Making donning opportunities in each group.

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Supporting Skilled Youthful Entertainers Ability Improvement in Britain Emyr Roberts Key Lead Exceed expectations Sport Britain DKH Legacy Trust National Gathering first April 2010 1 Making donning opportunities in each group Sport Britain 2009 – 2013 abnormal state targets
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Supporting Talented Young Performers Talent Development in England Emyr Roberts Strategic Lead Excel Sport England DKH Legacy Trust National Conference first April 2010 1 Creating brandishing open doors in each group

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Sport England 2009 – 2013 abnormal state targets 1 million individuals accomplishing more Sport by March 2013 Reduction in post 16 drop off in no less than 5 sports by 25% Quantifiable increment in fulfillment of the donning knowledge Improved ability advancement frameworks in no less than 25 games Major commitment to the 5 hour game offer Create a world driving group sports framework 2 Creating wearing open doors in each group

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Sustain (60% of venture) Grow (15% of speculation) Excel (25% of speculation) More individuals fulfilled by the parts of game that are essential to them 25% less 16 to 18 year-olds dropping out of chose games One million grown-ups participating in more game by 2012/13 Helping more youngsters to get to five hours of game every week Appropriate ability emotionally supportive networks for every game so that more capable entertainers move onto tip top projects 3 Creating brandishing open doors in each group

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Excel – where does it fit in the scene World Class Podium UK Sport World Class Development Athlete/Coach Competition Development WC Talent Selection & Confirmation Governing Bodies Talent Development Quality Clubs; Coaches and Competition Sport Eng Excel High Quality PE Support for skilled and capable YST 4 Creating wearing open doors in each group

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Approx 25% of SE speculation on creating ability. Yearly Targets and 4 year result in regards to estimate and/or nature of ability pool concurred with every game SE putting resources into 46 sports - of which 34 at present have £ in exceed expectations related movement. Enhanced ability improvement frameworks in no less than 25 brandishes High level methodology 2009 – 2013 recap 5 Creating wearing open doors in each group

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Hockey - youthful players entering player pathway increment 20,000. Tennis - frequently contending youngsters 22,000 up to 39,000 Rugby League – no of players inside of ability pool 2,000 up to 6,000 Athletics – no of Eng competitors accomplishing an execution standard. Golf – decreasing the normal impediment of players in ability pool Table Tennis – no of junior young men positioned main 50 in Europe A couple sports – no of competitors who progress onto W. C Programs. Exceed expectations + - decorations at world and European level/world positioning ( netball; water skiing; squash; women’s rugby) Excel results – England ability pool amount/quality/both 6 Creating brandishing open doors in each group

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Excel results Across the 34 sports – 57 at first concurred XL results; 37 quantitative; 8 subjective; 12 crossover. Movement equalization – much greater spotlight on nature of ability pool and fortifying the arrangement of ability improvement – in light of nature of the 3 C’s ( mentors; clubs and rivalry) Revisiting; re molding and honing up 4 year NGB results; yearly focuses to gauge advance and better show effect of £ Need to be clear - how measuring ability pool size & quality; pattern; measurements and annihilate any inconsistencies and uncertainty. 7 Creating donning open doors in each group

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Terminology - let’s be clear Talent Pathway – some piece of more extensive player pathway & member model; - where does Eng ability pathway begin; complete; how can it interface with above and underneath; what number of levels and levels; approx timescale and length of pathway. Competitor numbers and wide age ranges. Ability Pool – more extensive gathering of competitors/players who the NGB names or sees as skilled; could be free; bigger numbers occupied with rivalry inside of the game. On NGB radar – yet not so much occupied with or profiting from discrete NGB ability dev movement. Ability Program - characterized gathering of competitors who are given a particular system of NGB ability dev action and backing. 8 Creating donning open doors in each group

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Excel – top spenders 2009 - 2013 Rugby League £8.066m. Swimming £7.378m Cycling £7.198m Netball £6.579m Rugby Union £6.018m Badminton £5.301m Tennis £4.983m Tennis £4.983m Athletics £4.983m Squash £4.668m Golf £3.297m Canoeing £3.200m Gymnastics £3.175m Sailing £2.554m 9 Creating donning open doors in each group

