Lula da Silva Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Brazil.

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January 1, 2003Democratic move from Fernando Henrique Cardoso to Luiz In
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Lula da Silva Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Brazil By Ted Goertzel Rutgers University Camden NJ 08102

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January 1, 2003 Democratic move from Fernando Henrique Cardoso to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

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Lula da Silva Born 27 Oct 1945 in the inside of Pernambuco Seventh of eight kids Father left for São Paulo and his significant other\'s cousin just before Lula was conceived Raised in compelling destitution in the inside of Pernambuco Mother, Dona Lindu, the prevailing impact in his youth Fernando Henrique Born 18 June 1931 in Rio de Janeiro First conceived of three Good association with both guardians Raised in a family with a recognized history Father a liberal armed force officer, legal counselor and legislator Paternal grandma predominant figure at home Childhood

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Fernando Henrique with his mom and his fatherly grandma. Lula at 3 years of age with sister Maria. The garments and shoes were advanced to him for the photo.

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FHC : Scion of the Aristocracy Parents and kin Father adjacent to a bust of FHC\'s granddad. Granddad on his white steed

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Cardoso is a Social Democrat however is regularly vilified as a "neoliberal." He was chosen President in 1994 by a union between his Brazilian Social Democratic Party and the Party of the Liberal Front. He was sent to the Senate in1982 by the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party. As a young, he was partnered with a social gathering of the Brazilian Communist Party.

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Lula the perpetual competitor of the Workers Party

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Parties in Lula\'s 2003 Electoral Alliance

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Some Questions What improvement does the adjustment in belief system and gathering governmental issues make? What improvement does the distinction in individual initiative make? Why has the Lula government been portrayed as "the third term of the FHC government"? What are the feasible future patterns?

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Lula\'s folks: Aristides and Euridice (Dona Lindu) Lula growing up...

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Lula on His Father "I feel awful about my dad ( tenho mágoa ) on the grounds that I think he was extremely uninformed. He was a wellspring of numbness ( um poço de ignorância ). He kicked the bucket in1978 as a penniless." Lula\'s dad was uneducated and did not need any of his kids to surpass him by going to class. He conveyed a daily paper to work, some of the time topsy turvy. He sufficiently earned as a longshoreman in Santos to bolster two families.

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Lula on His Mother "I express gratitude toward God for my mom\'s strength… during an era of awesome wretchedness, my mom brought up five children who got to be poor yet legitimate men and three little girls who did not need to whore themselves. I trust this is an extremely honorable thing." "My mom sold her watch, her jackass, her religious statues, her family photos, she sold everything, all that she needed to leave the Northeast."

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He felt mortified and disregarded by his dad He told his siblings the best thing their dad ever accomplished for them was to leave with another lady He opposed his dad by getting an instruction and having a more fruitful profession He cried the first occasion when he spent a night from his mom - on his wedding trip His mom emphatically upheld his drive to get an instruction He won the battle for his mom\'s adoration when she broke with his two faced father A Mother\'s Boy

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Lula da Silva Mother and kin moved to Santos in the back of a truck when he was seven Worked as seller, shoe shiner and conveyance kid Public primary school Mother isolated from injurious spouse, moved to São Paulo with kids Won admission to three-year preparing program as a machine workman Fernando Henrique Father urged him to seek after his abstract and scholarly interests Did well in school, however fizzled Latin exam for graduate school Majored in sociologies as a result of enthusiasm for Brazilian patriotism Involved with a scholarly diary connected to the Communist Party Youth

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Lula with young companions . Fernando Henrique with spouse Ruth and child

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Lula da Silva Marries a kindred specialist Wife and infant kick the bucket in labor with poor restorative consideration Works as a machine administrator Marries a dowager, Marisa, who has a child Becomes dynamic in the metal laborers union Jailed quickly by military administration as a strike pioneer Fernando Henrique Marries a kindred understudy and begins a family Joins Marxist study bunch with companions who get to be driving savvy people Begins scholarly vocation Forced into agreeable outcast by the 1964 military overthrow Becomes scholarly star estranged abroad in Chile and France Young Adulthood

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Arrested by the military police in 1980 amid a 41 day general strike in the mechanical rural areas of Sao Paulo.

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Lula\'s significant other Marisa before the congregation where they were hitched, and demonstrating the principal PT banner which she sewed.

