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Magdalene Telecom – in France. Best in France Case Study Jan. 2004 - May 2004 Vaughan Chandler Michel Le Bars Atsushi Masai Boris Polivka Kurt Weber. Contents. 1. Executive Overview. 2. Magdalene Telecom. 3. Starting a business in France. 4. Constraints & Benefits. 5.
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Magdalene Telecom – in France Best in France Case Study Jan. 2004 - May 2004 Vaughan Chandler Michel Le Bars Atsushi Masai Boris Polivka Kurt Weber

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Contents 1 Executive Overview 2 Magdalene Telecom 3 Starting a business in France 4 Constraints & Benefits 5 Essential Advice

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Why did we pick Magdalene? Nicolas Grante Entrepreneur encounters in Netherlands, UK, Poland Owns a few individual organizations in France Has worked in Denmark, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, Nigeria… Start-up Initiated in December 2003 Provides an alternate point of view on HR issues from the built up corporate viewpoint

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Executive Overview Magdalene Telecom is a British organization that gives outsourced specialized support to media transmission suppliers Reasons for situating in France: To address the chance of an expansive delicate To bolster France and French talking markets It was anything but difficult to imitate from the UK plan of action There are no noteworthy advantages of being situated in France, other than access to the market There are numerous little issues about being situated in France – none of which are "gems"

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Introduction to Magdalene Telecom It\'s Our People That Make The Difference

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Company Overview – Magdalene Telecom Established in UK in 1996 to give amazing base support to broadcast communications suppliers Focussed on items seen as \'non-center\' by Telco suppliers (e.g. GSM systems) Opened office in France in 2003 – A start-up Over 210 representatives Globally 10 Employees in France 5 on secondment from the British office 1 for deals & Marketing, 9 benefit builds Heavy dependence on Nokia (as of now 70% of business)

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Activities & Structure Nokia TETRA VAR GSM 2.5/3G Nokia Mobile Phones Reseller Nokia Care Partner Cellular Support Services Marconi Care Partner Network Management Systems Active Subsidiaries Netherlands Africa France Finland Italy

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Current Clients Base Key Product Suppliers: Nokia Marconi Harris Lucent Nortel TS Comms Savox Aircom Operators: Orange UK Orange France T-Mobile C&W Global Crossing H3G Moratel, Morocco NEOS O2 Opal Your Comms Cegetel Band X Private Networks: O2 Airwave Anadarko, Algeria BBC Dolphin France Highways Agency Irish Rail Network Rail Scottish Ambulance WS Atkins Sussex Police Cheshire Police

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Turnover around the world

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Why Magdalene came to France Magdalene\'s first object was taking after a substantial delicate in the French market This delicate was not effective The French market was additionally an attractive target showcase sufficiently large to bolster a full office Provides access to other French talking markets: Belgium Switzerland Northern Africa The market permitted the best duplication of the UK plan of action The other vast market, Germany, worked in an alternate way This would have implied huge changes to Magdalene\'s plan of action

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Benefits of being situated in France Access to a huge and created advertise Better get to and administration to French talking markets (Europe and North Africa) Relevant training for craved workforce Provides an European personality European versatility Others???

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Constraints in France In building up private company in France Rules and direction Not straightforward Can be fused in 2-3 days at an absolute minimum Must publicize production of organization – saw as pointless and a misuse of cash Process & systems Guidebook (got to be accessible as of late) Has enhanced process, however there is still an approach Public organization Public organization won\'t receive a business related center Dealing with open segments for licenses Many little and convoluted assessments mean it is hard to create precise figures Establishing Office space Expenses Required forthright installment of 1 year Key Takeout: France is not helpful for setting up another business

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Constraints in France In working independent venture in France Employment contract 35 hour work week Manageable, yet results in some loss of upper hands Public organization Public organization won\'t embrace a business related center Dealing with open areas for licenses Many little and convoluted charges mean it is hard to produce exact conjectures Key Takeout: France does not give a focused edge

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Differences in livelihood French lean toward salaried approach, even with essentially bring down compensation e.g. Yearly Salary of 36,000 Euro picked more than 350 Euro for each day on an agreement premise Termination of agreement requires 1 month see The UK supports a "soldier of fortune approach" 40-50 independently employed in the UK (on contracts) Encourages a "hired soldier approach" Profit Sharing by all representatives: 20% of aggregate Global benefit Training 5000 Euro for every individual 2 week Training program in UK for new workers "No opposition condition": exist, yet they are hard to implement

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Adaptation to France The primary adjustments from the UK model were all brought about by the way that UK was built up and France was a start-up Recruitment expecting to comprehend use restrictions and a short pipeline of sold work Recruitment was set at market rates UK staff stay on the UK bundle for 6 months Recruitment of temporary workers is done through an outsider instead of direct Moves legally binding commitments in France one layer assist away Little change was seen in different regions including Management Development Workforce Planning Performance Appraisal Motivation Job Design, Job Assignment Communication Policies Training

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Essential Advice What counsel do you offer to different organizations in this part concerning utilization of France as an area? Before coming to France Find an extraordinary bookkeeper Adaptation while in France Get to know your incredible bookkeeper Future interests in Europe Creating a backup is a major venture (than one could expect.) Things are enhancing, however are still not straightforward

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We Thank Mr. Nicolas Grante: Directeur Ventes et Operations/Head of Sales and Operation

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Our Team Vaughan Chandler: Michel Le Bars Atsushi (Andy) Masai Boris Polivka Kurt Weber

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