May 28, 2009 Venture #13248.

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All different LSRs (otherwise known as Quick Service, Fast Food) Full administration eateries (FSR) Travel & recreation (lodging, ...
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May 28, 2009 Project #13248 Food Industry . Certainties. Bits of knowledge. Counseling. — Executive Presentation — The Mushroom Council Assessment of Fresh Mushrooms in the Foodservice Channel Prepared by:

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Study Objectives Identify foodservice administrator mindfulness, mentalities, use of crisp mushrooms Understand foodservice administrator utilization, demeanors toward mushroom assortments Evaluate momentum, expected applications Compare, contrast results from the 2005 study Develop proposals

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Product Scope Crimini Enoki Maitake Oyster Portabella Shiitake White Woodear Segment Scope Limited administration (LSR) pizza eateries All different LSRs (otherwise known as Quick Service, Fast Food) Full administration eateries (FSR) Travel & relaxation (lodging, entertainment) Healthcare (doctor\'s facilities, long haul care, senior living) Colleges Business & industry (corporate and plant sustaining) Scope

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Operator Research Qualitative Interviews with Restaurant Chains Top 200 Restaurant Chains 20 finished Menu advancement officials Internet Research

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State of The Industry

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Restaurants Represent Lion\'s Share of Foodservice Business Share of Operator Purchases Restaurants *Other = Vending, Military, Corrections, Bars/Taverns, Misc. Portions Source: Technomic

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Chains Represent Majority Share of Restaurant Sales Insight Industry is concentrated. Victories with real chains can bring about critical volume increments. 2008 Restaurant Sales = $366B *Independents and littler chains Source: 2009 Technomic Top 500 Report

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Industry Has Been On A Downward Path Insight Recent droop is because of economy. Be that as it may, longer term pattern focuses to a developing industry. % Change versus Earlier Year Annual Growth Fast Food Pizza Full Service Industry (F) = Forecast Source: Technomic

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Monthly Restaurant Sales Falling Mar 2009 - 1.3% Restaurant Sales Real Growth 12-Month Moving Average Dec 2006 3.6% Dec 2007 1.5% 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Source: Technomic Inc.

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Operator Concerns Insight Successful methodologies and recommendations need to address these worries. Developing deals Maintaining costs Addressing work Understanding/tending to advancing purchaser patterns

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Adding New Products Is A Key Operator Sales Tactic Insight New items incorporates both new-to-the-menu items and in addition menu changes. Source: Technomic Multi-customer Operator Survey, May 2009

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Focus on Efficiencies Is Primary Food Cost Reaction Insight Ingredient flexibility is a basic method for lessening waste/deterioration and enhancing yield. Main 5 Tactics Address Higher Food Costs (% Operator Using Tactic) Source: Technomic Multi-customer Operator Survey, May 2009

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Labor Issues Require Operators To Adjust Less on location prep (pre-hacked, pre-cooked) Focus on simple to-make items Continuous preparing Technology joining Competitive wages (sways costs)

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Longer Term Consumer Trends Impacting Industry Redefinition of wellbeing/sustenance (new) More refined, educated shoppers Preference for customization Value Demand for data

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Key Research Findings

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Mushrooms Not Viewed as a Top-of-Mind Vegetable Q: all together of volume, what are the Top 5 vegetables you use in your operation (open finished)? *Not asked in 2005. Base: All respondents

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Mushroom Penetration Has Increased Currently Use Mushrooms (All Formats) By Segment Q: Do you at present utilize any mushrooms in your operation? Base: All potential respondents (704)

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Fresh is the Dominant Mushroom Format and Is Increasing In Penetration Insight Trends toward "crisp" and its part in wellbeing discernment driving new mushroom entrance increments. % Operators Using Mushroom Formats What mushrooms arrangements would you say you are utilizing? Base: Mushroom clients

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High Awareness of Specialty Mushrooms Evident Insight There is a chance to construct top-of-psyche consciousness of all mushroom assortments Awareness of Mushroom Varieties Unaided mindfulness: Please list the mushroom assortments you are acquainted with. Q. Aided mindfulness: Please show which of the accompanying mushroom assortments you have known about.

