Making Better Sustenance.

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Present the dangers and open doors for the Dutch producers of nourishment preparing and bundling apparatus ... regulation and implementation concerning nourishment security and environment ...
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Making Better Food

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Objectives Present the dangers and open doors for the Dutch makers of sustenance handling and bundling hardware Present a dream without bounds (video) for customers of the Dutch machine developers in a rousing and persuading way Discuss chances to understand the vision

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Domino impact Economy : rise or fall? Manageability: from expense to head begin Food Industry Machine Industry Consumers & Retail Convenience = development market Price war or separation? Protectionism or direction? Information rivalry

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Consumer Opportunities: Demand for accommodation and nourishment to-go becomes Authentic, feasible yet mechanical fabricated items Risk: In financial downturns the purchaser changes to minimal effort items

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Globalization Opportunities 52% of business visionaries consider globalization to be an opportunity* More and more markets are opening up New economies mean new business for cutting edge specialties Risks Protectionist nations or force pieces can constrain business open doors Low tech portions may get overwhelmed by shabby imports 26% of business visionaries consider globalization to be a thread* * ING My Industry Study

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Economy Opportunities: Growth of world economy: More interest for apparatus More fare Risks: Growth in US (exchange awkwardness) and China (environment) are not economical Currency descending danger for Dollar and upward hazard for Yuan

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Competing with learning Opportunities: The Netherlands have hundreds of years of involvement in overall business  a significant resource Science instruction and R&D base are very much created Over 60% of business people see the normal instruction level and the requirement for preparing increment in the following four years* Risks: We can not get enough youngsters to take the necessary steps Knowledge and development ( licensed innovation ) are anything but difficult to duplicate and hard to shield The wave of designers from China & India will influence the business sector * ING My Industry Study

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Sustainability Opportunity: Saving water, vitality and materials has been on the Dutch motivation for quite a long time, making a head begin contrasted with different nations (58% of business people agree*) Risk: Extra expenses for supportable business can restrict benefit and development until control and authorization in different nations are blended ( level playing field ) * ING My Industry Study

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Are we a player in a worth chain? Supplier Machine Producer Food Industry Retail Consumer

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Transactioncosts Or of a worth star grouping? Manu-Facturing R&D ICT YOU Bank Customer Ecologist Food R&D Sensor Supplier Logistics

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Efficient Chain Valuable Constellation Valuable Wine Or 4 euro a jug 8 euro a glass

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Linear Chain Sequential Suppliers Value included Commodity Productivity T-Ford Market offer Constellation Parallel Partners Value co-creation Unique offering Consumptivity James Bond Movie Share of wallet Chain versus Constellation We require esteem chain AND esteem heavenly body considering

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The Dutch Triangle Products (Agri-natural way of life) Processes Knowledge (frameworks & innovation) (training & organizations) The Netherlands: The Hollywood of Food

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The Dutch Head Start Strong, complex control and implementation concerning sustenance wellbeing and environment High wages request high profitability Spoiled buyers need delight, accommodation, low value, decent bundling, manageability and legitimacy (all in the meantime!) Excellent information foundation for Food, ICT & Manufacturing Critical dispatching clients as a result of the nearness of a solid nourishment & agri bunch

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Creating Better Food Please go along with us to understand our vision to make better sustenance

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Creating Better Food Where do you see open doors for the Dutch Triangle? What if we do to understand the open doors What if we abstain from doing

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