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Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company. Joint Workplace Employee Participation Program JWEPP. Updated: 7-June, 2005. Agenda. What is the JWEPP ? What is the goal of JWEPP ? What impact does JWEPP have on me and my job? JWEPP Operating Ground rules How is the JWEPP organized ?
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Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Joint Workplace Employee Participation Program JWEPP Updated: 7-June, 2005

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Agenda What is the JWEPP ? What is the objective of JWEPP ? What sway does JWEPP have on me and my occupation? JWEPP Operating Ground administers How is the JWEPP composed ? How are colleagues chosen? Cases of JWEPP victories Summary

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What is the JWEPP ? The Joint Workplace Employee Participation Program (JWEPP) is a project intended to encourage representative information, inclusion and thoughts to upgrade Lockheed Martin\'s capacity to accomplish nonstop change in design, quality and expense of work procedures. This conviction underpins two key destinations: to give our clients best esteem arrangements, and give great, fulfilling occupations for our workers.

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History This system got to be powerful on July 15 1998. Since the improvement of JWEPP, we have: functioned as a group in outbidding some sub-contracted work. kept the booked decrease of a few workers. added to late reviews. effectively brought work here from different organizations. The JWEPP was displayed to a limited extent from fruitful projects of the International Association of Machinists (IAM.) The JWEPP exhibits how work and administration, joining forces similarly in everyday operations of the business, can profit both sides.

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What is the objective of JWEPP ? This joint system will expand open doors for IAM-spoke to representatives to: -learn new procedures and ideas. - give contribution to the configuration of their workplace. - become professionally. The long haul objective of the JWEPP is to win future business and manufacture more noteworthy professional stability for all representatives.

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What sway does JWEPP have on me and my occupation? Self-improvement opportunity Allows me to impact my workplace Enhances the procedures by which I do my work Provides Job Stability Builds Job Security

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JWEPP Operating Ground governs The JWEPP assention does not : -supplant existing organization union work understandings. - address things secured by the work contract. - address matters that are liable to aggregate bartering. Cases of things avoided from this understanding include: -pay-related issues -worker benefits -work grouping/task issues -grievances and union representation.

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JWEPP Ex Officio Members Pat Lane – Union Ralph Heath - Company JWEPP Joint Steering Committee Union David Webb (co-seat) Richard Stum Earnest Boone Eddie Lynch Company Larry Pike (co-seat) James Kearney Marc Lauderdale Robert Powell JWEPP Coordinators Pauline Ramos – Union David Abbett – Company John Rangel – Asst. Union The JWEPP Organization Meets Monthly Daily Operations

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How is the JWEPP sorted out ? Here are three levels of JWEPP Action Teams and the extent of issues every level spreads: Department Action Teams - address shop floor critical thinking or change issues regularly contained inside a specialty unit or Department. Plant Action Teams – address shop floor critical thinking or change issues which traverse more than one specialty unit or division. Organization Action Teams – address extraordinary system wide or vast points.

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JWEPP colleague choice Selection of IAM-spoke to Action Team individuals will be among volunteers from the relevant division and be chosen by the IAM (Contact David Webb). Determination of non-IAM-spoke to Action Team individuals will be among volunteers from the pertinent office and chose by the Company. Organizers will have entry to all data about group operations, incorporating sitting in on group gatherings, preparing and different exercises.

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F-22 Electrical Fabrication 5 Represented Team Members 14 New Jobs

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Tube and Weld Shops 4 Represented Team Members 4 NEW JOBS!!! F-22 Tubes Insourced to Fort Worth

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Shadowboxing NEW JOBS!!! 8 Represented Team Members

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Small Diameter Tube Sub-Assembly 5 Represented Team Members

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F-22 Composites Area 4 Represented Team Members

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F-16 Final Assembly 18 Represented Team Members

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F-16 Final Paint 11 Represented Team Members

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Teaming is a \'Win - Win\' !!!

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Your Commitment is Key The Company and the Union administration both perceive the huge commitments our spoke to workforce has made and keeps on making to the Company\'s long history of accomplishment. The two gatherings welcome individual and aggregate information and welcome dynamic interest in the JWEPP Program as circumstances emerge. Your dedication to the accomplishment of this critical activity will position LM Aero to win new and take after on airplane programs that speak to your future. "Future government contracts may be issued to organizations that are Lean"

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