Mapping and Appraisal.

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As you take a gander at the diagram, sub-scores of tests and abilities results what do you watch? ... Which is the best gauge for the tallness of a school work area? ...
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Mapping and Assessment

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Agenda Overview Make Predictions Analyze ITBS comes about Analyze and Connect Mapping Data Item Analysis of ITBS Next Steps

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Building Knowledge About Student Learning Data: Facts and Figures Information: Patterns and Trends Knowledge: Interpreting and Giving the Data Meaning

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Making Predictions Opportunity to check our suspicions Look at the relationship amongst outer and inward information sources Verify and bring up issues expectations in light of what you gain from your information

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Comparing the Data As you take a gander at the outline, sub-scores of tests and aptitudes comes about what do you watch?

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Change Within Grade Over Time % of Students Grades K - 4 PROFICIENT or ADVANCED + - + -

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Change Within Cohort Over Time % of Students Grades K - 4 PROFICIENT or ADVANCED + - 0 -

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Choose a region of concern (a range that the understudies are not performing especially well) and take a gander at the educational modules maps to concentrate on the example of direction around that zone. Be sure that you consider no less than two evaluations that went before the evaluation level test outcomes that you are concentrating on.

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4 th Grade Test Paragraph Passage Question Statement Experiment Opinion Historian Organized Estimate 8 th grade Test Representative Scientist Biologically Appropriate Congruent Corresponds Environment Europeans Involuntary One Possible Lens : Connecting to Test Data Key Vocabulary Words on the State Test

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Test Question Stems Choose the best… What is the most ideal way… The nearest evaluate… Use the data to… Use the diagram to… Which of these proved unable… Which is probably… What is the reason… Choose the best opening sentence… According to the entry…

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Sample Test Questions What does this story clarify? Pick the best last sentence to add to this story. What is the most ideal approach to express the thought in sentence 4? Jim is assume to get .28 in change at most, what number of nickels will he get? Which is the best gauge for the stature of a school work area?

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Outcome Data represents two sorts of progress: 1) Within evaluation after some time 2) Within associate after some time

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