Manchester Building a Focused City: The Republic Recreations and their Legacy Eamonn Boylan Vice president Official of M.

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Manchester Building an Aggressive City: The Ward Diversions and their Legacy Eamonn Boylan Vice president Official of Manchester City Board 21 st November 2003 Manchester : Building a Focused City – Our Vision Center Goals Making a world class territorial capital city
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Manchester Building a Competitive City: The Commonwealth Games and their Legacy Eamonn Boylan Deputy Chief Executive of Manchester City Council 21 st November 2003

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Manchester : Building a Competitive City – Our Vision Core Objectives Creating a world class territorial capital city Maximizing nearby advantage

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Manchester : Building a Competitive City – O ur Approach Realizing the capability of urban communities Strong neighborhood municipal administration Facilitating/empowering Council Partnership Positive arranging Importance of outline rules and incredibleness Creating a world class open domain

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Manchester : Building a Competitive City – Our Performance Manchester is perceived as the provincial capital of the North West and the nation’s driving local focus Manchester has built up a minimum amount of monetary movement, offices and administrations which empowers the City and the district to contend in the worldwide commercial center for occupations and speculation

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Manchester : Building a Competitive City – Our Performance Cont… Manchester has been at the bleeding edge of conveying key recovery and venture structures that join the drive for more noteworthy financial aggressiveness with the need to convey neighborhood advantage Manchester has added to a world class social, games and guest foundation

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Manchester : Building a Competitive City – Creating Momentum Consistent commute for Regeneration over numerous years Manchester Airport Hulme Regeneration Metrolink City Center Renaissance (post ’96) East Manchester Knowledge Capital

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Commonwealth Games 2002 Not the beginning of another period A speeding up along a continuum Step change in speed

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Manchester : The Games A noteworthy chance to drastically enhance the monetary and social prospects of Manchester and the profile and picture of the North West A noteworthy chance to make a games and social base fit for facilitating and conveying world class occasions A center for organization activity and venture

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Manchester : The Games cont… A binding together topic against which to legitimize offers for a more extensive scope of recovery projects in East Manchester The transformational effect on re-situating Manchester and East Manchester as a universal speculator and guest destination

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Games Facts 17 sports 72 groups 3,690 competitors and 2,038 group authorities 3,500 media 1 billion TV viewers 200 hours telecast on BBC 10,000 volunteers – 1,260,000 volunteer hours! 1 million onlookers 2.3m site guests

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The Impact and Legacy of the Games Over £600m of open speculation £2.7m included worth for each £1m contributed 6,300 full-time employments Television gathering of people of about 1 billion individuals overall An additional 300,000 guests for each year £2 8 m spent by Games members and guests £22m in extra business advantages Enhanced municipal pride The Manchester Brand

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Regeneration £600m open and private venture New occupations – evaluated 6,300 fte Environmental upgrades - £24m speculation program along Ashton Canal connecting East Manchester and the City Center another town for East Manchester: 12,000 new homes 7,000 enhanced homes ASDA store with 1,000 occupations focused at neighborhood occupants

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Built for the Legacy Nothing assembled for the Games alone Long term uses secured for all venues Stadium changed over to football – Manchester City FC Agreements with Governing Bodies for National Centers Aquatics Center fabricated to administration group/Universities

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Why the Need for a New Marketing Strategy? To guarantee that the Games’ genuine advantage is caught To combine our position as driving edge To conquer any hindrance between poor observation and energetic reality To position the city and prepare it to contend

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Key Success Factors Strong initiative from the inside: The City Council is discriminating Clear vital center Comprehensive purchase in from partners in key areas Clear long haul vision Creation of an in number, significant brand in light of reality

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Building the Manchester Brand Accentuate the distinctions that make the spot interesting Much more than a logo or a punch line Create persevering quality from key occasions (Games/celebrations and so on) Focus the message Distil the substance

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The Manchester Brand Highlights the extraordinary properties, advantages and attributes of Manchester Vibrant Exciting Confident & Cocky Friendly

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The Manchester Brand Identifies the City’s Core Values: Respect Live & Let Live Going Places

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The Manchester Brand Distils the Essence of Manchester Opportunity

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Manchester : Building a Competitive City – The Challenges Cities Make Sense The National Agenda The Challenges for Manchester

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Manchester : Building a Competitive City – The Way Forward The Knowledge Capital The Manchester Prospectus Maximizing the HEI asset Excellent network Creating Innovative Urban Development Frameworks A world-class social offer Creating a world class downtown area

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Manchester : Building a Competitive City – The part of Core Cities Building the contentions for an adjusted economy Creating another element for urban communities and districts Increasing the spatial attention to Gover

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