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MD Consult & First Consult. Presented By: 王信傑 Ricky Wang Date:2008/7/23. Leading medical reference books ( 51 ) Full-text journals and Clinics of North America with MEDLINE ( 87 ) Nearly 10,000 customizable patient handouts Drug Database provided by Gold Standard
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MD Consult & First Consult Presented By: 王信傑 Ricky Wang Date:2008/7/23

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Leading therapeutic reference books ( 51 ) Full-content diaries and Clinics of North America with MEDLINE ( 87 ) Nearly 10,000 adaptable patient freebees Drug Database gave by Gold Standard The most recent restorative news More than 1,000 companion checked on practice rules Over 50,000 pictures that can be downloaded or printed POCKET Consult – free for your PDA

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First Consult Books Journals The Clinics Patient Education Drugs Guidelines Images News CME 十大主題

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Books 可針對整個書庫中的書籍進行搜尋 提供 索引 及 目次 ,方便您的點閱及搜尋 可儲存最近的搜尋記錄及搜尋結果 ( 個人化功能 ) * 需先註冊個人帳密功能

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51 Reference Books

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Journals 收錄 87 種期刊 包括著名的 《 The Clinics of North America 》 及 《 Yearbook 》 同時搜尋 Medline 資料庫 每篇全文文章均包括書目資料及目錄

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Journal Search 簡單而靈活的搜尋選項方便進行精確檢索 年限設定 文章類別 受試者年齡 按全文/相關性、相關性或出版日期排序 年鑑的文章附於原著期刊文章 評論性文章 ( REVIEW ) 在搜尋結果中以旗標識別

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全文期刊 HTML Elservier 所出版的期刊和 Clinics 均提供全文內容 包含超過 30,000 篇文章 Back Issue 可回溯至 1996 年

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Journal PDFs 允許使用者瀏覽、下載和列印 PDF 文章

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Journal Resources

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The Top 8 Journal Titles Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 1/16 The Lancet Infectious Diseases 1/47 Annals of Emergency Medicine 1/11 The Lancet Neurology 1/146 Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2/74 Critical Care Medicine 2/18 Journal of Pediatrics 4/74 Anesthesiology 2/22

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Across 32 medicinal subjects Note: According to JCR report classification

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The Clinics 提供 34 種最具權威的 北美臨床雜誌 每篇全文文章均包括書目資料及目錄 簡單而靈活的搜尋選項方便進行精確檢索 回溯至 2002 年

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Top Clinics Series

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Clinics in MDC

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Patient Education 超過10,000篇衛教 可供印列及修訂 每篇長度為 1 ~ 2 頁 允許加註訊息給病患

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Drugs 提供藥物商品的圖片 藥物資訊包含: 藥物分類、別名、學名 副作用 交互作用 藥物動力學、機轉 分子結構 … 等相關藥物資訊

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Drug Look-Up ( 藥物搜尋 ) 通過以下四大類別搜尋指定藥物: 商品名 + 適應症 商品名 適應症 禁忌

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Drugs Safety Notices FDA Approvals

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Guidelines ( 診療指南 ) 超過 1,000 份同儕評鑑臨床診療指南 (Peer-Review Articles) 按照作者、機構、專科及主題方式分類 每篇全文文章均包括書目資料及目錄

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Medical Images ( 圖片 ) 超過50,000張圖片 可供 查詢 及 圖片比對 來源:資料庫中的 Books

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News ( 新聞 ) 每日更新 提供最新醫學發展新知 當週新聞

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Global Search ( 整合搜尋 ) 同時檢索整個資料庫內容 提供下拉式選單進行快速檢索

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Recommended Results ( 建議結果 ) Recommended Results 是根據過去點閱記錄而整理出來的結果

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Top Search Results ( 檢索結果 ) 檢索結果會顯示出每一主題當中的前三筆資料 顯示檢索結果筆數

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Refine Your Search ( 精確檢索 ) 畫面右方提供建議的精確檢索

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Searching First Consult 提供最新的鑑別診斷 、 評估 、 結果 、 預後等資訊

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瀏覽 Medical Topics

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閱讀 Medical Topics

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Differential Diagnosis

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Viewing Search Results

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Search Results

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Case Study

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實證醫學的五大進行步驟 Five Steps to Practice EBM Formulate a responsible question. (PICO) 由個案的臨床資料形成可回答的臨床問題 Track down the best proof. (Seek database) 尋找最佳的實證﹝各種文獻及資料庫,包括發表及未發表資料﹞ Critically assess the confirmation for legitimacy, effect, and pertinence. (VIP) 評估各種醫學報告的可信度、臨床重要性,以及可應用性 Integrate with our clinical ability and patient qualities . 整合並應用於實際患者的治療決策 ﹝ 臨床應用 ﹞ Evaluate our adequacy and viability. 效果評估

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Case 對於 慢性蕁麻疹 (ceaseless urticaria) , Zyrtec 與 Allegra 的那一種治療效果比較好 呢? PICO

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Acquire/Search Chronic Urticaria Cetirizine Fexofenadine

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Search Resules

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1 2 Journals

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Medical Topic

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Lifestyle Level of Evidence

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Case 慢性蕁麻疹 (interminable urticaria) , Xyzal 與 Allegra 的那一種效果比較好 呢? PICO

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My Folder Personal recording device Save and compose data Save scans for simple reuse Set Search Alerts Access envelopes from any PC

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Add to Folder Bookmark data to My Folder Easy to access for future utilize Title the bookmark any way you pick

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My Folder Search Alerts Click on amplifying glass to set hunt ready Setup day by day, week after week or month to month email warning Email can include: New results with outline New results without synopsis All outcomes with rundown All outcomes without outline Folder connection to new results Folder connection to all outcomes

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News Customization Select the forte ranges important to you News stories in these regions will seem first

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Email to Colleague From any of the substance, you can email a partner a connection with a customized note * The associate must be an endorser of get to the article/data

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Log Off Located in the upper right corner Click once you have completed your time on the administration MD Consult will consequently log clients off following 15 minutes of inertia

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Thanks for your consideration

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