Mary Crabtree A "Strange" Instructor.

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Four year certification in scientific studies, Elementary Education, fixations in Social Studies and ... Expert of Science, Elementary Education, focus in Math ...
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Mary Crabtree A "Unique" TEACHER Using syncopation to energize the learning environment in an exemplary calling

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THE RHYTHM Finding satisfaction in making an instructive domain that supports innovativeness, revelation, talk, and long lasting learning. Endeavoring to enhance the instructive environment and address every one of understudies\' issues Providing assortment in direction to better associate with all learning modalities Using innovation to interface with understudies\' learning accomplices

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THE LYRICS SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Masters Degree in Education E-Learning Certificate Teaching Social Work Coaching Behavior Management Advanced Technology Skills Web Design Technology Development/Management Human Resources/Organizational Development Public Relations Grant Writing Published Author

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THE LYRICS EDUCATION September 1979 to May 1983 Fort Hays State University Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, fixations in Social Studies and Language Arts September 1989 to May 1990 The University of Akron Master of Science, Elementary Education, focus in Math May 2005 to December 2005 The University of Akron E-Learning Certificate August 2007-June 2008 Friends University Master Teacher Coursework (6 hours) July 2008-September 2008 Drake University Teaching Students Responsible Behavior (3 hours) Differentiated Instruction (3 hours) Improving Student Achievement (3 hours)

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THE LYRICS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE August 2006 to Present Buckeye Local Schools eighth Grade Language Arts and American History Teacher Plan and complete lessons Match arrangements and direction to State of Ohio Standard necessities Provide imaginative and creative lessons to guarantee understudy achievement Provide an assortment of guideline strategies to speak to all learning modalities Communicate viably with guardians, understudies, and partners Serve as a tutor for understudy educators Generate new thoughts for imaginative direction Successfully look for scaled down gifts to give extra instructional improvement

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THE LYRICS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE September 2002 to September 20006 Buckeye Local Schools Technology Resource Coordinator Manage every managerial capacity of the Technology Department for Buckeye Local Schools Support system and PC use region wide Develop and give preparing to staff and understudies Develop area wide innovation arrangement as commanded by the State of Ohio Provide reconciliation thoughts and create mix activities for the utilization of innovation in the classroom Co-create and upgrade the region\'s web page(s) Oversee improvement and upkeep of innovation stock Provide direction to Superintendent in regards to viable utilization of innovation Write awards for innovation activities and act in a counseling limit for other people who are composing stipends Research best practices and energize their execution

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THE LYRICS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE March 1992 to September 2002 Community Action Wayne/Medina Director of Human Resources (9/99 to 9/02) Provide regulatory administration of all Human Resource capacities Provide oversight for Technology capacity of the Agency Provide oversight for Support Service capacity of the Agency Developed/Initiated frameworks in backing of viable Human Resource administration Assistant Director of Operations (9/95 to 9/99) Provide oversight for operations of 17 Head Start focuses and 120 staff Assure consistence with all State and Federal rules Provided oversight for transportation program, including transport buys, examinations, and laws for school transport operations. Region Coordinator (9/93 to 9/95) Provide direct supervision to Head Start staff Family Service Specialist (3/92 to 9/93) Work with families to create objectives

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THE LYRICS ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE September 1990 to March 1992 Perky\'s World of Children Preschool Teacher September 1989 to September 1990 The University of Akron Graduate Teaching Assistant, Part Time Instructor September 1988 to September 1989 Wayne Dalton Corporation Receptionist/Inside Sales September 1986 to September 1988 East and West Holmes Schools Long Term Substitute Teacher September 1983 to September 1986 LaCrosse Schools Fourth Grade Teacher

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THE LYRICS SCHOOL/COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES Buckeye Foundation Public Relations Committee Buckeye Foundation Serve on the Buckeye Foundation Public Relations council, if specialized backing and web plan for the Buckeye Local Schools Foundation Provided flyers and other advertising leaflets for the Foundation. Buckeye Foundation Fun Run Race Director Buckeye Foundation Serve as race coordinator for a noteworthy pledge drive for the Buckeye Education Foundation. Organize all Race exercises and Race day occasions. Wayne County Humane Society Volunteer Humane Society Volunteer in the WCHS store called Treasures by the Pound, which is a retail pet boutique whose net continues advantage the Wayne County Humane Society. Buckeye Athletic Volunteer Buckeye Local Schools Donate things for gathering pledges for the Buckeye Consolidated Booster program which gives sports financing to games. Worked confirmation entryway for football games and volleyball games Philadelphia Trip Chaperone Buckeye Jr. Secondary School Attended Philadelphia Field trip with the eighth grade class and was in charge of the immediate supervision of seven eighth grade young men amid the excursion.

