Making The Cleanest boat.

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Ship as a coordinated piece of the vehicle chain. Safe transport (outside/nautical ... 1. For fumes of CO2: boats perform better, yet more proficient is ...
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Making The Cleanest ship The European Parliament, Green advancement Bruxelles, May 28th 2008 Henk Blaauw, DLD, specialized facilitator of Creating

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Green development Social requests on transport Environment : Reduction of emanations and fuel utilization More transport over water Stronger position IWW business person Mobility : Less clog Improve the intensity of inland route by improvement of " chain streamlined vessel ideas " with ideal execution

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Goals of Creating Strengthening the position of inland route in the vehicle chain by: Efficient and Environmental amicable route Ship as a coordinated part of the vehicle chain Safe transport (outside/nautical wellbeing)

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Partners of Creating

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WP 2 Innovative Logistic Concepts, proficiency, financial aspects WP 3 Innovative Vessel Concepts WP 4 Performance Assessment WP 7 Demonstrators WP 10 Dissemination WP\'s in Creating WP 8 Safety Analysis WP 5 Ship Hydro-flow I/O WP 9 Safety Measures WP 6 Engine Perfor-mance

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Environmental effect inland route Can we enhance the natural effect of inland route? Expend as meager as could be expected under the circumstances fuel Tempomaat, body structure, drive effectiveness B. Clean diesel EN 590 C. Retrofitting ( NOx SOx PM) For the future: D. second era bio diesel E. Common gas (LNG) trailed by Bio gas F. Power module/Hydrogen

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Performance of inland ships Performance of inland ships contrasted with street transport: Per transported ton per kilometer 1. For fumes of CO2: boats perform better, yet more productive is conceivable! 2. For fumes of SOx: boats are much more terrible 3. For fumes of NOx: boats perform less 4. For fumes of PM: boats are a great deal not so much More but rather more the significance of these issues increment, even in business arrangements. Making payed a great deal of thoughtfulness regarding these subjects and empowered discourses, for occasion by: the cleanest ship

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Set up of the demonstrator: the Cleanest ship Reduction of CO2 : The Cruise Control/Voyage organizer Reduction of SOx: Clean fuel! (EN 590) Reduction of NOx: SCR, Selective Catholitic Reduction of PM: Clean fuel and residue channel

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Clean fuel: BP Tempomaat: Techno fysica SCR and PM Filter: Hug Engineering

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First aftereffects of estimations

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