Maurya Gupta India .

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Maurya and Gupta India. Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY. Chandragupta : 321 BCE-298 BCE. Bound together northern India. Crushed the Persian general Seleucus . Partitioned his domain into territories, then regions for expense appraisals and law implementation.
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Maurya & Gupta India Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY

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Chandragupta : 321 BCE-298 BCE Unified northern India. Crushed the Persian general Seleucus . Isolated his realm into territories, then regions for expense appraisals and law authorization. He dreaded death [like Saddam Hussein]  sustenance testers, rested in various rooms, and so forth 301 BCE  surrendered his position of royalty & turned into a Jain.

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The Maurya Empire 321 BCE – 185 BCE

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Kautilya Chandragupta\'s counselor. Brahmin rank. Composed The Treatise on Material Gain or the Arthashastra . A guide for the ruler and his clergymen: Supports regal power. The colossal malevolence in the public arena is rebellion . Along these lines, a solitary expert is expected to utilize drive when important!

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Asoka (304 – 232 BCE) Religious change after the grisly skirmish of Kalinga in 262 BCE. Devoted his life to Buddhism. Manufactured broad streets. Strife  how to adjust Kautilya\'s techniques for keeping force and Buddha\'s requests to end up distinctly a sacrificial individual?

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Asoka\'s Empire

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Asoka\'s law code Edicts scattered in more than 30 puts in India, Nepal, Pakistan, & Afghanistan. Composed for the most part in Sanskrit, however one was in Greek and Aramaic. 10 shake proclamations. Every column [ stupa ] is 40\'- 50\' high. Buddhist standards rule his laws.

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One of Asoka\'s Stupas

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Women Under an Asoka tree

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Turmoil & a power Vacuum: 220 BCE – 320 CE Tamils The Maurya Empire is separated into numerous kingdoms.

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Gupta Empire: 320 CE – 647 CE

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Gupta Rulers Chandra Gupta I r. 320 – 335 CE "Incredible King of Kings" Chandra Gupta II r. 375 - 415 CE Profitable exchange with the Mediterranean world! Hindu recovery. Huns attack – 450 CE

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Fa-Hsien: Life in Gupta India Chinese Buddhist minister went along the Silk Road and went by India in the 5c. He was taking after the way of the Buddha. He announced the general population to be upbeat, moderately free of government mistreatment, and slanted towards politeness and philanthropy. Different references in the diary, in any case, show that the standing framework was quickly accepting its essential components, including "untouchability," the social segregation of a most minimal class that is bound to modest work.

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Chandra Gupta 11

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International Trade Routes amid the Guptas

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Extensive Trade: 4c flavors silks cotton merchandise flavors rice & wheat steeds gold & ivory gold & ivory cotton products

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Kalidasa The best of Indian writers. His most well known play was Shakuntala . Amid the rule of Chandra Gupta II.

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Gupta Art Greatly impacted Southeast Asian craftsmanship & engineering.

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Gupta Achievements 1000 illnesses grouped 500 mending plants recognized Printed restorative aides Kalidasa Literature Plastic Surgery Medicine Gupta India Inoculations C-areas performed Solar Calendar Astronomy Mathematics Decimal System The earth is round PI = 3.1416 Concept of Zero

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The Decline of the Guptas Invasion of the White Huns in the 4c flagged the finish of the Gupta Golden Age, despite the fact that at to begin with, the Guptas crushed them. After the decrease of the Gupta realm, north India broke into various separate Hindu kingdoms and was not by any stretch of the imagination brought together again until the happening to the Muslims in the 7c. Address : Is the best writing and workmanship composed as the human advancement is on the ascent, at its tallness, or in its decay?

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Bhartrhari 5c India court writer and thinker. Learning is man\'s delegated check, A fortune subtly covered, The wellspring of extravagance, distinction, and ecstasy, A master most respected, A companion on remote trips, The apex of holiness. Information is esteemed by rulers past riches - When he needs it, a man is a beast.

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