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Specialty Mushroom Variety Usage on the Rise N/A % Operators Using Fresh Varieties Q. What assortments of new mushrooms do you use in your operations? *Not asked in 2005

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Fewer Use Mushrooms on a Seasonal Basis Only Q. In the course of recent years, has your volume of mushrooms utilized shifted by time? N/A = Not asked in 2005 *Small base

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Mushroom Dish Share Is Increasing, however Fewer Feature Mushrooms Insight: Heavy rivalry exists for elements. Offer of Menu Items Containing Mushrooms Share of Items Where Mushrooms are Featured* *Base: Among dishes containing mushrooms

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Lots of Opportunity for Further Menu Category Penetration Exists Underpenetrated application Menu Applications Using Mushrooms Q. In which of the accompanying applications do you utilize each of the crisp mushroom assortments in your operation?

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Mushroom Increases Outpacing Decreases Mushroom Volume Over the Past Two Years Q. In the course of recent years, how has your utilization of each of the new mushroom assortments changed? *Small base

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Consumer Demand Drives Increased Mushroom Usage Insight Regardless of expressed reason, administrators won\'t include extend utilization of a fixing or menu thing unless shopper interest is apparent. Along these lines, more noteworthy client request drives administrators to include new menu things with mushrooms and add mushrooms to existing menu things. Justification for Observed Volume Increases Q. Whatever do you quality your expand volume utilization of each new mushroom assortment? Base: Operators reporting volume increments

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Perceived Roadblocks to Increased Mushroom Usage Insight Limited client interest is not a noteworthy barricade. Q. What is the greatest detour to you utilizing more mushrooms as a part of your operations and why? (Open end)

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Versatility and Health are Strong Mushroom Attributes Insight Diminished impression of adaptability might be because of fuse of different components into message, weakening rating. Subjective information does not recommend adaptability recognition has lessened by any means. % of Operators Who "Concur" (Top 2 Boxes) Q. Utilizing a 1 to 5 scale, where 5 = unequivocally concur, and 1 = firmly deviate, how well do each of the accompanying explanations depict mushrooms. - Indicates not asked in 2005

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Versatility: The Key Benefit. "I can get seven menu things – at any rate – out of one sort of mushroom." – Full administration eatery network . "Mushrooms are valuable in each category...except sweets, possibly!" – Full administration eatery network "Mushrooms span significant foods – French, Italian, Asian, South American, American – they are unfathomably flexible as a class." – College/college

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DSR, Peers are Viewed as Most Preferred Sources Insight DSR is key conductor to administrators in for all intents and purposes all classifications. Be that as it may, it is exceptionally hard to get DSR consideration given general class obligations (15,000 + SKUs). Favored Source for Mushroom Information Q. Which one source would you say is your most favored hotspot for formula and menu things that contain mushrooms?

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Most Useful Tools Relate to the Menu Usefulness of Support Tools Top 2 Boxes (1 to 5 Scale) How helpful do you or would you discover each of the accompanying instruments or backing that the mushroom business could supply? Utilize a 1 to 5 scale, where 1 = not helpful by any stretch of the imagination, 5 = amazingly valuable.

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Support that Would Drive Usage of Fresh Mushrooms Q. What backing would you need from the mushroom business to empower you to utilize more mushrooms? (Open end)

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"In our association, we see huge expansions in mushroom use throughout the following 2 years." Insight Operator positive thinking on expanded mushroom utilization is a component of impression of expanding client request. % Agreeing (Top 2 Boxes) Q. Utilizing a 1 to 5 scale, where 5 = unequivocally concur, and 1 = emphatically dissent, what amount do you concur with this announcement?

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Recommendations Continue to construct attention to mushrooms; fabricate larger amount of top-of-psyche mindfulness. Concentrate on adaptability as the single advantage. Bolster message with solid wellbeing, flavor, cost position. Advance in every aspect of the menu Test new menu thoughts by means of occasional LTOs 6. Develop menu applications inside lesser entered zones: Seafood Pork Breakfast

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Recommendations Provide backing to help with including mushrooms on the menus Further convey year-round utilization Investigate the best method for imparting through the DSR Continue to bolster endeavors with driving buyer request.

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