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I am a Special Education Science/Social Science instructor for evaluations 9-12. At present, I am in preparing to turn into a Master Technology Teacher at Ganesha High School. ...
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Preet Grewal Ganesha High School Pomona,California Living Things CTAP 295 Teaching Technology

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My name is Preet Grewal. I am a Special Education Science/Social Science educator for evaluations 9-12. Right now, I am in preparing to wind up a Master Technology Teacher at Ganesha High School. I will finish this preparation in June 200l. I have been showing Special Education understudies throughout the previous 20 years. My web location is My email location is This lesson arrangement is intended for use over the educational programs including Science, Language Arts, Social Science, Geography, Mathematics and Technology. Understudies will upgrade learning of examination procedures, factual investigation, composed correspondence and oral presentation abilities. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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Standards Addressed 1.1 Demonstrate and comprehend appropriate English utilization and control of linguistic use, passage, sentence structure, and vocabulary understanding. Portray an arrangement of occasions and impart the centrality to the group of onlookers. 2.3 Respond accurately and adequately to questions. 2.4 Develop sight and sound presentation aptitudes. Join content, pictures and sound by fusing data from an extensive variety of media, including movies, daily papers, magazines,CD Roms, online data, TV, recordings and electronic media created pictures. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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Learning Expectations To build up educator\'s mindfulness over the educational modules to partake in joining understudy activities To create abilities in outlining standard based lesson arranges and site pages. To give uncommon need understudies assistive innovation as an important instrument. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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Learning Outcomes Assist understudies in finishing their undertakings over the educational programs. Distribute lesson anticipates the site surveyed by different educators for use in classroom. Understudies will finish their standard based lessons with the guide of assistive innovation. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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SUCCESSES Special Education understudies could finish standard based lesson by utilizing assistive innovation. Understudies could set up their own email addresses and speak with other Ganesha High School understudies. Created aptitudes in utilizing Power Point Enhanced abilities as a part of utilizing Excel. Enhanced abilities being used of Internet as an examination apparatus. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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Shortcomings Because of individual needs, it was difficult to help all understudies who required help. Understudies needed to come amid lunch time, after school, and at some point they were hauled out from other SDC classes to complete the undertaking. Because of the deficiency of PCs in the classroom, understudies did not have enough access to finish their online examination. System issues happened every now and again on the grounds that the District was updating the server. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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Revision Next year, I am hoping to have more PCs with online access in my classroom. I will plan my classes to utilize library PCs when required. I will attempt to convey a few volunteers to help exceptional necessities understudies in the classroom/library. I will likewise utilize peer coaching by blending higher working understudies with the lower working ones. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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SUMMARY By going to CTAP workshop I have built up a tremendous change in the utilization of innovation. Specialized curriculum understudies have likewise profited by utilizing self-assured innovation. It was energizing for some understudies to investigate science articles on the PCs. I have particularly delighted in by working with kindred educators/tutors. My kindred tutors were exceptionally useful in giving data on educating innovation. Later on, I will plan more lessons by utilizing online innovation, because of CTAP. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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