Making a City Vitality Proficient.

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Making a City Vitality Proficient Encounters from the City of Medford's Vitality Effectiveness History August 1999: ICLEI Urban areas for Atmosphere Assurance September 1999: Production of Medford Vitality Team October 1999: Sun oriented Boards introduced at City Lobby and Secondary School
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Making a City Energy Efficient Experiences from the City of Medford

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Medford’s Energy Efficiency History August 1999: ICLEI Cities for Climate Protection September 1999: Creation of Medford Energy Task Force October 1999: Solar Panels introduced at City Hall and High School October 1999-City Hall Retrofits and Conversion to Natural Gas heat

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Medford’s Energy Efficiency History (cont’d) January 2001: Hire Energy Efficiency Coordinator (Environmental Agent) October 2001: First City in Commonwealth with sanction Climate Action Plan March 2002: Join Rebuild Massachusetts/Rebuild America Campaign September 2002: Begin benchmarking building vitality execution

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Medford’s Energy Efficiency History (cont’d) October 2002: Receive 5 electric vehicles from Ford & change over burial ground to Biodiesel April 2003: First Earth Month of Events, including Energy Efficiency Fair July 2003: Creation of Energy & Environment Office September 2003: Receive 2 Electric Vehicles from GM (EV-1) for 2 year use

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Medford’s Energy Efficiency History (cont’d) October 2003: Medford is just MA City to get Clean School Bus USA award October 2003: Development of schools support arranges January 2004: Mayor McGlynn chooses 9-part Medford Clean Energy Committee April 2004: Medford High School EIS online

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How Medford is doing it Full-time staff & Energy Task Force Interns/volunteers Grants (over $500,000 to date) Utility Rebates Partnerships-Rebuild America, EnergyStar, Clean Cities Coalition, Clean School Bus Press scope

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Retrofits Lighting Retrofits at City Hall, Public Safety Building, Library New Windows at Public Safety Building Conversions Natural Gas Heat at High School, City Hall, Fire Stations All new schools have regular gas warmth Building Retrofits/Conversions

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City Hall Example

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Solar Panels at Hormel Stadium No cash Local Contractor gives time and mastery Municipal Workers introduce Panels will cover lights for throughout the night home recreations

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Plan for Schools Maintenance EIS in secondary school, 15 minute interims of ongoing information Working with State Division of Energy Resources and utilities-reviews and inventories of all schools Develop O&M gets ready for every building Train current staff Initiate vitality instruction in schools

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Keys to Success Helpful to have an arrangement Need a champion, ideally chose authority or chief Partnerships Utility Rebates!! Attention

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Contact Information Kim Lundgren, Environmental Agent Energy & Environment Office City of Medford, MA 781-393-2137 .:tsli

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