May 7, 2009.

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Solid asset report and longstanding adherence to budgetary approaches. Redesigned 2009 merged and divided direction reflecting Q1/09 outcomes ...
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Q1 2009 TELUS speculator phone call Robert McFarlane EVP & Chief Financial Officer Darren Entwistle President & CEO May 7, 2009

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TELUS forward looking proclamations Today\'s session and our responses to questions contain explanations about expected future occasions and money related and working consequences of TELUS that are forward-looking. By their temperament, forward-looking articulations require the Company to make presumptions and are liable to natural dangers and instabilities. There is critical danger that the forward-looking proclamations won\'t turn out to be exact. Perusers are forewarned not to place undue dependence on forward-looking proclamations as various elements could bring about genuine future results and occasions to contrast tangibly from that communicated in the forward-looking articulations. As needs be our remarks are liable to the disclaimer and qualified by the suppositions (counting presumptions for 2009 direction and offer buys), capabilities and danger variables alluded to in our Management\'s examination and investigation in the 2008 yearly report, and the 2009 first quarter Management\'s discourse and investigation, and in different TELUS open divulgence archives and filings with securities commissions in Canada (on ) and in the United States (on EDGAR at ). But as required by law, TELUS renounces any goal or commitment to redesign or revise forward-looking articulations, and maintains whatever authority is needed to change, whenever at its sole tact, its current practice of overhauling yearly targets and direction.

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Agenda Wireless and wireline portion audit Consolidated money related survey Updates Cash and representing charges Operating Efficiency Program 2009 direction Questions and Answers 3

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Wireless fragment – Q1 2009 budgetary results  Revenue higher on supporter development in spite of lower ARPU Capex reflects interests in new HSPA system fabricate 4

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Wireless endorser results Net augmentations Wireless endorsers paid ahead of time 1.2M Prepaid 20% postpaid 88K 48K Postpaid 80% 92% 82% 5M Q1-09 Q1-08 6.2 million aggregate Low level of net augmentations affected by subsidence and aggressive power 5

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Wireless ARPU recap Declining voice ARPU quickened because of financial shortcoming and contender cost change in October 2008 Wireless ARPU affected by: Lower administration income from Mike Declining MOU by customers and organizations and right estimating of arrangements Decreased meandering because of re-cost & abating travel Increased infiltration of Koodo brand Wireless working results affected by frail monetary environment 6

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Wireless ARPU Data Voice % of ARPU $61.88 $58.39 8.72 14% 11.26 19% Q1-08 Q1-09 Q1-08 Q1-09 Good information development balance by speeding up in voice ARPU disintegration 7

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Wireless information income ($M) 208 147 Q1-08 Q1-09 Strong 41% annualized information development driven by proceeded with cell phone selection 8

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Wireless promoting and maintenance  Note: Measurement of expenses of obtaining and maintenance have been refined. Earlier year correlations have been restated. Frail remote measurements 9

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Wireless direction redesign Wireless income development of up to 4% Projecting level EBITDA in powerless Canadian economy 10 * See forward looking proclamation alert

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Wireline fragment - income profile  Data & gear development counterbalance decreases in neighborhood and LD 11

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Wireline section – Q1 2009 money related results  EBITDA affected by annuity and rebuilding costs As arranged, higher capex to bolster broadband extension 12

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Wireline section – EBITDA standardized  Underlying EBITDA up 4% while barring DB benefits cost and rebuilding costs 13

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Internet supporters High-speed Internet net augmentations Internet endorsers 114K Dial-up 9% 20K High-speed 91% 1.1M 14K 1.2 million aggregate Q1-08 Q1-09 High-speed base up 7% YoY 14

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TELUS TV upgrade TELUS TV endorsers surpassed 100K turning point in April TELUS proceeding with TELUS TV over broadband system work out TELUS Satellite TV: Complements TELUS\' current IP TV administration/amusement portfolio Increases TELUS TV group impression in ILEC region to >90% Enhances TELUS\' focused position Commercial dispatch later in 2009 Financial effect incorporated into 2009 direction TELUS TV endorsers surpassed 100K breakthrough in April 15

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Moderate Network Access Line misfortunes versus peers 1 Other - 3.6% - 3.9% - 4.4% - 7.4% - 7.7% Q1 2008 - 8.2% Q1 2009 - 9.8% - 10.6% 1 Includes a weighted normal of reported NALs for Bell, MTS and Bell Aliant. TELUS keeps on contrasting positively with North American associates 16

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Improved private NAL misfortunes Q1-09 Q1-08 - 41K - 51K Residential line misfortunes enhanced by 10K YoY 17