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Water Skiing 67 % Modern Pentathlon 55 % Canoeing 38 % Netball 37 % Squash 35 % Swimming 35 % Orienteering 31 % Triathlon 30 % Cycling 28 % Gymnastics 28 % Rugby League 27 % Sailing 26 % Golf /Fencing/Badminton/Table Tennis 25% Athletics/Equestrian/Basketball 24% Lowest – Angling; Football; Snowsport; Shooting all < 10% Excel – spend as % of SE recompense 2009 - 2013 10 Creating wearing open doors in each group

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Typical NGB ability pathway Identified ability improvement clubs District/Borough/sub area satellite squads County squads at U13/U15/U17 Regional squads or territorial foundations Super local action – north/midlands/south England squads at u15/u17/u19/u21 Entry guidelines; determination criteria/process; movement; is the ability pathway characterized; clear; rational; adaptable. 11 Creating brandishing open doors in each group

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12 Creating donning open doors in each group

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A great ability pathway ought to have; Effective administration and administration A consistent association with what sits above and underneath. A reasonable conveyance arrangement; be sound; dynamic; adaptable; section focuses; execution measures; ability profiles. Have full time quality master ability mentors; Right adjust of preparing and access to quality rivalry Have SS/SM support & competitor/guardian instruction. Dynamic; rousing and top notch situations. Accentuation on quality more so than amount 13 Creating donning open doors in each group

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The workforce supporting ability People - the key fixing Need to develop exact picture on the ability workforce. Who is driving Talent Development inside NGB; Nationally utilized NGB faculty – chiefs/mentors. Quality training - major – NO 1 need. Who are the mentors; what number of; - full time/half time/low maintenance/volunteers – are they associated & bolstered. Ability ID pros; selectors; group/squad directors; science and prescription faculty; way of life backing. Good examples/competitor tutors. Parental and companion gathering backing. 14 Creating wearing open doors in each group

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15 Creating donning open doors in each group

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Competition structures Structure in a few games needs modernizing realigning; bespoke to needs of members, testing and fun. Single rivalry structure covering schools & clubs Stream line; de disarray; take out duplication and over rivalry where it exists. Can oblige early specialization and later engineers. Quality and nature of authorities is essential. 16 Creating donning open doors in each group

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NGB Talent Program - geology Build up a geological profile of every games ability program. Where is it happening. Ability clubs; area focuses; territorial bases; HPC; connections to World class preparing venues; Sport particular problem areas - and crevices. Sensible scope; NGB ability; competitor numbers; Centralized/de concentrated – who ventures; vicinity to competitor; peripatetic mentors. Related office issues and necessities. 17 Creating donning open doors in each group

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Excel action – outer connections and other scene accomplices Commonwealth Games England SportsAid. UK Sport – associate and connections with World Class Youth Sport Trust – skilled & gifted; UK School Games DKH Legacy Trust and others. TASS AASE/Skills Active Coordinated methodology; arrangement; availability; joining; clarity on parts & obligations; guarantee no duplication of exertion/asset 18 Creating wearing open doors in each group

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Excel and Community Sport joins Recognition and affirmation that lower levels of NGB ability pathway work at district/sub province/nearby level. In what manner would we be able to mutually fortify unite between NGB ability project and LA’s/CSP’s/neighborhood framework. Top down and base up. Advance current samples and expand mindfulness 19 Creating donning open doors in each group

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A more all encompassing way to deal with competitor bolster Balancing instructive project with game Life abilities; correspondence; arranging; objective setting; time man. Access to tutors Coping with anxiety and uneasiness; winning and losing. Managing the media; presentation abilities Nutrition; physiology ; brain research; wellness; molding Parental and companion gathering backing – competitor prosperity Athlete/guardian/mentor interface. Monetary backing and acknowledgment 20 Creating brandishing open doors in each group

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DKH Legacy Trust – Backing Talent program One answer for games to consider giving comprehensive backing. Adaptable item/system can be tweaked for every game. Multi sport ability opportunity offers mixed bag; expands skylines Uniqueness – utilization of prepared resigned world class competitors as good examples and tutors; sharing their own experience Credibili

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