Louis Joseph Lebret.

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impact on OP in Brazil. 1955 go to Asia & West Africa. Diary D veloppement et ... auxiliary are helpful e.g. travel, radio prosperous society ...
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Louis Joseph Lebret For a Human-Centered Economy

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A Mariner Economist Brittany 1897-1966 Paris Naval school & Naval Office – movement director at port of Beirut Entered the Order matured 26 Studied at Rijckholt, Netherlands Founded \'Development of St Malo\' for anglers Founded Économie et Humanisme Worked for the Vatican at the UN

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Movement of St Malo 1929, Lebret fell sick & sent to St Malo cloister to convelesce Faced with the destitution of the anglers, he started to build up his idea of human economy With companion Ernst Lamort, helped them: 1931 Secr é tariat Social Maritime unions Journal La Voix du Marin 1930 Jeunesse Maritime Chr étienne

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A Dream Fulfilled 1930s concentrating on social & monetary hypothesis including fisheries for early Vichy government 1941 made Économie et Humanisme understanding his fantasy of a study focus on \'complex financial substances\' \'human economy\' methodology of philosophy & mediation trying to uncover the monetary instruments behind neediness exploring different avenues regarding new social connections

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Human Economy Two fundemental standards: regard for human individual: Mournier\'s Personalist Manifesto foundation of the benefit of all: Aquinas on group of the Trinity, connection of creation & Creator, political great Catholic Church moderate to see cutting edge financial substances: \'Social Catholic\' palliative methodology insufficient Lebret\'s perusing of Marx countered this by drawing in with materialistic free enterprise not Marxist: class battle inconsistent with normal great specialist clerics suspended 1954: finished his exchange + Marxism Social sciences for worldwide improvement multidisciplinary: joins between human science & financial matters, advancement & brain science inclusion of analysts in their subject: solidarity with dynamic operators of change Mont é e humaine : objective of enhancing life for all individuals

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Économie et Humanisme Journal set up Lyon 1942 to educate & incite wrangle in the public arena with study & instructional meetings at the middle Scientific studies for open powers e.g. on lodging, relocation, handicapped youngsters part in post-war reproduction of France & Europe capability in local improvement, social activity & lodging Influential on chiefs of 1950s & 60s Still distributed today

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Human Development "Advancement is a nonstop congruous development went for esteeming the human individual" Lectures at S ão Paolo 1947: discovered wretchedness of shanty towns & individuals\' ability to draw in brought issues to light of Latin America\'s needs in Europe Centers of Human Economy set up overall impact on OP in Brazil 1955+ go to Asia & West Africa Journal Développement et Civilisations 1958 IRFED establishment for examination on advancement issues of urban economy e.g. shanty towns large scale monetary studies e.g. Vietnam, Rwanda Lebret Center in Paris: proceeds with advancement work today, interfaces with Latin America

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Vatican II Became companions with future Paul VI their exchanges prompted Populorum Progressio , which Lebret drafted Called as master insight to Vatican II supported Dom Helder Camara, diocesan of Recife, Brazil drafted material for Gaudium et Spes 1964 Vatican representative for UNCTAD UN Conference on Trade & Development Member of Pontifical Secretariat for Social Justice & Development future Council for Justice & Peace

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Socio-Economic Change Context of financial change & reproduction after WWII Believed individuals are free & mindful, so ready to change their circumstances consciousness of out of line monetary components required the mindful "activists" are impetuses for change first study causes, then go about as a group bunch solidarity in this manner realizes the benefit of everyone "The best insidiousness on the planet is not the destitution of those without, but rather the absence of familiarity with the well-to-do"

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Fundamental Needs An entire individual is both body & soul Hierarchy of necessities (1943 article) essential will be key forever e.g. nourishment, lodging, peace, trust – society in parity auxiliary are valuable e.g. travel, radio – prosperous society tertiary are uncommon e.g. gems – developed society A dubious framework (business analysts can\'t evaluate) Yet socio-politically crucial: the economy as a device for accomplishing social destinations "We need energetically an economy of the human request, where a mass of merchandise, spread as broadly as would be prudent, is conveyed by critical are the requirements of all, and not as indicated by a chain of importance of capacity to pay."

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