estonia changes) Entrepreneurship is one: dynamic abilities and/or aptitudes for business start-up (Austria ventures ahead) Developing wide word related capabilities through work environment learning is presently the key element for VET change in Europe (the Netherlands characterize) Validation of casual and non-formal learning opens entryways (France advances; Slovenia changes) Anticipating future aptitudes and work market needs: new dangers, new methodologies (Finland fates) Lisbon - Copenhagen - Maastricht Consortium March 2005

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Quality VET decreases the quantities of right on time school leavers Policies exist: benchmark of  10 % won\'t be come to by all. EU nations with a high extent of youngsters in IVET tend to have high upper auxiliary culmination rates and low dropout rates. The test is quality Programs alluring to learners and to ventures Flexibility: concentrate on the learner Links to general instruction Pathways to advanced education Quality IVET: a powerful procedure - ETF’s message Lisbon - Copenhagen - Maastricht Consortium March 2005

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VET: contribute more and better! EU spends comparative % of GDP on training as USA (5.1%). In any case, private spending is much lower. Putting resources into VET conveys prizes to organizations and to people, however regularly seen as an expense or treated with hesitance Quality in beginning VET, augmenting access to CVT, expanding European interfaces all make costs and advantages: wellsprings of subsidizing? Suggestions for governments, businesses and people Lisbon - Copenhagen - Maastricht Consortium March 2005

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Innovation systems Ensuring profoundly gifted VET experts. Accentuation on solid activity at decentralized level and by the social accomplices Establish cooperative energy between VET arrangements and monetary and livelihood approaches. Advancement assentions and tripartite responsibility to cultivate interest in human capital

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Innovation in VET showing and learning ‘Competence-based VET is unequivocally gone for the key issues in callings and vocations, and readies the learner’ (the Netherlands; Slovenia) Focus on the learner: projects and appraisal Embrace ICT abilities joining into work and learning procedures Innovation through learning associations (GOLO venture) ‘Bench learning’: apparatuses to scale up development (OMC2) Overcome the VET\'s discontinuity calling (parts; areas; IVET/CVT) Lisbon - Copenhagen - Maastricht Consortium March 2005

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Three inquiries ? What arrangements (long lasting realizing) can partners create to advance the learning open doors for all objective gatherings ? Can we encourage solid systems to advance in VET, and include more extensive publics? In what capacity will we best advance the concurred destinations , since nations are on diverse beginning lines for VET and may create varying dreams of deep rooted learning ? Lisbon - Copenhagen - Maastricht Consortium March 2005

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Contacts Cedefop Thessaloniki Greece Lisbon-Copenhagen-Maastricht Consortium QCA London .:t

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