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Discussing governmental issues in 1975

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Lula da Silva Decided to join the gathering framing the Workers Party in 1979 when the military permits different gatherings Joins in shaping a free work alliance, the Central Única dos Trabalhadores in 1983 Joins the crusade for Direct Elections Now! in 1984 Fernando Henrique Decides not to join the Workers Party and joins the Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Elected as Alternate to the Senate on MDB ticket, succeeds to Senate when Franco Montoro gets to be legislative leader of São Paulo Joins the crusade for Direct Elections Now! in 1984 Entering Politics

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Discussions in 1979 prompting the establishing of the Partido dos Trabalhadores. Upper left is a dialog with Communist Party pioneers.

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Direct Elections Now!

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Lula\'s Political Campaigns 1982, loses battle for legislative head of São Paulo 1986, chose to Constituent Assembly to draft new constitution, FHC one of the pioneers 1989, loses keep running off for Presidency to Fernando Collor, later indicted for defilement 1994, loses Presidency to Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the Finance Minister who finished swelling 1998, loses Presidency to Fernando Henrique Cardoso as nation climates financial tempest 2002, chose President of Brazil on the first round in the wake of directing his stage

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Registering the Workers Party in 1980 On the battle field

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Lula\'s 1989 Campaign

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The 1989 PT Party Convention

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Campaigning in Porto Alegre in 1988

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Time passes by thus numerous at work. All of a sudden, this clarity to notice Who has dependably been genuine and to trust, Without apprehension of being cheerful. I need to see it come... Lula-lá! A star is sparkling! Lula-lá! Trust develops! Lula-lá! In this tyke Brazil and in the delight of grasping... Lula-lá! With genuineness, Lula-lá! Surely! Lula-lá! For you, my first vote, Lula-lá! To make our star sparkle! Lula-lá! That is we together! Lula-lá! It was justified regardless of the hold up! Lula-lá! My first vote To make our star sparkle! ("Lula lá!", by Hilton Acioly, topic tune of the 1989 crusade).

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Campaign Materials 1988

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1994 Campaign photographs Upper left with Manoelzao Lower left with Cinta Larga and Surui Indians

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Victory! 2003 Inauguration

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Personal History FHC: His special family foundation and scholarly brightness make it troublesome for him to identify with average citizens, through the broad communications. He is solid in one-on-one connections. Lula - His example of overcoming adversity is moving and gives him the capacity to sympathize with average folks. Individuals of all classes truly need him to succeed. Lula - His blend of radical talk and even minded arrangements is established as far as he can tell as a union pioneer and addresses the enthusiastic and viable needs of the Brazilian individuals

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Biographer Brito Alves on Lula\'s Personality Restless , antagonistic, well talked, bona fide, magnetic, solid willed, steady and decided, loaded with activity, innovativeness and administration soul Ethical and connected with, battles like there\'s no tomorrow for the interests of the specialists Has much in a similar manner as George Bush: familiarity, forthrightness and human warmth Likes cleanser musical dramas, magazines, cooking on a wood stove, smoking, casual mingling. Passionate, cries effortlessly, likes to touch individuals, doesn\'t care for being separated from everyone else, doesn\'t hold hard feelings

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Leadership Traits Strength - FHC and Lula are both solid pioneers working in an equitable system Competence - FHC is especially equipped, Lula depends on counselors Empathy - Lula is warm and expressive, FHC is dry and scholastic, saw as "inaccessible from the general population"

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The Cardoso Effect: Monthly Inflation Rates

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The Cardoso Effect: Monthly Inflation Rates

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The Cardoso Effect: the base pay purchases more nourishment

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The Cardoso Effect: Infant Mortality Rates

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Communicating emotions at a question and answer session with Finance Minister Antonio Palocci

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Political Parties The Workers Party is more composed and trained than Brazil\'s other significant gatherings, with the ideological left an underestimated minority It has a notoriety for genuineness and optimism, unfortunately traded off by some late outrages Its noteworthy base is the work gentry and state representatives - a kind of UAW/AFSCME merger Cardoso\'s Social Democratic Party has more business and white collar class private division support. Alternate gatherings are more local and careerist, frequently engaged around driving identities Party affiliations are regularly liquid Brazil

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Francisco de Oliveira on the PT and the PSDB The Workers Party (PT ) is driven by specialists changed into administrators of benefits supports The Social Democratic Party (PSDB) is driven by professionals and financial experts, a large number of whom have gone to work in banks The core of the PSDB was prepared at the Catholic University in Rio, the core of the PT was prepared at the Getulio Vargas Foundation Business School in Rio Both sides

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