Material science working gathering rundown.

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Material science working gathering rundown. 2 nd ISS Meeting KEK, Tsukuba, Japan January 23-25, 2006 Walter Winter Foundation for Cutting edge Study, Princeton For the ISS material science working gathering. Substance. Presentation Meeting outline: Hypothesis (… and muon material science)
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Material science working gathering rundown 2 nd ISS Meeting KEK, Tsukuba, Japan January 23-25, 2006 Walter Winter Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton For the ISS physical science working gathering

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Contents Introduction Meeting synopsis: Theory (… and muon material science) Phenomenology: Non-quickening agent estimations and “new physics” Physics with a superbeam, beta pillar, neutrino processing plant Towards the last item: Performance markers and presentation of results? Open inquiries, next steps Summary ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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Three-flavor motions: Requirements Atmospheric swaying: Amplitude: q 23 Frequency: D m 31 2 Solar wavering: Amplitude: q 12 Frequency: D m 21 2 Sub-driving impact: d CP Coupling quality: q 13 Key to subleading impacts (CP infringement, mass progression) Neutrino swaying parameters (1 s ): D m 21 2 ~ 8.2 10 - 5 eV 2 +-5% sin 2 q 12 ~ 0.83 +-5% | D m 31 2 | ~ (2 – 2.5) 10 - 3 eV 2 sin 2 q 23 ~ 1 +-7% sin 2 q 13 < 0.14 d CP = ? Mass progressive system? (see e.g. Bahcall et al, hep-ph/0406294; Super-K, hep-ex/0501064; CHOOZ+solar papers) Superbeam/n - manufacturing plant/Beta Beam ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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Theory (in addition to some muon material science) Why are the parameters, which we need to study, intriguing by any stretch of the imagination? (more particular forms of “big questions”) (Murayama)

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Flavor symmetry? (Murayama) Same gage quantum numbers, yet mass order and little mixings “unnatural” (for quarks, charged leptons) Hidden quantum number? Same for neutrino eras, distinctive for charged leptons, quarks? Break flavor symmetry by little VEV Hierachies, e.g., m u :m c :m t proportion Atmospheric blending maximal+two extensive blending edges How enormous quantitatively? From turmoil: q 13 not very little? Symmetry “Flavor symmetry” Emmy Noether Conserved amount Hidden quantum number ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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(Minakata) Quark-Lepton complementarity? Comprehend phenomenological connections in the middle of quarks and leptons at more profound level Example: Deeper hidden reason or coincidental? Note: CKM/MNS lattice is composited of two sections Implement QLC? Vital in future: parameter accuracy estimations! ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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(Fukugita) Massive neutrinos in cosmology Two applications: Leptogenesis and mass limits Evolution of expansive scale structure surely knew; enormous neutrinos sodden vacillations on skyline scale; power range! Limits from distinctive mixes of CMB, universe grouping, bunch wealth, grav. Lensing, Lyman a Limits: 2 eV (CMB alone, hearty) 0.42 eV (utilization of Lyman a ) – yet: systematics issue? Future: e.g. vast bunch overviews (> 100,000) 0.03 eV! ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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(Hisano) Flavor material science to build up SUSY? Test source of SUSY breaking terms and models past MSSM from investigations of flavor and CP infringement Charged LFV (e.g. m - > e g ) + neutrino motions give autonomous data on see-saw; vast blending edges may upgrade charged LFV ; particularly q 13 estimation would permit forecasts of charged LFV Good case for amassing reciprocal clues from diverse investigations to acquire clearer picture of material science ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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(Kuno) (Towards) hunt down charged lepton blending at NuFact Current proton drivers: 10 8 muons/s (MEG) Charged lepton blending from a wide range of models Many diff. Forms, e.g. m - > e g Some procedures locator constrained, others shaft restricted Polarized muons helpful to decrease foundations and segregate models produce e.g. by pion rot very still + change turn by intersection field Many pillar prerequisites: force, beat or persistent bar (dep. on procedure), low pion tainting, tight vitality spread 4 MW PD: 10 11-12 muons/s (PRISM) NF Frontend: 10 14 muons/s ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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(Kanemura) LFV in DIS forms Motivation: E. g. Slepton blending (SUSY) presents LFV at one circle t - related LFV fascinating for Higgs-boson interceded procedures Use DIS process: e.g. m N - > t X at neutrino manufacturing plant O(10 2 ) occasions for 50 GeV Also conceivable: neutrino bar? Cross segment increments with vitality! Accordingly: contention for as vast E m as could be expected under the circumstances Problem: Misidentification of occasions/Backgrounds; MC in advancement ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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Phenomenology (+ some Theory) … of neutrino motions Non-quickening agent neutrino property estimations Non-standard material science Is there something else past three-flavor motions? What conceivable instruments? How does one test those?

