Maker and supplier of Inventive Items in the field of Contamination Control Preparing and Consultancy in Cleanliness and.

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Producer and supplier of Creative Items in the field of Disease Control Preparing and Consultancy in Cleanliness and Contamination Control Dispensable Purification Frameworks Healing centers ordinarily are not arranged to purify casualties
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Manufacturer and supplier of Innovative Products in the field of Infection Control Training & Consultancy in Hygiene and Infection Control

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Disposable Decontamination Systems

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Hospitals typically are not arranged to purify casualties Clean not harmed casualties will go home or conveyed to healing center Spectators Hospitals First Aid Victims/onlookers Disaster region on hand sterilization Coordination: Fire Brigade/bolster unit NBC >> casualties Victims Social specialists Ambulance Police Disastermanagement

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IMG Decontamination System in the vicinity disinfecting Hospital passage decontamation

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Deco-unit standards Disposable showercompartments Short operation time, under 5 minutes Controlled waste water Optional Controlled shut Airflow Negative weight (grimy) showercompartment Positive weight (clean) showercompartment Hepa/Ultra/Carbon filtration (warm) water supply Stripdown and Re-robing sanctuaries

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Re-robing safe house Stripdown cover Deco-unit Shelters

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Ready for utilization Flexible being used In-and open air utilization Cost sparing IMG Decontamination framework, your advantages…….

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Additional Decontamination items

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Disposables Pre-decon set NBC Victim set Hygiene set Gowns Respiratory covers Custom made sets with PPE Additional Decontamination items

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IMG cleaning framework

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For more (specialized) data please get in touch with us For more broad data please go to WWW.IMGEUROPE.NL

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