Making a PowerPoint Presentation.

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Including Photos Art. Go to Insert - top menu bar. Pick Picture from Folder ... in the lower right corners to measure the slide and site page so you can see both ...
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Making a PowerPoint Presentation Mrs. Tavalone February 2005

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Open a New Presentation Microsoft Office 2004 Click on Finder PowerPoint

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Open Presentation Click on File on top Menu Bar Open Application is beside Blue Apple Open a Blank Presentation

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Formatting Slide Shows Choose View in Menu Formatting Pallet Pick slide design Pick slide foundation Or shading plan

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Formatting After you write in content boxes the blueprints vanish when you demonstrate the slides Select content to change it Go to Format Menu to change content File - Save As - to name PPT Project then spare changes to your PowerPoint Go to Add Objects to pick designs for new slides.

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Digital Photos Create a collection Open iPhoto Name and Export - from File - photographs to your desktop Insert from documents and pick your desktop

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Adding Photos Art Go to Insert - top menu bar Choose Picture from Folder Choose photographs from reports then snap to open picture organizer, select photograph, then embed picture Photos then snap to measure on top of symbol

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Dragging Photos to a Slide Drag and drop photographs from the desktop to the slide Can utilize white handles to resize or let it snap to shape when you convey mouse to the symbol

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Use Graphics from the Web Open Internet Window while in PowerPoint Use the inclining lines in the lower right corners to estimate the slide and website page so you can see both

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Clip Art from the Web Click to choose cut craftsmanship Click and drag to slide Save changes as you work Credit pictures in your list of sources toward the end of your slide appear

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Digital Photos in Slides Clip workmanship has pencil, paper and eraser symbol Photos have mountain-pick right symbol Graphs, outlines and spreadsheets and films can likewise be embedded

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Animations Type message then highlight to choose Go to Slide Show in top Menu Pull down to Preset Animations Click to pick your Animation

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Transitions Choose Slide Show from menu Go to Slide Transition Choose Effect - Slow Sound Advance - set seconds Apply

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Finishing Record show on Planning Chart Let gathering of people know your show is finished Check appear and slide request, click & drag to change or erase undesirable slides - Tools - Edit & View Show - Save

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The End Thank you for your consideration!

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