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Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce facilitated an online overview to assemble data from the group on supermarkets for the White Lake Commons Plaza. ...
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Market Survey Spring 2010 Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce

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The Survey Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce facilitated an online study to accumulate data from the group on supermarkets for the White Lake Commons Plaza. Review was begun January 28, 2010. 1,932 individuals have taken the study by March 30, 2010 when this report was ordered. Foundation : In 2007 Farmer Jack declared the end of numerous stores in SE Michigan, two of the stores were in the Clarkston Area, leaving empty grapple stores in two malls in our group. For those organizations in the courts, retail dropped significantly. A few organizations shut their entryways and others are holding tight, seeking after another occupant to take the grapple spot and goad trade by and by. For the Chamber organizations on Dixie Hwy., and especially for those in White Lake Commons, it makes a difference an extraordinary arrangement that there isn\'t a store tying down the court, giving extra pedestrian activity and trade. For inhabitants, who as often as possible call the Chamber, it makes a difference that they should drive to encompassing groups, at times 30 minutes or more to shop at markets they wish were in the Clarkston region.

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Question 1

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Question 2 Please impart to us why it is vital to you for a supermarket to be in the White Lake Commons zone. Rivalry Increased Selection/Quality Convenience Healthier Choices, more Organic nourishments Prefer shopping locally—however need to drive to discover assortment It\'s an incredible area for a supermarket Would offer expanded assortment to territory customers Protect Property Values Offers employments for our group Needed to help range organizations create pedestrian activity/business. Eating regimen, hypersensitivity, and wellbeing concerns—require more veggie lover, without gluten and entire nourishment alternatives

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Question 3

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Question 4

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Concerns about Service Station 13.5% of respondents said they had some worries in regards to an administration/corner store at this area. Regular free reaction answers to this inquiries included: Traffic blockage Water table/Water quality concerns Do we require another service station? Might want another service station choice/rivalry. Theory about which market would bring a corner store brought warmed answers of "Not another Kroger!" Concern about unfortunate nourishment choices at the administration station not being a solid match with a sound/natural/upscale kind of supermarket they\'d like to grapple the square. Worry about visual effect to court. One respondent composed, "Have it comprehensive to the parking area like the one at VG\'s on M59."

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Question 5 If you could pick which supermarket goes into White Lake Commons which would you pick?

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Question 6

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