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Marine Corps Combat Fitness. Working Group 15 November 2007. Agenda. BLUF History Way Ahead Service Comparisons Body Composition Military Appearance Combat Fitness Due Outs Key References. BLUF. CMC Decisions Retain Circumference Method De-link PFT from Body Composition Evaluation
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Marine Corps Combat Fitness Working Group 15 November 2007

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Agenda BLUF History Way Ahead Service Comparisons Body Composition Military Appearance Combat Fitness Due Outs Key References

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BLUF CMC Decisions Retain Circumference Method De-connect PFT from Body Composition Evaluation Incorporate Commander\'s Assessment Develop Military Appearance Program CMC Guidance "Body sythesis is not about wellness, it\'s about appearance." Streamline Body Composition Assignment Process 60 day ban period "Relate Combat Fitness Test with battle capacities." "Pick the best for the test." Recommending Program improvement route ahead Body creation gauges Combat Fitness Test Methodology

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History No proof of Physical Readiness Test (PRT) arrangement 1775-1908 Pres. Roosevelt Exec Ord Line Officers - 50 mi walk/Staff Officers - 90 mi horseback ride Conducted more than 3 back to back days 1909-1917 Walk/Ride suspended because of WWI. No proof of PRT arrangement amid this period 1918-1955 Males LtCol or underneath or <40 yrs Chin ups, Pushups, Situps, 1 min squat pushes, Broad hop, 50 yd Duck Waddle, 880 yd keep running for 30-40 yrs (no time confine), 440 yd keep running for <30 yrs (Sat-<75 sec) Uniform Shorts, shirt, athletic shoes 1956-1959 Uniform Boots/Utes, Weapon, Light walking pack Step Test, 20\' Rope Climb, Fireman\'s Carry, Fire/Maneuver, 3M Forced March Males <40 yrs (paying little respect to rank) 1960-1968 Males <46 yrs : Tested on 5 of 9 occasions (1 from every gathering, no notification ahead of time on test occasions) Grp I-Pullups, Pushups or 20\' Rope Climb, Grp II-Situps or Leg Lifts, Grp III-Squat Thrusts, Grp IV-Broad Jump or Vertical Jump, Grp V-3M Run Uniform: Boots/Utes Females <35 yrs: 120\' transport run, Vertical Jump, Knee pushups, 600 yd run/walk, Situps Uniform-Shorts, shirt, athletic shoes 1969-1971 1972-1974 Males <46 yrs: Pullups, Situps, 3M Run Females no change Males <46 yrs: No change Females <46 yrs: Flexed Arm Hang, Situps, 1.5M Run 1975-1996 Males-"No Kip" Females-1.5M to 3M Run 1996 All Marines (paying little mind to age) take PFT, Situp to Crunch, Altitude waiver 1997 2007 MCMAP Tan Belt min reqt for All Marines * Ref: USMC Historical Division

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Way Ahead CG, TECOM choice brief Nov 07 MCCF Integrated Process Team IPC Nov 07 HQMC & OpFor partners Publish POA&M Nov 07 Publish CMC White Letter Nov 07 MCCF Integrated Process Team Workshop Dec 07 Combat Fitness Test Experiment & Evaluation Group IPC Dec 07 MCCF Integrated Process Team MPC Jan 08 Combat Fitness Test Experiment Jan – May 08 Interim execution Mar 08 Promulgate MCO 6100.XX Body Composition Program Military Appearance Program MCCF Integrated Process Team FPC April 08 Comprehensive program usage Jun 08 Promulgate MCO 1500.XX Physical Fitness Test Combat Fitness Test Revise MCRP 3-02A Marine Corps Combat Fitness CMC Decision Concur _X_ Non-concur____

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Service Comparisons DoD Standard (DoDInst 1308.3) Height/weight Established tables Body fat Male (18-26%) Female (26-36%) Body fat estimation Circumference technique is the main acknowledged DoD standard

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Service Comparisons U.S. Marine Corps DoD stature/weight tables Measure muscle to fat ratio ratios utilizing outline strategy Male (18%/PPE 22% w/first class PFT) Female (26%/PPE30% w/first class PFT) Marines surpassing muscle to fat ratio ratios principles are alloted to the Body Composition Program (6 months) U.S. Naval force DoD tallness/weight tables Measure muscle to fat ratio ratios utilizing boundary strategy Male (17-39): 22% Male (40+): 23% Female (17-39): 33% Female (40+): 34% Sailors surpassing muscle to fat ratio ratios are allocated to a get-healthy plan

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Service Comparisons U.S. Armed force Male 17-20 (20%) 21-27 (22%) 28-39 (24%) 40+ (26%) Female 17-20 (30%) 21-27 (32%) 28-39 (34%) 40+ (36%) U.S. Flying corps Air Force Fitness Program, by age (Weight is not used) 1.5 mile run Push Ups Crunches Body Composition (Points granted with respect to guts boundary) Body fat rates are not used. Mid-region bigness delivers a relative score which adds to composite score. An Airman could be over fat, yet accomplish an AFFP passing score and not be put on a health improvement plan. The general score is the deciding component. For increases, the Air Force built up a BMI score using the DoD stature/weight table.

