MAKING ISLAM AS A Lifestyle Guarantees OUR Freedom.

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MAKING ISLAM AS A Lifestyle Guarantees OUR Autonomy Let us enhance our devotion (taqwa) and great deeds by complying with Allah's whole charges and overlooking all the illegal. Favored Muslims,
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Let us enhance our devotion (taqwa) and great deeds by obeying Allah’s whole charges and excluding all the prohibited.

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Blessed Muslims, Let us expand our cognizance of Allah (taqwa) by satisfying every one of His orders and avoiding His disallowances.

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Allah S.W.T says in Al-Quran:- Ø¥ùù†ù‘ùŽ Ø£ùŽúªû¡ø±ùŽù…ùŽùƒùù…û¡ عùù†ø¯ùŽ Ù±ù„ù„ù‘ùŽù‡ù Ø£ùŽøªû¡ù‚ùŽù®ù°ùƒùù…û¡â€Œûš (Al-Hujraat : 13)

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“Verily the most respected of you in seeing Allah is (he who is) the most noble of you.”

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According to Wahbatu Zuhaili in his book, Tafsir Al-Munir, the most upright individuals are the individuals who relentlessly and solidly obey Allah in His requests and simultaneously avoid His disallowances.

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Thus, as Muslims, we ought to try and apply our push to be among the equitable ones by reinforcing our conviction ( ‘aqidah ), looking for helpful information, performing and consummating our demonstrations of love ( ‘ibadah ),

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especially those that are required like our supplications to God ( solat ), almsgiving ( zakat ) and in addition acts that are supported ( sunnah ), furthermore avoiding all that is loathed by Allah like awful behavior ( akhlaq ),

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adoring others other than Allah (submitting evade ), betting, conferring infidelity et cetera.

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Blessed Muslims, In conjunction with the month of autonomy for our nation, let us consider upon our arrangements and push to keep up this flexibility. Alhamdulillah, we have been honored with procurements and sustenance, including the simplicity of living,

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by Allah despite the fact that the average cost for basic items is raising. Along these lines, we express our most extreme appreciation to Allah s.w.t. for gift us with improvement and peace, while different nations are tried with mayhem, war, common calamity and the absence of advancement.

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Indeed, we are extremely blessed as of now to have the capacity to work easily, get training, live joyfully and prosperously with our families and society, while our Muslim brethrens around the globe are tormented, assaulted and executed.

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My dearest Muslim siblings, Just think and envision if our nation was to face war as in Iraq, sustenance emergency as in Darfur or characteristic fiasco as in Myanmar, United States and China; most likely, we will find that the main expression that ought to articulated now is:

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all gestures of recognition is because of Allah ( Alhamdulillah )! All magnificence has a place with Allah s.w.t for every one of His endowments, for the freedom, peace and advancement that we are getting a charge out of today. However, to what extent would we be able to keep up these?

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Blessed Muslims, Everyday we listen, watch, read and discuss the social issues and sicknesses, and their compounding consequences for our ummah . The infection of eagerness and jealousy in amassing riches and influence, the free-blending in the middle of male and female

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which more often than not prompt infidelity furthermore the disorder of being inefficient, particularly in our every day nourishment utilization. These produce more issues in the general public like disunity, extortion, renumeration, the breakdown of family foundations and the spread of irresistible sicknesses.

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Accordingly, a disturbing number of offenders are discovered day by day, swarming the correctional facilites bringing on lack in space. Healing facilities, as well, are being swarmed with patients compelling the general population doctor\'s facilities to take care of higher restorative expense.

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Until when will this proceed? Can we expect the unlawful acts to become dim? In this sort of environment, will we have the capacity to protect our flexibility, peace and advancement? Then again, will this be the first stride to lose them?

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Allah s.w.t. helps us to remember the impacts of these social issues and law violations, among which are shakiness and yearning, notwithstanding when a nation finds a sense of contentment and free when He says:

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Allah S.W.T says in Al-Quran:- وùŽø¶ùŽø±ùŽø¨ùŽ Ù±ù„ù„ù‘ùŽù‡ù مùŽø«ùŽù„ø§ù‹û¬ قùŽø±û¡ùŠùŽø©ù‹û¬ ÚªùŽø§ù†ùŽøªû¡ Ø¡ùŽø§ù…ùù†ùŽø©ù‹û¬ مù‘ùø·û¡ù…ùŽù®ù•ùù†ù‘ùŽø©ù‹û¬ يùŽø£û¡øªùùŠù‡ùŽø§ رùø²û¡ù‚ùù‡ùŽø§ رùŽøºùŽø¯ù‹û¬ø§ مù‘ùù† كùù„ù‘ù مùŽùƒùŽø§ù†ùû¬ فùŽúªùŽùùŽø±ùŽøªû¡ بùø£ùŽù†û¡ø¹ùù…ù Ù±ù„ù„ù‘ùŽù‡ù فùŽø£ùŽø°ùŽù²ù‚ùŽù‡ùŽø§ Ù±ù„ù„ù‘ùŽù‡ù لùø¨ùŽø§ø³ùŽ Ù±ù„û¡ø¬ùùˆø¹ù وùŽù±ù„û¡ø®ùŽùˆû¡ùù بùù…ùŽø§ ÚªùŽø§ù†ùùˆø§ù’ ( يùŽøµû¡ù†ùŽø¹ùùˆù†ùŽ (Ù¡ù¡ù¢ (A Nahl : 112)

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“And Allah advances the case of a township (Makkah), that stayed secure and well substance; its procurement coming to it in wealth from each spot, yet it (its kin) prevented the Favors from claiming Allah (with thanklessness).

