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Premise: Appreciation rates, as reported by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise ... Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park. The 10 Best of Everything Families ...
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2008 May 12 America\'s Best Cities for the Outdoors RANK: #27 BASIS: Park land, diversion, sunny days, temperature, air quality

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2008 May 20 100 Best Places to Raise a Family RANK: #28 BASIS: wrongdoing rates, school quality, social insurance, expressions of the human experience, lodging costs, normal drive times and separation rates

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2008 August 27 Home Value Gains RANK: #1 BASIS: Appreciation rates, as reported by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight Home Price Index

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2008 September 10 Volunteerism Volunteer Rate Ranking: eleventh of the 50 biggest urban communities Average Volunteer Rate: 32.1% Volunteer Hours Ranking: seventeenth of the 50 biggest urban communities Average Volunteer Hours per Resident: 40.7 hours

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2008 September 24 Best-Performing Cities RANK: #50 of the 200 biggest Metros BASIS: making and holding employments OKC had among the greatest increases of progress in positioning – up 58 spots from 2007

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2008 October 15 Best Cities to Ride Out the Recession RANK: #2 BASIS: Housing information, work development, unemployment, salary, money related administrations and industry development

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2008 November 24 30 Best Cities to Find a Job OKC is the biggest city on the rundown, and has an unemployment rate of 3.5%.

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2009 January 7 America\'s 25 Strongest Housing Markets Oklahoma City Metro BASIS: estimate of how far land will probably fall before achieving base Bottom expected: 2010 Price change to base: 2.8%

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2009 January 22 100 Best Companies to Work For Three Oklahoma City-headquartered organizations Devon Energy American Fidelity Assurance Chesapeake Energy

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2009 February 2 Best Places to Start a Small Business RANK: #8 BASIS: Small business development, fixation, essentialness

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2009 March 25 Best Places for Business and Careers RANK: #3 among metros bigger than a million BASIS: Cost of working together, anticipated employment development, instructive accomplishment

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2009 April 1 America\'s Most Livable Cities RANK: #2 of urban communities more than 1 million BASIS: Income development, society, wrongdoing, unemployment rate

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2009 April 3 The 10 Best of Everything Families Best Skate Parks in U.S. Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park

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2009 April 14 Best Big Cities for Jobs RANK: #9 BASIS: Job development, rate of unemployment since 1996

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