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BCP Actions (Current) Exceeds BCP measures and ineligible for PPE CO ltr to MO (Encl 1) Medical Evaluation No Medical Condition MO ltr to CO (Encl 2) 6105 CO ltr to SNM (Encl 3) Assigned to BCP Medical conditions, battle and pregnancy make idle status Receives treatment SNM ltr to CO (Encl 4) Medical partition Command Actions Unit journal/MCTFS Entry MCI 3316 "Essential Nutrition" Remedial PT cooperation Diet & practice direction Bi-week after week BCE Progress report/advising Month 4 MO ltr to CO (Encl 6) Medical Evaluation CO ltr to MO (Encl 5) Month 6 Medical division CO ltr to SNM (Encl 7) Remove from BCP Meets Standards Granted 6 month augmentation (Satisfactory advance) Making progress 6105 Counseling Entry Process for AdSep BCP disappointment 12-24 Months

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BCP Consequences (Current) 6105 Counseling Entry Notification of insufficiencies Corrective activity Consequences of disappointment Defined course of events Standards of Conduct Failure to gain palatable ground while appointed to BCP 3.0-3.9 Adverse Fitness Report Item 8.b (Code F or RDNT) Item 8.f (Exceeds muscle to fat quotients guidelines) Section I Comment (Assignment to BCP amid reporting period) Section I Comment (Failure to keep up adequate military appearance) Section I Comment (PFT disappointment not reflected in MCTFS) Process for Administrative Separation Par. 6215 MarCorSepMan Honorable or General (Under Honorable Conditions) When BCP disappointment is sole reason for division 6206?

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Body Composition De-interface PFT and attach BCP to military appearance Simplify task process and printed material Single medicinal assessment/assurance Single shape bad habit numerous supports Semi-yearly necessity Marine Corps stature/weight models Body piece measures Circumference strategy (2 analyzers/3 tests (normal of 6 tests) Commander\'s appraisal contemplations Appearance Performance Individual or photograph assessment PT uniform Service "C" BCP task 6 months (w/potential 6 month expansion) Meets standard or officially isolated Waiver for the outstanding Marine who surpasses principles, "uncommon" CG, M&RA waiver power Eliminate "Battle Zone" BCP task programmed suspension CG, TECOM waiver power

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Body Composition COA 1 Males: 18-22% < 18% (Evaluated for Military Appearance Program) 18 - 22% (BCP or Military Appearance or Neither) > 22% (BCP just) Females: 26-30% < 26% (Evaluated for Military Appearance Program) 26 - 30% (BCP or Military Appearance or Neither) > 30% (BCP just) COA 2: Single point, balanced by age Age Body Fat (M/F) 17-26 18/26% 27-39 19/27% 40-45 20/28% 46+ 21/29% < BC standard (Evaluated for Military Appearance Program) > BC standard (BCP) CMC Decision COA 1___ COA 2 _X_

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Body Composition Identified PFT/BCP inadequacies BCP remediation period BCP task start BCP early end strategies BCP disappointment AdSep approach (EAS/retirement) Underlying therapeutic condition or malady criteria Medical condition inert status code PFT exception for PLD RPCP prerequisite after BCP disappointment Clarify baby blues criteria and PES reporting necessities Post-battle PFT exclusion Activated IRR/SMCR PFT/BCP AC application ACHCP/MO materialness to MFR AIRS Checklist Standardized preparing for BCE Evaluators

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MAP Actions (Proposed) Meets Standards Meets Standards Conduct muscle to fat quotients assessment Conduct tallness/weight assessment No Commander directs MAP appraisal Yes MAP Components CO evaluation SgtMaj oversight (Enlisted) XO oversight (Officers) Involved initiative Mentorship Remedial PT Diet/Nutrition Tobacco/Alcohol Cessation Healthy Lifestyle Performance Fitness Appearance Evaluation BCP or MAP Assign to BCP (Derogatory) Remedial PT BCP MAP Meets Standards Administrative Action (Derogatory) Remedial PT Wellness Program 120-day assessment Remedial PTP (Caution) 60-day assessment/Remedial PTP (Warning) No

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MAP Consequences (Proposed) Subjective Repeatable Quantifiable Understandable 60-day Letter of Notification 60-day Letter of Caution 6105 Counseling Entry (120-day) Notification of insufficiencies Corrective activity Consequences of disappointment Defined course of events Standards of Conduct Failure to gain tasteful ground while doled out to MAP 3.0-3.9 Adverse Fitness Report Section I Comment (Assignment to MAP amid reporting period) Section I Comment (Failure to keep up worthy military appearance) Competency Review Board MAP task influences Promotion Assignment Retention CMC Decision Concur _X_ Non-concur____

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Combat Fitness Test Overview 15 Nov 2007

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Terms of Reference Physical Fitness The Marine Corps considers physical wellness to be the capacity of a Marine to meet the physical requests of any battle or obligation circumstance without undue exhaustion. Individual Fitness The level of individual physical wellness which manages assurance from damage, lessens the danger of hypokinetic ailments (malady coming about because of idleness), mental stretch and keeps up Marine Corps ethos. Professional Fitness The level of physical wellness required playing out a particular occupation securely and successfully under ordinary working conditions. Battle Fitness Combat Fitness can be characterized against the accompanying criteria: Basic Combat Fitness . The base upkeep level of individual physical wellness connected to the physical requests connected with Mar

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