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Wireline direction redesign (unaltered) 1 Underlying EBITDA development would be 3 to 8% balanced for wireline rebuilding expenses of $51M and approx. $125M in 2008 and 2009E individually, and a $110M increment in 2009 wireline DB annuity cost EBITDA balanced for benefits and rebuilding basic EBITDA development of 3 to 8% 18 * See forward looking explanation alert

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Consolidated – Q1 2009 budgetary results  Consolidated results affected by financial delicateness and expanded benefits and rebuilding 19

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Consolidated – EBITDA standardized  Normalized EBITDA up 1% while barring DB benefits cost and rebuilding costs 20

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EPS coherence $1.01 $0.90  $0.02  $0.03  $0.02 $0.85 Excl. Charge Adj.  ($0.06) $0.81 Excl. Charge Adj.  ($0.05) Q1-09 Reported Q1-08 Reported Pension costs Restr. costs EBITDA (excl benefits & restr. costs) Lower o/s & lower 2009 assessment rates Dep\'n and Amort & other Excluding salary charge related conformities, EPS affected by expanded benefits and rebuilding costs 21

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Consolidated direction redesign (unaltered) 1 Underlying EBITDA development would be 1 to 5% balanced for rebuilding of $59M and approx. $125M in 2008 and 2009E individually, and a $118M increment in 2009 DB benefits cost EBITDA balanced for annuity and rebuilding fundamental EBITDA development of up to 5% 22 * See forward looking proclamation alert

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Tax overhaul Cash charges Cash wage charge installments of $214M paid in Q1-09 basically comprise of last 2008 duty installment and beginning of 2009 portions Accounting Tax Effective assessment rate of 15% because of reassessments of earlier year charge issues and revaluation of future salary charge liabilities Positive wage charge related modification of $62M or $0.20 per offer incorporates $8M after-expense premium wage on settlements 2009 net money charge installment rule of approx. $320 to $350M* unaltered 23 * See forward looking proclamation alert

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Operating effectiveness program (OEP) overhaul Significant quickening of rebuilding expenses subsequent to mid-2008 $28M in Q1-09 contrasted with $7M in Q1-08 2009 rebuilding cost gauge raised from $50 to $75M territory to approx. $125M* Reflects expanded accentuation on cost lessening activities Significant speeding up of productivity activities 24 * See forward looking explanation alert

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Investing in operational effectiveness Total rebuilding costs ($M) approx. $125 59 38 28 10 7 4 Q1-08 Q4-08 Q2-08 Q1-09 2008A 2009E Q3-08 Ongoing noteworthy quickening of operational productivity activities driving expanded rebuilding costs 25

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Analysis of full time proportionate representatives  Q1/09 perpetual household FTE diminishment is 500 and equalization is regularity TELUS International expects YoY increment in staff mean the entire year 2009 Significant advance effectively made towards YE focus of >1500* decrease in residential FTEs 26 * See forward looking explanation alert

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TELUS subsidizing position Strong position with supportable money streams and >$1B liquidity $500M records of sales securitization until May 2012 Committed $2B credit office accessible until May 2012 $700M 364-day bank office to accessible until March 2010 (undrawn) Greater than $1B of low-rate CP issuance exceptional 1.9x net obligation to EBITDA inside 1.5 to 2.0x long haul rule Strong speculation level FICO assessments (BBB+/A-) with stable viewpoint Could term-out some current transient financing if conditions invaluable TELUS keeps on meeting all reasonable monetary strategies 27

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Wireless results frustrating Positive patterns for wireline results Improved cost effectiveness EBITDA up 4% barring annuity and rebuilding costs Building energy in TELUS TV TELUS TV endorsers surpass 100K point of reference Expanding scope with TELUS Satellite TV in late 2009 Continued key interests in remote and wireline broadband Strong asset report and longstanding adherence to budgetary arrangements Updated 2009 combined and divided direction reflecting Q1/09 comes about and quickened proficiency activities given general monetary conditions Summary 28

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Questions? financial specialist relations 1-800-667-4871

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Appendix – free income C$ millions 2008 Q1 2009 Q1 949 906 EBITDA (320) (474) Capex (25) 4 Net Employee Defined Benefit Plans Expense (Recovery) (27) (53) Employer Contributions to Employee Defined Benefit Plans (44) (49) Interest cost paid (incorporates wage charge premium salary) 2 (214) Cash Income Taxes and Other 12 13 Non-money bit of offer based remuneration (3) (1) Restructuring installments (net of cost) (10) (3) Donations and securitization charges incorporated into other cost 534 129 Free Cash Flow (before offer based comp installment) (6) (4) Share based pay paid Free Cash Flow 528 125 - (122) Purchase of shares for cancelation (NCIB) - (151) Dividends (Note: Q4-07 profit transmitted Dec 31, 2007) (687) - Acquisitions (221) 12 Working Capital and Other (502) (14) Funds Available for de

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