M icrosoft Information Warehousing - SQL Server 7.0 -.

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M icrosoft Information Warehousing - SQL Server 7.0 - Condition of the Innovation Presentation by Sujata Angara Nakul Johri Sang Ho Stop Microsoft's Information Warehousing Systems Diminishing intricacy Lessening costs Expanding versatility Decreasing Unpredictability Discharged Two Specialized Details
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M icrosoft Data Warehousing - SQL Server 7.0 - State of the Technology Presentation by Sujata Angara Nakul Johri Sang Ho Park

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Microsoft’s Data Warehousing Strategies Reducing many-sided quality Reducing expenses Increasing adaptability

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Reducing Complexity Released Two Technical Specifications OLE DB for OLAP gives a typical interface to front-end examination instruments to get to OLAP motors Open Information Model (OIM) - a metadata grouping and association standard

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Reducing Costs Bundled OLAP Services and supporting advances (DTS and an English Query front-end interface) free with SQL Server 7.0. Less expensive than most standalone OLAP servers

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Addressing Scalability Database that can scale upwards to up to 3TB Scale downwards into the little and average size business (SMB) market

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Microsoft Data Warehousing Products Two items that address the server and customer SQL Server 7.0 and Office 2000 (Excel 2000 specifically)

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Data Warehousing Requirements A ccess to assorted data sources Integrating and solidifying data from heterogeneous information sources Data distribution centers

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SQL Server 7.0 Features Scalable Business Solutions Powerful Data Warehousing Integration with Microsoft Office 2000

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Scalable Business Solutions Terabyte-sized database bolster Scalability Easy to Build, Manage, and Deploy Designed for Mobile Computing An Ideal Platform for Commerce

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Powerful Data Warehousing Database with Integrated OLAP and Data Transformation Services (DTS) Integration with the Microsoft Repository Advanced inquiry processor Visual Data Tools

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Integration with Microsoft Office 2000 New Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) New PivotTable® Service

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SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services Overview: Very low information recovery execution Data sources can incorporate any OLE DB Client-slide store Calculation motor PivotTable® Service

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SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services Salient elements: Ease of Use Flexible information model Elimination of the Data Explosion Syndrome Intelligent customer/server information administration

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SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services Salient elements: Highly versatile structural engineering Extensibility Wide accessibility of desktop application customers Low cost of proprietorship

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Microsoft Data Warehousing Framework Easily coordinated with and reached out by outsider sellers Import, fare, approval, and purifying administrations Integrated metadata for information stockroom configuration Core administration administrations

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Microsoft Data Warehousing Framework

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Data Warehousing Framework Components Two empowering innovations The coordinated metadata archive The information transport layer (OLE DB)

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Industry Standards and Other Vendors: SAS Systems Inc ERP Solutions Enterprise Miner S/W SAP AG’s R/3 HR Vision Native similarity is not a prepared element Rapid Warehousing Methodology Measurable business advantages inside of a 90-day undertaking cycle

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Industry Standards and Other Vendors: Sybase Adaptive Server IQ Column based indexing Performance streamlined calculations

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Case Study: Shoney’s Restaurants Background Platforms Issue Description Product Functionality Strengths Weaknesses Technical Support

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Case Study: Shoney’s Restaurants Performance Evaluation Initial heap of a few years of recorded information Nightly incremental redesigns that surpassed 120,000 lines for every day Modified a few Microsoft Access-based deals investigation applications Analyze and report a mixed bag of offers result

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Microsoft Limitations A complete scope of learning administration frameworks obliges different apparatuses, outstandingly ETT instruments Even the upgraded spreadsheet applications with Excel 2000 will in any case give just simple examination

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Microsoft Limitations Scalability of SQL Server 7.0 not yet demonstrated These aggressive cases were solidified in "Oracle Million Dollar Challenge" Microsoft does not have an acceptable response to this

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Microsoft’s Answer Partnered with NCR to incorporate its top of the line Teradata server with SQL Server 7.0

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