Mandip Bhuller Quickest return on initial capital investment: Linux RAC groups Prophet Partnership.

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Mandip Bhuller Speediest return for money invested: Linux RAC bunches Prophet Partnership. "I'm doing a (free) working framework (only a side interest, won't be huge and proficient like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones
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Mandip Bhuller Fastest ROI: Linux RAC groups Oracle Corporation

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"I\'m doing a (free) working framework (only a side interest, won\'t be enormous and proficient like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones … ." Linus Torvalds Usenet posting, 1991

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Enterprise Linux " Today Linux has turned into the most sultry thing in corporate America since email… For a few organizations, the additions from changing over are large to the point that CIOs get jazzed discussing it." Fortune, Oct 2002

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Only Linux is Growing Estimated Growth of Server OS Market 2002 - 2006 58% Percentage Growth - 4% - 18% - 25% - 48% Source: IDC 2002

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Business Landscape Customers require a greater number of ROI than their current speculations Must give more adaptable, accessible arrangements but then REDUCE costs Support and upkeep costs for bigger SMPs are generally costly Pace of innovation change is expanding Reaching max of current SMP machine requiring a much vast server casing and more $$$ Too numerous servers, excessively costly, hard, making it impossible to oversee

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Oracle Applications on Linux: Faster and Cheaper List Price CPU\'s/Computer CPU Speed Phys. Memory Average Resp. Time 90% Resp. Time Intel/Linux 2 2.4 GHz 6 GB 1.3 sec 2.2 sec $8,860 RISC 2 750 MHz 8 GB 1.7 sec 3.8 sec $53,330 Running Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark for 251 Concurrent Users Now getting to around 5 times less expensive and three times quicker for register

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Drive towards innovation Need for a typical base that permits natural/GRID figuring Leverage assets for different undertakings Simpler to make server pools for all applications Need more versatile and accessible programming to paste basic equipment together Cannot change existing applications Will not be bolted into a specific innovation Must lessen administration expenses and server costs Drive towards LINUX and RAC In just 3 years taken 13.7% of $50.9 B server market

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Is Linux prepared for organizations? DiamlerChrysler utilizes it as a part of pile up sims. 20% speedier 40% less expensive than Unix Morgan Stanley supplanting 4K servers running other O/S and sparing $100M more than 5 years Over 700 eBusiness suite Linux clients Electronic expressions found that a 2 proc Intel was identical to a 4 proc SMP. 10:1 cost diff Cnet got extraordinary execution and afterward sold it\'s SMP machines on ebay for more than the Intel ones expense to purchase! LINUX is new (10yrs) and unpredictable however RAC helps

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Oracle\'s Commitment to Linux: Products Every Oracle Product Runs on Linux Today

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Oracle in the Linux Community Integrated Development and Support Oracle, Red Hat and United Linux advancement groups coordinated in a non-restrictive organization Oracle adds to Linux bit code Quality Assurance Oracle QA now some portion of Red Hat and United Linux improvement process

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Open-source Contributions Established Linux part group making commitments to open-source under GPL Oracle Cluster File System Worked with Red Hat, SuSE and the open source group to drive highlights into Linux Improved I/O throughput Improved memory use Improved SMP adaptability Graceful debasement under burden

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Oracle\'s Commitment to Linux: Customer Support Direct backing of Linux overall Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS and ES UnitedLinux Single purpose of contact for bolster Single purpose of answer for backing No extra Oracle bolster contract required

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Oracle\'s Commitment to Linux: Security Submitted for EAL2 Defining the way for EAL4

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Linux: Oracle\'s Choice " We maintain our entire business on Linux." Lawrence J. Ellison Oracle Corporation, 2003

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Internal Use of Linux at Oracle Key interior frameworks relocated to Linux Oracle Files Online Oracle demo frameworks Oracle outsourcing frameworks Oracle money related frameworks More arranged

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Linux + Oracle + RAC Linux could be viewed as more youthful than other more develop working frameworks Rapid rate of expansion despite the fact that it\'s achieving a level of development Better and better venture support from merchants Scaling to 4 Procs 2.4 and > 8 with bit 2.6 Oracle RAC gives the centralized server security and scale out for applications past 4 procs

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RAC conveys uncommon execution and adaptability RAC is the chief high accessibility database RAC runs all applications out-of-the-container and unmodified Bottom line: RAC lessens IT costs. Utilize all hubs. Nothing squandered Key 9 i RAC Messages

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What is RAC? Begin little, pay as you develop, boundless headroom Works with ALL applications Simplified administration to quickly include servers and circle Use with Linux, HP, IBM, Sun, Windows NT

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Merrill Lynch FAA Acuity Lighting (Formerly Lithonia) Dell IT AusRegistry CERN Electronic Arts Texas Tech University Ellis Island Shell Embry Riddle German Police Sikla Many more… Oracle9i RAC on Linux Customers

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Hot Failover Transparent Application Failover Warm Failover Cold Failover Restart RAC accessibility

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Grow your DATA Grow your USERS Grow PROCESSING POWER Oracle9 i RAC is Scalability Users

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Only group database that scales out-of-the-container Oracle9 i RAC is Scalability Grow your DATA Users Grow your USERS Cache Fusion Grow PROCESSING POWER Shared Cache Fusion: Superior Performance of a SHARED CACHE

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Why RAC? Advantages of included versatility and included accessibility when you include additional hubs. Adaptable. No requirement for ANY application changes to run RAC Data is shared amongst every one of the hubs in the group Any application on any hub sees every one of the information When a hub crashes no information is lost Workload is apportioned naturally over the accessible hubs Add and evacuate hubs adaptability. Keeps running of every real stage. Develop with interest. Spares cost

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RAC Today Over 200 creation reference clients. Over all regular equipment stages. 10i RAC adaptation discharged Wide conveyance of Consulting quickening agent administrations Addition of bunch record frameworks Certification of normal stages and applications Single most versatile stage for big business arrangements. Scale on interest and oversee viably. Generally being utilized by gaming organizations now. Electronic Arts, Sony online amusement and others.

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Some RAC References Acxiom – World pioneer in multi-station client information mix Austrian rail lines - Austrian Railways is the state-possessed railroad of Austria British Telecom – World pioneer in interchanges Freemarkets – Connecting purchasers of merchandise and administrations. Moved into creation in under a week! Electronic Arts – Sims on the web. 20 groups, 5 hubs, 300K SQL/s Sony Entertainment – Large SMP bunches, scaling and HA SAS – Statistical Analysis Software SITA – State data innovation office UPS – Leader in transportation of merchandise. 16K tps Vector SCM – Track autos from plant to merchant

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Offering a Full Spectrum of Technology Services Security Reliability Migration Transaction Processing Collaboration J2EE & Rapid Application Development Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing Web Services & Integration Portal

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