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THE HARMONY Credentials (click on each underlined thing to see a PDF archive) Transcripts Fort Hays State University The University of Akron Academic Certificates Annenberg School 1 Annenberg School 2 Annenberg School 3 E-learning

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THE HARMONY Credentials (click on each underlined thing to see a PDF report) Teaching Certificate Pupil Activity Validation Commendations Homer B. Smith Nomination Employee of the Year 2003-2004 Employee of the Year 2004-2005 Employee of the Year 2006-2007 Student Nomination

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THE MELODY Students as far as I can tell an assortment of instructional techniques including some intriguing hands-on activities. In the wake of perusing a synopsis of every undertaking, you may tap on the connection toward the end to see a PDF document with extra data.

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THE MELODY "Heads Up" Poetry Project: This task was the perfection of a unit on verse. Understudies found out about different sorts of verse, about dialect use in verse, composed their own verse, and read a lot of verse. The understudies then make an "I Look" lyric about their physical attributes and an "I Am" sonnet about their identity, trusts and dreams. They took these lyrics and, using a Styrofoam head, re-made their message in a 3 dimensional representation. It was an award financed venture through the Buckeye Education Foundation, and one of the understudies\' most loved tasks all year. Connection to photographs

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THE MELODY Starlab Project At the start of the school year I instructed the understudies about folktales, tales, myths and legends. We read some of each of these from different spots the world over. At last we concentrated on Native American myths and legends. In conjunction with the Science instructor, I arranged a lesson for every one of the 8 th grade understudies which incorporated a trek to the versatile star lab, where I recounted to them stories about the stars that were Native American folktales, and the understudies each made their own heavenly body and composed a folktale about that group of stars. Since I am prepared to work the star lab all alone, I won\'t require another educator in the lab, and can rehash this unit as coveted. Connection to article on Starlab

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THE MELODY Constitution Project Students were finding out about the constitution and every gathering was given an area for which they were to build up a presentation to "instruct" about that segment of the constitution to alternate understudies. Understudies arranged dramas, court "trials," and even "How a Bill Becomes a Law" rap tune. The occasion was an immense accomplishment, with numerous welcomed visitors coming to see the presentations and Senator Sherrod Brown calling us for a 30 minute phone call to share his perspective about how the Constitution functioned! Connection to extra data

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THE MELODY Other Projects Biography Project During the unit on Non-Fiction understanding, I concentrate on true to life composing also. The understudies find out about the components of true to life, work on composing an assortment of true to life things, finishing with an individual life story of another understudy. They meet each other, make the history, and after that, utilizing a photo, they draw a pencil drawing of their subject. These are shown for different understudies to peruse. Street to Revolution Project Students each get a paper block, and as we examine the American Revolution, they record occasions on the block that they accept are critical to the result. They likewise compose a brief outline of that occasion. As an approach to audit for an evaluation, we put every one of the blocks on a paper "street" and paste them down, then show them and survey them.

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THE MELODY Other Projects (proceeded with) Short Stories Students find out about Non-fiction and are presented to an assortment of types of true to life. Amid this unit the understudies additionally work to draft a short story, experiencing the written work process as we advance through an assortment of short stories. They use a photo that is task on the Smart board, and all understudies construct their story in light of the photograph. This venture challenges understudies to be one of a kind, and they genuinely appreciate listening to every others\' stories upon consummation.

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THE MELODY Other Projects (proceeded with) Tic Tac Toe History Students were given a tic tac toe board with an assortment of sorts of task on it. Every understudy needed to pick three undertakings to make a tic tac toe. These tasks were intended to motivate them to compose, be inventive, and research for extra data. Understudies picked their activities, were given

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