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MasterChoice EIUL. MasterChoice EIUL. The Industry’s Best Equity Indexed Universal Life No Lapse Premium Guarantee to Age 100 15 Year Minimum Death Benefit Guarantee Outstanding Cash Accumulation Liberal “Catch-Up” Provision Two Years to Collect First Year Commission. MasterChoice EIUL.
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MasterChoice EIUL

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MasterChoice EIUL The Industry\'s Best Equity Indexed Universal Life No Lapse Premium Guarantee to Age 100 15 Year Minimum Death Benefit Guarantee Outstanding Cash Accumulation Liberal "Get up to speed" Provision Two Years to Collect First Year Commission

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MasterChoice EIUL The Industry\'s Best Equity Indexed Universal Life Extended Maturity Option Unbeatable Liquidity with Surrender Charge Waiver Current Illustrative Rates 9.91% on Indexed Account 5% on Fixed Account 100% Participation Rate Guarantee

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MasterChoice EIUL The Industry\'s Best Equity Indexed Universal Life 17% Current Cap Rate with 3% Minimum Guarantee Cap Rate Point-To-Point Annual Reset Ultimate Flexibility – decision between Indexed Account (S&P 500) and Fixed Account Options Simple Underwriting Guidelines Liberal Preferred Underwriting Requirements

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MasterChoice EIUL Issue ages: 0 - 85 (age last birthday) Minimum Face Amount: $100,000 Maximum Face Amount: None Four Premium Classes Preferred Nontobacco - 24 months Nontobacco - 12 months Preferred Tobacco

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MasterChoice EIUL Guaranteed financing cost: 1% Current illustrative loan costs Equity Indexed Account: 9.91%* Fixed Account: 5% (ensured for 1 st arrangement year) Surrender charge period: 15 Years * Based upon most recent 15 Years Performance of S&P 500

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MasterChoice EIUL Withdrawals and incomplete surrenders allowed after first year ($500 least with a $25 charge) "Ease" strategy credits for 1 st 10 approach years (2% net cost) "No Cost" approach advances accessible after tenth year

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Current Illustrative Rate S&P 500 Index Fixed Year Growth Allocation 1988 23.51% 17.00% 5.00% 1989 4.40% 5.00% 1990 13.40% 5.00% 1991 10.53% 5.00% 1992 8.08% 5.00% 1993 2.48% 5.00% 1994 17.13% 17.00% 5.00% 1995 25.96% 17.00% 5.00% 1996 28.82% 17.00% 5.00% 1997 24.53% 17.00% 5.00% 1998 22.55% 17.00% 5.00% 1999 7.68% 5.00% 2000 - 14.53% 1.00% 5.00% 2001 - 17.70% 1.00% 5.00% 2002 - 6.30% 1.00% 5.00%

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Allocation Dates Maximum of 4 buy alternative dates for each year February 15 th May 15 th August 15 th November 15 th Premiums got preceding buy choice dates will win a 5% settled loan cost in a "short-term" account until the following designation date Premiums must be gotten 2 business days before the following allotment date

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MasterChoice EIUL Age 100 Death Benefit Guarantee Target premium GUARANTEES the demise advantage to age 100 at all issue ages Target Male (PNT) Female (PNT) Age 35 $ 7.08 $ 5.64 Age 45 $13.20 $10.56 Age 55 $18.84 $15.48 Age 65 $30.96 $26.40

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MasterChoice EIUL 15 Year Minimum Death Benefit Guarantee Minimum premium ensures the passing advantage for a long time Minimum Male (PNT) Female (PNT) Age 35 $ 3.60 $ 2.88 Age 45 $ 6.60 $ 5.28 Age 55 $11.40 $ 9.00 Age 65 $26.64 $19.20

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MasterChoice EIUL Two years to gather first year target and get paid first year commission!

