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MAPP for SACCHOs. SACCHO Meeting, January 16-17, 2007. What is MAPP?. A group wide key arranging device for enhancing general wellbeing. A strategy to offer groups some assistance with prioritizing general wellbeing issues, distinguish assets for tending to them, and make a move. MAPP Review.
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MAPP for SACCHOs SACCHO Meeting, January 16-17, 2007

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What is MAPP? A group wide key arranging instrument for enhancing general wellbeing. A technique to assist groups with organizing general wellbeing issues, distinguish assets for tending to them, and make a move.

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MAPP Overview

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The MAPP Assessments

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MAPP Overview

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Three Keys to MAPP Strategic Thinking Community Driven Process Focus on the Local Public Health System

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The MAPP Paradigm Shift

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Benefits Anticipates and oversees change . Expands perceivability of general wellbeing. Makes advocates for general wellbeing. Fabricates more grounded organizations. Manufactures general wellbeing initiative . Makes a more grounded general wellbeing base .

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MAPP Connections Can help to address Healthy People 2010 destinations. Crucial Services structure guarantees an exhaustive picture of general wellbeing Supports LHDs endeavors in working towards an Operational Definition of a Functioning Local Health Department

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State-Wide Implementation through SACCHOs State wide trainings Peer Mentoring Why? How? Information examinations SACCHO Leadership

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Example: NJ State assembles organization facilitators gatherings for cross learning Invite specialists to help educate nearby procedures Exemplary exercises highlighted among associates. Course in the middle of local people and national associations

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MAPP Contacts Julia Joh Elligers, MPH Senior Analyst, NACCHO (202) 783-5550, Ext. 245 Heidi Deutsch, MA, MSDM Program Manager, NACCHO (202) 783-5550, Ext. 252

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