Local American Pottery .

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Native American Pottery. • Acomo Pueblo is located in Western New Mexico. • nickname is “Sky City” because it is located on top of a mesa. • oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States.
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Local American Pottery

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• Acomo Pueblo is situated in Western New Mexico • epithet is "Sky City" since it is situated on top of a plateau • most established persistently possessed city in the United States

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The craftsmen from the Acoma Pueblo deliver their centerpieces precisely how the pieces would have been created a few centuries prior. • burrow the dirt from the earth • curl and smooth the pots • fire them (either in a start shooting or oven) • adorn them with paints • utilized geometric examples or images to enhance their ceramics.

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These are cases of ceramics made by Native Americans from the Acomo Pueblo people group. Day and Night Dorthy Torivo straightforward geometric example painted in a winding movement

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Friendship Vase Sharon and Bernard Lewis insect figures and geometric shapes portray companionship

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Olla (water container) Melissa Antonio basic geometric examples that are masterminded in complex outlines

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Seed Bowl Melissa Antonio basic geometric examples and turtles, which image water and good fortunes

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Olla (water container) Debbie Brown man looking to one side and triangles speak to the expression "think outside the pot" enlivened with a few water images

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Olla (water container) Debbie Brown typical parrot, yucca blossom and the rainbow

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Images of pueblos and Western New Mexico.

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