Little Islands, Huge Effect: Environmental Change in the Caribbean Systems for getting the message out 4 December 2008.

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Certain Caribbean environments that are vital to human prosperity are recognized as
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Little Islands, Big Impact: Climate Change in the Caribbean Strategies for getting the message out 4 December 2008 Based on a presentation arranged by CANARI for the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, UK for the UK Overseas Territories

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Presentation diagram The CANARI environmental change project and its accomplices What are the key messages? In what capacity will we be influenced? In what capacity would we be able to react to the progressions? In what capacity would we be able to disperse the messages?

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CANARI Climate change program Climate change and biodiversity in the separate Caribbean venture (MacArthur Foundation) Series of manuals, flyers and recordings on Climate change in the UK Overseas Territories (Joint Nature Conservation Committee, UK) Capacity working of common society (Commonwealth Foundation): Workshop drawing in common society associations, the media and execution craftsmen/show in-training professionals Development of a " Climate change specialized toolbox " for group based associations Design of a state funded instruction and effort undertaking to address key components of the Caribbean Regional Climate Change Adaptation Public Education and Outreach (PEO) Strategy

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Key messages: Climate change is a problem that needs to be addressed There have been normal and repetitive varieties in the Earth\'s atmosphere previously, however the ebb and flow rate of progress is speedier than anything the planet has encountered some time recently. Photograph kindness: NASA & USGS

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Key messages: Climate change will effectsly affect our lives For the Caribbean locale in the 21 st century, there is a genuinely abnormal state of conviction that: Air and ocean temperatures will expand; Rainfall will change, with a few areas getting to be drier and others wetter ; Sea level ascent will quicken and be between 0.2 to 0.5m; Hurricanes are liable to end up all the more intense.

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Key message: Caribbean islands have much to lose The economies of Caribbean islands rely on upon a thin scope of products or administrations They have high correspondence and transportation costs and are helpless against regular dangers Certain Caribbean biological systems that are vital to human prosperity are distinguished as "most powerless" Inherent vulnerabilities + environmental change = expanded danger

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Climate change sways in the Caribbean 1. Jobs - Tourism Impacts on marine and beach front situations will influence coastline tourism in Caribbean islands New carbon expenses and charges will expand air travel costs Greater attention to the effects of air travel may influence sightseers\' ability to go to the Caribbean Milder temperatures somewhere else may make alluring option goals

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Climate change sways in the Caribbean 2. Nourishment Security Increased ocean temperature and salt water interruption into streams may generously influence fisheries in Caribbean islands. Agribusiness will be influenced by changing developing seasons, dry spell and water deficiencies, and expanded tempest power Northern \'purchase neighborhood\' battles are modifying examples of free market activity.

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Climate change sways in the Caribbean 3. Base Sea level ascent and tempests will specifically influence basic framework in the waterfront zone, for example, ports, airplane terminals, houses and organizations. Disturbance from flooding and infrastructural harm likewise influences correspondences and monetary and social areas (e.g. tourism, horticulture, medicinal services conveyance)

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Climate change sways in the Caribbean 4. Monetary and money related effects Direct expenses from harm to foundation, human settlements, crops and so forth. Backhanded expenses from lost income from tourism, fisheries or loss of biological community administrations. Sea tempests can be especially exorbitant: the harm from Ivan in Grenada was assessed at 200% of GDP (EC$2.4 billion).

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Climate Change Impacts in the Caribbean 5. Seaside and marine assets

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Climate Change Impacts in the Caribbean 5. Beach front and marine assets Sea level ascent will mean: waterfront flooding saltwater pollution of groundwater seaside disintegration aggravated by heightening typhoons potential loss of wetlands and mangroves - "beach front press"

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Climate Change Impacts in the Caribbean 5. Seaside and marine assets (cont.) High temperatures are bringing on mass coral mortality from blanching occasions and infections flare-ups. This can be lessened by better administration and secured ranges.

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Other Climate Change Impacts in the Caribbean 6. Water Resources Changes in precipitation will influence water supplies in numerous nations Ground water supplies face conceivable dangers from tainting by salt water 7. Wellbeing Increased danger of vector-borne infections, for example, dengue

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Local administration and environmental change adjustment Management of normal assets and biodiversity at the provincial, national and group level can decrease the effects of environmental change. Reforestation and woods preservation Watershed administration Treatment of waste water Control of mosquito living spaces Coastal cradle zones Protected territory administration

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Local administration and environmental change adjustment Rupert McKenna Clem McPherson Speyside Marine Area Community-Based Management Project

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Key message : Adaptation is a \'no second thoughts\' procedure with quick advantages Adaptation is a chance to enhance: normal asset administration and physical arranging capacity to manage the common dangers and in addition the developing human-instigated weights on the earth. Versatile reactions can be: Technological (e.g. enhancing waterfront safeguards) Managerial (e.g. presenting crop pivot) Policy-based (e.g. fortifying arranging directions) Behavioral (e.g. setting one up\'s home for a sea tempest)

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Meeting Multiple Objectives however Adaptation Disaster Management Triple Dividend Climate Adaptation Biodiversity & Sustainable Development

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Key message: Good atmosphere strategy ought to adjust and moderate. In spite of the fact that Caribbean islands make a little commitment to worldwide discharges of nursery gasses, they can have influence in relief by: upgrading vitality effectiveness differentiating their vitality sources expanding dependence on non fossil fuel wellsprings of vitality advancing atmosphere agreeable advancements supporting all in all for the alleviation measures required in the major industrialized nations

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Collectively little endeavors can have a major effect You can have any kind of effect by: Reducing individual powerlessness to common risks Reducing vitality use in transportation and in the home Practicing great ecological propensities e.g. reusing, preservation Improving business hones e.g. clean vitality, waste decrease/reusing Advocating for execution of national adjustment arranges and economical improvement strategies Advocating for a more grounded Caribbean voice in worldwide transactions Informing others about environmental change and what they can do

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Creating the expansive influence: expanding on Caribbean ability and society for government funded instruction and effort I DON\'T WANNA WASH AWAY I don\'t wanna wash away I don\'t wanna lose one more day You can\'t make me glide away Lose my territory and all my say Seas are rising, attempt to achieve the moon Beaches grafting, dicing, vanishing Political goons acted simply like tricks My property is gone so soon Temperature is rising, rivaling the sun I tingle, I blaze, I thirst… .

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Using key change operators and "champions" as channels of data media ; youth; NGOs and CBOs; Artists and theater-in-training experts; sportspersons; UNFCC National Focal Points; people group that are especially defenseless against environmental change; expansion officers (e.g. farming, fisheries); teachers

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Core government funded instruction and mindfulness systems Building the framework of "champions" through encouraged exchange with researchers Developing a group of Artistes Weathering Climate Change vast shows by cognizant execution specialists Developing dramatization in-training materials National environmental change workshops Providing applicable data to the media Building organizations amongst NGOs and the media Conducting neighborhood research, (e.g. Sandwatch) Collecting conventional information (e.g. Panos) Video, TV, YouTube and so on

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