Marx and Darwin.

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Marx and Darwin. Upheaval and Development. Organization and Determinism. 18 th Century reason progress = history of normal performing artists 19 th Century silly/characteristic powers progress = articulation of determinants Force and profound quality. I. The Communist Study. From cooperatives to Socialism
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Marx and Darwin Revolution and Evolution

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Agency and Determinism 18 th Century reason progress = history of judicious performers 19 th Century unreasonable/regular strengths progress = articulation of determinants Power and ethical quality

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I. The Socialist Critique From collectives to Communism Arise, pathetic of the earth Arise, convicts of yearning Reason thunders in its well of lava This is the end\'s emission Of the past let us wipe the slate clean Masses, slaves, emerge, emerge The world speaks the truth to change its establishment We are nothing, given us a chance to be all -the Internationale

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A. Damn Liberals! Test to free enterprise ethic - Haunted by Revolution(s) Twin objectives - political majority rules system (white collar class) - financial equity (common laborers) Fear/self-protection - slaves to the IR

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B. Utilitarian Rejection of Natural Rights - rights struggle - Principle of Utility Jeremy Bentham Pursue financial needs of greater part - public great v. private great

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C. Idealistic Isn’t it Romantic? - realism = correspondence - free individual for imaginative gifts Collective plenitude - Henri de Saint-Simone: “specialists” v. “capitalists” - Charles Fourier: “phalansteries” Cooperation rather than rivalry

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3 . Hypothesis to activity - Robert Owen 4 . Cutoff points of Utopianism - inspiration - ill will of business people - elites Control of the method of creation?

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D. The Road to Revolution 1. Reject Utopian Socialism - trepidation of self-interest - weight of “False Consciousness” 2. The Communist Manifesto 1848 - history/society administered by exploratory laws - method of generation = influence (realism) Friedrich Engels Scientific Socialism

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3. Rationalistic Materialism - “History…is the historical backdrop of class struggle” - modern free enterprise is making its own particular direct opposite - ascent of the Bourgeoisie G.F. Hegel Marx the Prophet - judgment day worker’s heaven “from every as indicated by his capacities, to every as indicated by his needs” - prepared progressives to peruse the signs - class cognizance massacres patriotism - material society → human instinct

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II. Darwin’s Dangerous Idea The transposition of the Victorian personality “There is greatness in this perspective of life” - Charles Darwin

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A. This Old Earth 1. Science and investigation - Alex. Von Humboldt; Charles Lyell - biology/geography “historical” - Transmutation of Species HMS Beagle

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B. Hesitant Revolutionary 1. The “Dismal Science” - Galapagos venture 1835 - un-Romantic; deterministic; clash - Alfred Russell Wallace 2. On the Species\' Origin 1859 - Natural Selection -“place”/“niche” - “divergence”

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C. The Upshot 1. The Descent of Man 1871 - cosmological unrest 2. Social Darwinism - Herbert Spencer Racism/

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