MAPP—Activating for Activity through Arranging and Association: A Group Apparatus for Wellbeing Change:.

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MAPP—Assembling for Activity through Arranging and Organization: A Group Apparatus for Wellbeing Change: Tulsa Wellbeing Office INCOG Defining moment Quantifiable change in the group's wellbeing and personal satisfaction; Expanded perceivability of general wellbeing inside of the group;
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MAPP—Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership: A Community Tool for Health Improvement:

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Tulsa Health Department INCOG Turning Point Measurable change in the community’s wellbeing and personal satisfaction; Increased perceivability of general wellbeing inside of the group; group advocates for general wellbeing and the nearby general wellbeing framework. Capacity to successfully envision and oversee change ; And more grounded general wellbeing framework, organizations and authority . The City of Tulsa StepUp Tulsa Community Service Council The Partners The Vision

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MAPP Overview

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4 Assessments Community Health Status Combination of information in regards to wellbeing, financial, instructive and other social patterns for every area Completed for Tulsa County, as a team with CSC will be custom-made to areas and incorporate all information recorded above Local Public Health System (National Public Health Performance Standards) Governance evaluation of the Tulsa Health Department and other key players in Tulsa’s nearby general wellbeing framework THD will enlist an expert to finish this procedure before the end of May.

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Forces of Change Environmental, social and financial hindrances and vehicles for group change Will be directed locally through overviews, center gatherings and group discussions over the mid year months Strengths and Themes Organized and methodicallly gathered input with respect to resources and assets present in a group Will be led provincially through studies, center gatherings and group gatherings over the mid year months

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Committee Responsibilities Champions Responsible for taking an interest in question and answer session and advancing the activity among group inhabitants when proper THD Board of Health Responsible for supervising last reports and execution into THD key arrangement Ensure that Regional issues have been interpreted suitably through occasional cooperation in either (or both) territorial and center MAPP panels Core Planning Team Comprised of agents from every accomplice office (CSC, StepUp Tulsa, Turning Point, INCOG, City of Tulsa, and THD) Responsible for logistics and assemblage of information gathered amid appraisals. Give specialized backing

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StepUp Tulsa Advisory Council Comprised of official administration for neighborhood general wellbeing and generous offices Will meet quarterly to survey advancement of boards of trustees. Will offer input about plausibility of board thoughts and key issues THD MAPP Committee Comprised of staff speaking to each THD program Responsible for encouraging and giving specialized backing to local and center MAPP councils Will create last reports and guarantee last center MAPP Committee Strategic Issues are introduced to inward THD administration groups Will give advancement reports to DAC and BOH

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Regional Committees Will be involved group individuals and THD agents Recruitment will happen all through April and May in an assortment of settings, including coalition and neighborhood affiliation gatherings, group focuses, libraries, schools and wellbeing offices. Board of trustees individuals will be requested that sign an agreement consenting to take an interest in this procedure throughout the following 12 months Regional limits will be controlled by April 4 th . Center MAPP Committee Membership will be contained delegates from each territorial board of trustees and THD agents Committee individuals will be in charge of Ensuring their area is fittingly spoken to Identifying cross-slicing issues Reporting to local panels

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Timeline for Success February – May Organize for achievement and organization advancement June – August Complete evaluations September – October Identify Strategic Issues November – December Formulate objectives and methodologies (group activity arranges) January (2009) Submit objectives and procedures to Advisory Council and BOH February (2009) Report back to local panels support of activity arrangements March – April (2009) Internal key arrangement created utilizing last group report May – June (2009) Strategic arranging procedure is finished and checked on by MAPP panel July (2009) Strategic arrangement gets to be viable Regional Committees stay working as Turning Point Coalitions and get quarterly reports from THD staff on advancement towards objective

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Benefits of MAPP Creates a solid group and better personal satisfaction. Expands perceivability of general wellbeing . Foresees and oversees change . Makes a more grounded general wellbeing framework . Constructs more grounded associations. Assembles general wellbeing initiative . Makes advocates for general wellbeing.

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Community Successes with the MAPP process Nashville, TN 2001-2005 Sustainable group enthusiasm for enhanced wellbeing Increased open doors for cooperation and coordination between general wellbeing framework accomplices Rebuilding of general wellbeing approach endeavors, for instance, all new advancement arrangements are obliged to incorporate walkways Northern Kentucky, 2001-2004 Increased joint effort with non-conventional general wellbeing accomplices Improved perceivability of the wellbeing office and the community’s comprehension of how to explore the general wellbeing framework Columbus, OH 2001-2004 Health change arrangements created by the groups had more prominent achievement Organized coalition building procedure brought about extra financing open doors for groups The wellbeing office made a group\'s division wellbeing to explicitly keep up group engagement

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Alicia Plati, MPH Program Development Coordinator Tulsa City-County Health Department 5051 S 129 th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74134 Office: 918-595-4058 Mobile: 918=850-3509 E-mail: Tracy Faith Colmenero, MBA Northeast Regional Health Consultant Oklahoma Turning Point Initiative 5051 S 129 th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74134 Office: 918-595-4088 Mobile: 918-292-9476 E-mail: Contact Informati

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