Main 10 Performance Support and Simulation Tools for SAP .

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Top 10 Performance Support and Simulation Tools for SAP. Stephen Bradley Division President, Learning & Performance, SystemLink Session #2706 May, 16 2006. Learning Points. Understand the major differences between Performance Support and Simulation Training tools
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Best 10 Performance Support and Simulation Tools for SAP Stephen Bradley Division President, Learning & Performance, SystemLink Session #2706 May, 16 2006

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Learning Points Understand the real contrasts between Performance Support and Simulation Training devices Learn how to choose the best device for your association\'s needs Have access to the main autonomous investigation of preparing apparatuses for SAP of its kind

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What We Will Cover Speaker presentation and how the examination was done Why Performance Support and Simulation Tools are imperative Major attributes of the instruments Overview of Top 10 Side by Side Comparisons How to get more data Q & A

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Speaker Introduction and How the Research Was Done

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About SystemLink and Research ASUG/SAP Installation Member SAP Services Partner SAP 3 rd Party Partner Independent counseling firm for SAP and other driving Learning Technology Solutions, work in: Research, Advisory and Implementation benefits in Learning & Performance Industry, covering Technology, Tools and Best Practices World\'s driving power on SAP Learning Solution Specialist in SAP Performance Management SAP End-User Training Steve Bradley, Division President, Learning & Performance

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About the Research TOP 10 devices chose depended on a mix: Simulation Tools that were additionally EPSS devices Number of SAP clients Customer criticism Vendor track record for incorporation with SAP Vendors input on different contenders Research was directed through meetings of innovation with sellers Interviews with SAP clients and free experts who have utilized the devices Practical experience Industry Research Validated by our exploration staff Not proposed to be a suggestion of which devices to utilize Information subject to change as a consequence of late overhauls Some data is the sentiment of the speaker which may not speak to the assessments of the merchants or different clients

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Why Performance Support and Simulation Tools Are Important

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Why Performance Support & Simulation Tools Are Important Self-benefit On-request learning Safe environment Measurable Low cost fast improvement Easy-to-oversee dynamic substance

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Major Characteristics of the Tools EPSS versus Recreation

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Types of EPSS/Simulations Soft Skills Hard Skills/Technical Software Simulations (Application preparing)

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EPSS Tool Purpose: To bolster clients in acing a business application . . . . . . BY EXPLAINING as well as DOING Simulation apparatuses comprise of four useful segments: Record (catches screens and keystrokes) Edit (creates modified reports) Simulate Present (client access in an assortment of modes) Context delicate Distinct site Assess Electronic Performance Support Systems are a vital part of a worker bolster structure Simulation Tool Purpose: To bolster clients in acing a business application . . . . . . BY DOING Simulation instruments comprise of four utilitarian segments: Record (catches screens and keystrokes) Author (creates altered lessons) Present (client association in an assortment of modes) Watch Interact/Practice Live Interaction Assess Simulations can be an indispensable part of an Electronic Performance Support System Difference Between Performance Support EPSS and Training Simulation Usually not learning administration apparatuses all by themselves

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Difference Between Performance Support EPSS and Training Simulation

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Typical Presentation (Playback) Modes Training Modes Demo (Simulation) Interactive with direction (Simulation) Interactive without direction including testing (Simulation) Performance Support Mode Interactive and mindful with live application (EPSS) Printed yield that can be utilized as employment help (PS)

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Overview of Top 10 EPPS/Simulation Tools

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Assima Simulation Suite from Assima, Ltd.

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Overview of Assima

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Assima – Presentation Modes

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Summary - Assima Strengths Strong innovation presents open door for new usefulness Built considering ERP arrangements Superior dialect interpretation ability and substance form control Attractive and simple to-utilize interface and editorial manager Challenges Small organization new to US attempting to enter develop showcase Lack intelligent mode (got ready for 2006) Reasonably costly evaluating model Coolest Feature Object-level cloning of utilization Language interpretation module

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Epiplex from Epiance

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Overview of Epiplex

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Epiplex – Presentation Modes

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Summary - Epiplex Strengths Superior innovation with intuitive application mode Built-in client following for execution estimation Cross-application bolster Challenges Small organization with constrained advertising spending plan Expensive valuing model Limited US-based bolster Coolest Feature Mode of catching controls permit ID of use setting to make Epiplex "application-mindful" with any application. Can be utilized with spreadsheet to consequently populate preparing information into SAP.