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So Allah made it taste the compelling of craving (starvation) and trepidation, in view of that (insidiousness, i.e. denying Prophet Muhammad SAW) which they (its kin) used to do “

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My dear siblings in Islam, Such is the equity and the announcement of Allah. He sends us updates and incalculable endowments, with the goal that we are appreciative and we understand our society’s debilitated condition. It is additionally a gigantic gift for us that Allah s.w.t is the Loving One ( Al-Wadud ),

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the All Merciful ( Ar-Rahman ) and the Acceptor to Repentance ( At-Tawwab ), that and by these excellent properties, He favors us with the religion ( deen ) of Islam.

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With it, we will have the capacity to spare our general public from falling and to keep up our opportunity and peace in light of the fact that Islam is really a complete lifestyle, as said by Professor Soleh Ahmad in his book, “Sender of Islamic Law”.

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By that he implies that Islam is a method for live on the grounds that it is directed in a far reaching way such that it covers the matters of ‘aqidah , akhlaq and the learning that lets us know

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how to hone Islam in all part of lives ( hukmu fiqh) in our dealings with kindred people, and in addition with different manifestations of Allah. Hence, we are told to arrange, control and live our lives taking into account the teachings of Islam as Allah says in Al-Quran:

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Allah S.W.T says in Al-Quran:- Ø«ùù…ù‘ùŽ جùŽø¹ùŽù„û¡ù†ùŽù€ù°ùƒùŽ عùŽù„ùŽù‰ù° Ø\'ùŽø±ùùŠø¹ùŽø©ùû¬ مù‘ùù†ùŽ Ù±ù„û¡ø£ùŽù…û¡ø±ù فùŽù±øªù‘ùŽø¨ùø¹û¡ù‡ùŽø§ وùŽù„ùŽø§ تùŽøªù‘ùŽø¨ùø¹û¡ Ø£ùŽù‡û¡ùˆùŽø§ù“ø¡ùŽ Ù±ù„ù‘ùŽø°ùùŠù†ùŽ لùŽø§ يùŽø¹û¡ù„ùŽù…ùùˆù†ùŽ ( Ù¡ù¨ ) (Al-Jathiya : 18)

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“Then We have put you (O Muhammad SAW) on a (plain) method for (Our) rule [like the particular case that We summoned Our Messengers before you (i.e. lawful ways and laws of the Islamic Monotheism)].

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So tail you that (Islamic Monotheism and its laws), and take after not the longings of the individuals who know not.”

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Effectively, trusting emphatically in Allah and the Judgment Day, or the Day of Accountability, turns into the primary component in guaranteeing a prosperous and agreement life,

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which will help with keeping up our flexibility. Also, this is ensured by Allah s.w.t. in Al-Quran:

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Allah S.W.T says in Al-Quran:- وùŽù„ùŽùˆû¡ Ø£ùŽù†ù‘ùŽ Ø£ùŽù‡û¡ù„ùŽ Ù±ù„û¡ù‚ùø±ùŽù‰ù°ù“ Ø¡ùŽø§ù…ùŽù†ùùˆø§ù’ وùŽù±øªù‘ùŽù‚ùŽùˆû¡ø§ù’ لùŽùùŽøªùŽø­û¡ù†ùŽø§ عùŽù„ùŽùŠû¡ûùù… بùŽø±ùŽùƒùŽù€ù°øªùû¬ مù‘ùù†ùŽ Ù±ù„ø³ù‘ùŽù…ùŽø§ù“ø¡ù وùŽù±ù„û¡ø£ùŽø±û¡ø¶ù وùŽù„ùŽù€ù°ùƒùù† كùŽø°ù‘ùŽø¨ùùˆø§ù’ فùŽø£ùŽø®ùŽø°û¡ù†ùŽù€ù°ù‡ùù… ( بùù…ùŽø§ ÚªùŽø§ù†ùùˆø§ù’ يùŽùƒû¡ø³ùø¨ùùˆù†ùŽ (Ù©ù¦ (Al-Araf : 96)

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“And if the general population of the towns had trusted and had the Taqwa (devotion), surely, We ought to have opened for them gifts from the paradise and the earth, however they gave a false representation of (the Messengers).

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So We took them (with discipline) for what they used to acquire (polytheism and crimes).”

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The above verse reveals to us the fulfillment and the quality of Islam. Consequently, on the off chance that we keep up and keep close our associations with Allah, He will ensure our autonomy and opportunity.

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This should be possible by looking for

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