Making Progress with Gateway based Fast eLearning utilizing SCORM 2004.

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Fast eLearning conveyed through an entry can assist imbue with learninging exercises into the ... Conveying the learning substance that is in the nick of time, simply right, and ...
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Achieving Success with Portal-based Rapid eLearning utilizing SCORM 2004 Timothy J. Potter Staff Engineer LLC Wheat Ridge, Colorado

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Presentation Overview What? Fast eLearning conveyed through a gateway can imbue learning exercises into the every day working environment of representatives to accomplish better preparing results. What is quick eLearning? Why "Entrance based"? Where does SCORM 2004 fit in? Why? Much enthusiasm encompassing preparing approaches like quick eLearning that are better adjusted to hierarchical preparing objectives for upgrading laborer efficiency. Workers have numerous short open doors amid the day to do a smidgen of learning (Tom King, Plugfest 8). How? knowledgeWorks LMS 1.3 + Portlets (demo)

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What is Rapid eLearning? Littler than courseware, grew speedier than courseware, and is commonly additional time-delicate than courseware; broadens past the preparation office Two approaches to take a gander at what fast eLearning implies: Content creation perspective Lowering the obstructions to composing instructionally solid learning substance to empower topic specialists (SME) to straightforwardly add to the preparation process, much of the time. Case: Macromedia Breeze Delivery and following perspective Delivering the learning content that is in the nick of time, simply right, and sufficiently only to laborers, every now and again. 4 Categories of eLearning Broadcast of new data (quick eLearning) Important information exchange (fast eLearning) Developing new aptitudes (quick eLearning & courseware) Creating affirmed abilities (courseware) Bersin & Associates, July 2003 Whitepaper

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Implementation Challenges Authoring Key is to permit those nearest to an association\'s preparation blackouts, for example, a business chief, to specifically add to the learning content creation process. Out-of-degree for this presentation Delivery Will be tended to finally in this presentation Content Management With fast eLearning, the objective is to have more supporters included over all levels of an association. With more supporters, you require a framework to deal with the substance. Resource administration for reuse Metadata administration Learning content bundle administration Out-of-degree for this presentation

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Rapid eLearning Delivery The conventional LMS environment is not appropriate for fast eLearning conveyance! Picks up on the creating side will be decreased if learners need to stop what they are doing, login to the LMS, and take some fast adapting; quite of a diversion as a result of the brief term of the quick learning occasion. The reason of fast eLearning is to give laborers significant, convenient, material preparing when it is required. Laborers don\'t do "work" in a LMS There is an IT framework where specialists (and accomplices and clients) are accomplishing increasingly "work". The Portal Trends in big business IT show that the Enterprise Portal is turning into the focal entryway to information and applications where individuals do genuine work … not simply see climate and quest for telephone numbers any longer See Process Portals writing from BEA, Real-time Enterprise writing from Vignette, and People driven writing from Plumtree

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Portal-based Rapid eLearning So the development that numerous specialists, accomplices, and clients are really doing "work" in the gateway makes the entry an intense stage for quick eLearning. With the entrance, you can convey simply enough, in the nick of time, and only for-me learning content for the duration of the day to help workers take in more, all the more regularly. Yet, gateway based fast eLearning presents new joining challenges … Integration of personalization administrations with learner profile Integration of HR and competency administration frameworks Integration of archive and substance administration framework for access to learning content and related learning assets Integration of entrance and eLearning launcher and tracker Enter SCORM 2004 …

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SCORM 2004 is the incorporation "paste"

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SCORM 2004 is the mix "paste" eLearning is turning out to be more coordinated into big business IT; particularly with entry based RL SCORM 2004 is establishment for incorporating various frameworks. Composing SCORM 1.3 CAM for bundling learning content into something a CMS or LMS can work with. SCORM 1.3 LOM for grouping learning substance to power web indexes. Conveyance SCORM 1.3 CAM for importing learning content SCORM 1.3 RTE for following learners SCORM 1.3 SN for continuing preparing engaged, applicable, and customized … more on this …

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SCORM 2004 Highlights Allows littler grained content articles and huge adaptability in substance sequencing . These progressions permit course/instructional planners to join sequencing that will adjust to address individual learners\' issues, enhancing the instructional esteem and time effectiveness of preparing. Empowers content items to be followed by targets . Learning items can now be connected to an association\'s instruction and competency targets to meet hierarchical preparing objectives. Empowers financially savvy and quick coordination of substance . Conformance with SCORM 2004 expels the substance reconciliation challenges tormenting most eLearning activities.

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How? knowledgeWorks LMS 1.3 (discharged Feb. 2, 2005) SCORM 1.2 guaranteed (LMS-RTE3: most elevated amount of conformance to SCORM 1.2) First SCORM 2004 affirmed LMS! Quick Learning Event Portlets Q1 2005 Macromedia Flex-based UI Template way to deal with permit customization; numerous approaches to approach conveyance in gateway e.g. Heave of the day, Help Desk Top 10 … JSR-168 agreeable Portlets; convey to numerous Portals, e.g. Liferay, JBoss, Plumtree, Vignette, WebSphere, and BEA WebLogic. Q2 2005 Additional UI for "best practices" found by accomplices and Version 1 clients WSRP agreeable Portlets

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LOB of the day Demonstration Scenario Learning object of the day in Sales Portal A formula for motivating workers to take in more, all the more regularly by offering short, visit preparing opportunities in the entrance. Heave of the day works on the grounds that is puts preparing choices in the hands of administrators that are nearest to the preparation blackouts and permits them to coordinate a constant stream of instructional meetings. Deals supervisor view Use Scheduler portlet to make (or add to) fast learning occasions for deals group and afterward plan them for conveyance to colleagues when generally proper. Use Training Reports portlet to view basic group preparing reports to pick up bits of knowledge into group preparing blackouts. Deals colleague view Use LOB of the day portlet to get to learning object of the day doled out by supervisor. Use LOB of the day portlet to get to learning assets and keep notes about preparing for reference.

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LOB of the day Demonstration (LIVE)

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What about my present LMS? Fast eLearning in Portal is corresponding to existing preparing applications and LMS. Courseware and classroom preparing not leaving More propelled reporting in LMS than ought to be given in Portlets SCORM RTE information model (CMI) is shared factor between knowledgeWorks LMS and some other SCORM consistent LMS. Can utilize knowledgeWorks LMS + Portlets for quick eLearning arrangement and keep your current LMS for other eLearning needs.

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Wrap up and Q & A Where to go for more data: Come see knowledgeWorks LMS in real life in the Plug-n-Play range. Go to and utilize our eLearning Solution Assistant to enlist for a free assessment permit of knowledgeWorks LMS 1.3 … we guarantee you will be up and running in 5 minutes or less ;- ) Contact Ryan Gilmer at or 720-898-8577 to talk about your eLearning needs. NOTE: We\'re searching for BETA clients for our Q1 fast learning portlets advertising. Q & A?

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