MAES Diagram Michael Acosta National President.

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The Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists, Inc. ... incredibleness in instruction and administration among Latino designers and researchers. ...
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MAES, Inc. MAES Overview Michael Acosta National President

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AGENDA History Mission and Vision MAES Values Regions & Chapters Structure and Leadership Outreach Programs National Conferences Industry Advisory Council National Collaborative Endeavors MAES Contacts

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History The Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists, Inc. (MAES), was established in Los Angeles in 1974 by a gathering of expert specialists to progress and build the quantity of Latinos, particularly those of Mexican American drop, in science, innovation, designing, and arithmetic by making opportunities and encouraging acknowledgment through its expert, specialized, and exceed exercises. Outreach programs have been the essential center and esteem include of the MAES association since its commencement, giving the MAES Pipeline.

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MISSION & VISION MISSION To advance, develop, and respect fabulousness in training and initiative among Latino designers and researchers. VISION To be the model proficient association that effectively raises the training level of America and creates conferred pioneers for tomorrow.

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MAES Values Innovation Education Familia Professional Achievement Leadership Outreach Dedication Our Heritage Role Models

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MAES Regions & Chapters

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MAES Structure

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MAES Leadership National Board of Directors 10 Professional Members 2 Student Members (NSR & VNSR) Regional Vice Presidents 6 Professionals 6 Students Outreach Program Directors Executive Director

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MAES Outreach Programs Pre-College and University Outreach Science Extravaganzas are our lead occasions for pre-school exceed FIRST Robotics rivalry is turning into our lead try for specialized hands on undertakings Graduate Outreach Provides backing to momentum and imminent Latino graduate understudies in science, innovation, building, and arithmetic in quest for their propelled degrees

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MAES Conferences International Symposium & Career Fair Premier meeting offering different chances to understudies and experts Technical Papers and Research Posters FIRST Robotics Science Extravaganza Awards to Role Models Scholarship Program (Annually $75,000) Workshops, Tours, Networking Roundtables Professional Training Series Recruitment and occupation opportunities October/November time span National Leadership Conference Intensive system of initiative advancement intended for both understudies and experts Held in March/April time period

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MAES IAC The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) comprises of MAES patrons and supporters including corporate industry, government organizations, and different substances. The IAC gives progressing, long haul budgetary backing to MAES through financing of and support in particular projects that propel the MAES mission. IAC individuals meet at least twice per year, at the International Symposium and Career Fair and the National Leadership Conference.

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National Collaborative Endeavors National collective associations with SHPE, SACNAS and HENAAC Addressing the national specialized ability emergency With government organizations, corporate commercial enterprises, colleges and schools, and other non-benefits Also required in worldwide organizations With Mexico and Latin America MAES has set up college sections in Mexico

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MAES Contacts Michael Acosta MAES National President Will Davis MAES National Vice President of Operations Connie Medina MAES National Vice President of Development Keith Marrocco MAES Executive Director MAES Website

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