Marine Stratus Test (MASE).

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Area Point Reyes National Seashore, CA. North of San Francisco ... Portray the impacts of turbulence and cloud properties, for example, fluid water ...
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Marine Stratus Experiment (MASE) When-July 2005 Location-Point Reyes National Seashore, CA North of San Francisco

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Marine Stratus Experiment (MASE) Objectives-Examine the impacts of vaporized stacking, structure and size circulation on cloud bead number focuses and size appropriations. Describe the impacts of turbulence and cloud properties, for example, fluid water content, bead number fixation and bead scattering on the start of shower. Assemble in-situ cloud information reasonable for examination of the reliance of the autoconversion rate on bead size appropriation and number fixation.

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Marine Stratus Experiment (MASE) Proposed G-1 Instruments-

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Marine Stratus Experiment (MASE) Proposed G-1 Instruments cont\'d-

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Collaborations Proposed to direct MASE as a team with - MArine Stratus Radiation, Aerosol, and Drizzle (MASRAD) IOP Point Reyes — March 2005-September 2005 PI\'s: Miller (BNL), Bucholtz (NRL), Albrecht (Miami), and Kollias (Miami) Summer sending of the CIRPAS Twin Otter (Seinfeld et al)

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MASRAD Scientific Objectives Investigate the general relationship between cloud mesoscale structure, pressurized canned products, cloud microphysics, sprinkle and radiation in marine stratus mists Investigate the impact of airborne on the measure of sunlight based radiation consumed by mists

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MASRAD Resources AMF 95 GHz Radar AERI Microwave Radiometer (MWR) MWR-Profiler Micropulse Lidar Vaisala Ceilometer MFRSR A complete radiometer bundle BBS-4/day Whole sky imager Surface met (T, RH, Winds) Eddy connection flux framework Aerosol bundle For more subtle elements go to-

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AMF Siting AT+T Site Point Reyes National Seashore

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Proposed Site Layout Wind M-Van Aerosols WACR, MPL, AERI MWR, MWR-P ECOR Skyrad, Gndrad SMET, misc. radiometers

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Call for Participation Ideal open door for ASP to start roundabout impacts thinks about. Accessibility of offices that may not be available for future studies. Great area with loads of mists. Urge ASP researchers to take an interest by refining the exploratory objectives of the undertaking, by giving valuable estimations to the G-1 or at Pt. Reyes, or by utilizing the information to accomplish ASP investigative objectives.

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