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Bedouin Materials Gathering Cairo Walk 2009. Vision To Be the Center point in Materials Training and Innovation Exchange for Worldwide Intensity Mission To Improve the Information Base that Drive the Energy of the Egyptian Material/Clothing Industry. Objectives.
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Bedouin Textiles Forum Cairo March 2009

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Vision To Be the Hub in Textiles Education and Technology Transfer for Global Competitiveness Mission To Enhance the Knowledge Base that Drive the Momentum of the Egyptian Textile/Apparel Industry

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GOALS Demand Based Continuing Education and Specialized Training. Set up Industry Linked Accredited Testing/Analysis Lab. Make Technology Transfer Focal Point Based on Needs. Join Consulting Services from FECU and Others in Unique Collaborative Project. Arrange Domestic and International Expertise to Serve the Industry

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The World of Textiles

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The Textile Supply Chain TTC SERVICES

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The Growing Importance of The Textiles and Clothing (TC) Industry in Egypt * Source: The Sixth Five Year Plan (2007-2012), Ministry of Economic Development ** Source: World Bank. 2006. "Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan after the End of the Multi-Fiber Agreement". Social and Economic Development Sector Unit Middle East and North Africa Region, Report No. 35376 MNA Source : Industrial Development Authority, 7/2007

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BENCHMARKING TEXTILE WAGES US$/MONTH Source: Context Co. Constrained. 2006. "Value Chain Analysis of the Cotton Textile Industry in Egypt"

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Geographical Distribution of Egyptian RMG Exports 2005 2006 2007

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TTC: Organization

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TTC: Technology

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TTC: Testing/Analysis Lab

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TTC Services

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Production Engineer Dyers Quality Assurance Merchandisers Marketing & Sales Buyers Shipping & Logistics Quality Control 1. Center Management Training Program Orientation Training Conversion Training Textiles Crash Course

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Middle Management 25% 40 Supervisor 25% 40 15% 25 Orientation Conversion 25% 40 Training Target for the main year of operation is to prepare and utilize 160 material work force over the different positions.. Preparing Type % Total Retraining 10% 15 TOTAL 100% 160

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2. Innovation Transfer Program Technology Request Tech. Assets Center Global Research Centers (China, India, Turkey, Tunis) Universities Labs

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3. Mastery Networking Program TTC Experts Network (Web Based) FECU Global Research Centers International Experts Egyptian Universities Research Centers TCF Industry Problems

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