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Prospects on n properties … from non-quickening agent sources (Choubey) D m 21 2 from KamLAND; yet wrong standard for q 12 New reactor test? Gadolinium-stacked SK for sun oriented parameters? Climatic parameters: Large magn. iron identifier? Accuracy practically identical to LBL; Also: Deviations from maximal blending, octant decadence ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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(Xing) Unitarity triangles for lepton segment Similar to quark segment: Use unitarity triangles In see-saw system: 6x6-Matrix unitary; in every single reasonable situation: dynamic blending unitary Matter impacts change unitarity triangles Example: Higher E makes sides equivalent; Easier to ascertain range Easier to build up CP viol. ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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(Sorel) Status of 3+2 plan Can suit all information Implies: Too low BG for superbeams, wrong close locator non-osc. suspicion Eventually checked by MiniBOONE !? In the event that affirmed : Some new fascinating material science: Two new fundamentally the same osc. Frequencies presented; CP infringement by distinctive stages? At that point likely new SBL trial required … ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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(Sato) Lepton flavor infringement? May show up underway, proliferation, or identification Neutrinos engender “off-shell” Interference impacts if same in/out states Strong connections between\'s osc. also, new material science parameters Different for diverse sorts of exp Models appeared: MSSM penguins … Describe created state by flavor blend Describe recognized state by flavor blend (streamlined) Shift of matter impact ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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Physics with a superbeam, beta pillar, neutrino plant

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(Kajita) T2KK Idea: “Double Chooz” of superbeams? What\'s more: Stronger CP stage reliance + matter impacts at longer pattern 10% systematics scarcely issue any longer … Substantially enhanced mass chain of command range ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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(Couce) Facilities utilizing a Water Cherenkov indicator Principle point of preference of beta pillar: No inherent bar BG New effectiveness and BG grids for movement High gamma beta shaft best option (even “low flux”) Two distinct alternatives! ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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“Magic baseline” Better neutrino manufacturing plant identifier? (Winter) q 13 affectability Better identifier edge makes L=2000-3000 km exceptionally proficient q 13 - gauge for prohibition farthest point Mass hier., CP infringement All of the accompanying help: Better edge (particularly) Better vitality determination Smaller matter thickness instability (for extensive q 13 ) ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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Towards the last item: Performance markers and presentation of results?

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Performance pointers Many, numerous available for use Need to be indistinguishable to think about results Matter of Definition Tested theory Purpose Taste Computation power ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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E xample: q 13 execution markers q 13 prohibition limit (affectability farthest point): Describes the new q 13 limit for the hyopthesis of no sign ( q 13 =0) Correspond as far as possible after the trial has been (unsuccessfully) performed q 13 disclosure scope: Describes if q 13 =0 can be barred for the speculation of a sure arrangement of parameters ( q 13 >0) CP portion plots frequently utilized for revelation possibilities! ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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Example: d CP - execution markers Examples Allowed locale in d - q 13 - plane Identify how much parameter space stays for particular speculations of genuine qualities Sensitivity to max. CP infringement p/2 or 3 p/2 Can CP infringement be recognized for the speculation of max. CP infringement? Affectability to “any” CP infringement For what part of CP disregarding values can CP infringement be distinguished? (CP part plots)! Accuracy of d ? How absolutely can one gauge d? (just characterized in the high exactness limit, since d cyclic; likewise: not Gaussian!) CP scope How correctly can one gauge d or what portion of the parameter space can be avoided? Which one(s) valuable for ISS study? Genuine qualities: Few illustrations Purpose: Looks like result Level of buildup, calculation time Purpose: Risk minimization True values: Complete applicable space ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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Towards the presentation of results: Build solid material science case! Hypothesis required: Why are these parameters intriguing by any stretch of the imagination? Principle destinations? Discover q 13 Establish mass chain of importance Search for leptonic CP infringement Important material science limits: q 13 vast? Neutrino plant material science case? On the other hand bad habit verse: Only if q 13 little? Better finder key part? Material science for q 13 zero? For example, by some symmetry … May be essential for financing offices! E. g. mass chain of command, MSW effect… (Fig. from Huber, Lindner, Winter, hep-ph/0412199) ISS KEK Summary - Walter Winter

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More material science should be possible! Incorporate other conceivable material science; subjectively or quantitatively? How? Cases: Measure q 13 definitely when discovered Measure d CP absolutely when discovered Measure driving environmental parameters Deviations from maximal air blending Resolution of octant decline Test unitarity New mater

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