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Firefly from Knowledge Planet

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Overview of Firefly

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Firefly – Presentation Modes

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Summary - Firefly Strengths Easy to utilize visual engineer module speeds improvement Strong catch innovation Competitively valued Challenges No Interactive mode at field level with application Manual screen catch is work escalated Owned by LMS seller may give issues other Learning Management Systems No substance administration or rendition control Coolest Feature Automatically make PowerPoint presentations from recording

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Info Pak Simulator from RWD

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Overview of Info Pak Simulator

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Info Pak Simulator – Presentation Modes

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Summary – Info Pak Simulator Strengths Financial quality sponsored by SAP union Built for SAP and develop Can create both reenactment and static substance from single recording, including different yields also Good substance administration framework Challenges No Interactive mode at field level for reproduction Older catch innovation Over reliant on SAP for wellspring of item income which limits use for different applications. To a greater extent a preparation organization than item organization Coolest Feature Both Static EPSS and Simulation from same recording

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OnDemand Personal Navigator from Global Knowledge

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Overview of OnDemand

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OnDemand – Presentation Modes

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Summary - OnDemand Strengths Financial quality Mature improvement stage worked for SAP and ERP interfaces, full-highlighted intended to serve endeavor Includes a solid substance administration framework Provide execution estimation insights Challenges Expensive – Requires web server for database Manual screen catch is work concentrated Older catch innovation and more broad altering required which builds organization Coolest Feature Live intelligent mode is "SAP mindful" of where client is in application Glossary and Keyword look for substance objects

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Resite Recorder from Insite Objects

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Overview of Resite

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Resite – Presentation Modes

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Summary - Resite Strengths Built for SAP and extremely develop Same recording produces both Static EPSS and Simulation Captured substance is consequently distributed to Web database which can be gotten to through Web page or in SAP connected to recoded exchange. Worked in adaptation control of substance improvement Challenges Small organization Overly centered around SAP No intuitive mode at field level Requires module for SAP for distributed substance Coolest Feature Automatic distributed and form control

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SAP Tutor from SAP

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Overview of SAP Tutor

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SAP Tutor – Presentation Modes

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Summary – SAP Tutor Strengths Financial Strength of SAP Free with SAP Enterprise and later Output can be put away in SAP Learning Solution Challenges Further advancement indeterminate Older catch innovation makes altering troublesome Requires module No substance administration or variant control Coolest Feature Included with SAP

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SoftSim from OutStart

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Overview of SoftSim

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SoftSim – Presentation Modes

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Summary - SoftSim Strengths Simple to utilize Inexpensive for usefulness Includes content to discourse work Challenges No Interactive mode at field level with application Old catch innovation (utilizes essentially same as RWD) No substance administration or rendition control Coolest Feature Built-in MP3 recorder and yield should be possible in PDF arrange

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STT Trainer from STT Technology

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Overview of STT

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STT – Presentation Modes

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Summary - STT Strengths Reasonably evaluated answer for usefulness conveyed Includes focal vault for caught content Strong work process prepare for substance administration Challenges No intelligent mode at field level with application Older manual catch innovation Limited altering capacities. Work concentrated Widely utilized as a part of Europe, however not US Coolest Feature Can upgrade and distribute different Sims without a moment\'s delay

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x.hlp from Enlight

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Overview of x.hlp

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x.hlp – Presentation Modes

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Summary – x.hlp Strengths Inexpensive for measure of usefulness Very simple to-utilize catch and altering devices Can suit any sort of reenactment preparing Challenges Were Small organization as of late acquired by UK parent. Following more extensive market than SAP. Still uses more established picture innovation with restricted altering capacity No substance administration or variant control Coolest Feature Allows you to import any kind of picture and explain it, including video, which permits you to make reproductions for a Simulation preparing

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Vendors Most Often Sited As Chief Competitor By Others In Study

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