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MasterChoice EIUL Example: Male – 45 – PNT - $100,000 Target premium - $1,320 Client pays $660 every year for a long time of ensured passing advantage and 43 years of scope on a current illustrative financing cost of 9.91% Agent gets commission as takes after: First year commission rate X $660 in 1 st year First year commission rate X $660 in 2 nd year Total commission is two times the primary year premium

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MasterChoice EIUL "Get up to speed" Provision At the end of the 10 th approach year and each 5 arrangement years from there on, policyholder has right to pay any missed target premiums from earlier years By doing this, the No-Lapse Guarantee won\'t be relinquished Allows policyholder to pay premiums they can manage the cost of now and "get up to speed" target premiums to keep no pass assurance as a result

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MasterChoice EIUL Surrender Charge Waiver No surrender charge will be connected to all premiums paid in abundance of target premium in any strategy year less a 5% premium load Exceptional Liquidity for 1035 Exchanges and Over Funded Sales Example: Target premium is $1,320 with a 1035 Exchange of $10,000. The ensured surrender esteem in the primary year is $9,603.18

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MasterChoice EIUL Extended Maturity Provision $1 of money esteem at age 100 will keeps up the passing advantage past age 100 with no further premiums Example Face sum is $1,000,000 at issue and has not been decreased for the life of the agreement. In the event that there is at any rate $1 of money at age 100, the $1,000,000 passing advantage will stay in drive for lifetime.

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MasterChoice EIUL Ultimate Flexibility in Choice Option to distribute premium installments between an Indexed Account and a Fixed Account Option to pick rate of designation between records the length of rate sums 100% Allocation rates amongst Indexed and Fixed Accounts can be changed on approach commemoration Policyholder must give organization notice of any rate changes no less than 30 days before strategy commemoration

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MasterChoice EIUL Outstanding Features 100% Guaranteed Participation Rate Point-To-Point Annual Reset 17% Current Cap Rate 3% Minimum Guaranteed Cap Rate 1% Minimum Guaranteed Interest Rate Index Gains Linked to S&P 500

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MasterChoice EIUL Simple Underwriting Guidelines No Blood (Exam and HOS Only) through age 40 and $500,000 through age 50 and $250,000 Only four endorsing groups Easier for customer to fit the bill for best rates

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MasterChoice EIUL Liberal Underwriting Requirements Liberal Height & Weight Chart Liberal Blood Pressure Readings 150/90 age 50 and more youthful 160/95 ages 51 + (circulatory strain treatment permitted if controlled over most recent 2 years)

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MasterChoice EIUL Liberal Underwriting Requirements (cont.) Cholesterol Readings 260 age 50 and more youthful 280 ages 51 to 65 300 over age 65 Cholesterol/HDL proportion can\'t surpass 7.0 (Cholesterol treatment permitted if controlled over most recent 2 years)

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MasterChoice EIUL Available Riders Accelerated Death Benefit Accidental Death Benefit Child\'s Level Term Insurance Disability Income Waiver Of Monthly Deduction Ultimate Income

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MasterChoice EIUL Summary With MasterChoice EIUL you have: an EIUL that gives upside development potential drawback security an EIUL that gives slip by assurance demise advantage ensures an EIUL that offers extreme adaptability with decision amongst Indexed and Fixed Account Options an EIUL that pays the operator for their diligent work an EIUL that advantages the customer when abundance premiums are paid an EIUL that broadens passing advantage for lifetime with just $1 of money esteem

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Special Program

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MasterChoice EIUL Full Commissions! Non-Medical No Medical Examination No Blood No HOS Any completely guaranteed term or UL issued in last 5 years* * counsel ineligible bearer list

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MasterChoice EIUL The Hottest EIUL Product in America is Sizzling! Term or UL to MasterChoice Exchange Up through age 60 Face sums from $100,000 to $500,000 Draft Initial Premium Preferred Class Available

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MasterChoice EIUL Simple Process Complete life application Attached unique approach and photocopy of application & therapeutic exam Complete exchange of proprietorship shape Complete trade transmittal Draft Initial Premium or PAC if asked for Replacement frames when required

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MasterChoice EIUL Ineligible Carrier List Fidelity & Guaranty Life and Americom Life Empire General Guaranteed Trust Lincoln Benefit Manhattan National The Midland Merit Life State Life United of Omaha U.S. Monetary

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