Measuring prosperity crosswise over Europe .

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Cambridge Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Ageing A life course perspective. Measuring well-being across Europe. Felicia A Huppert Nic Marks Professor of Psychology head of centre for well-being Department of Psychiatry nef (new economics foundation)
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Cambridge Interdisciplinary Research Center on Aging An existence course viewpoint Measuring prosperity crosswise over Europe Felicia A Huppert Nic Marks Professor of Psychology head of community for prosperity Department of Psychiatry nef (new financial aspects establishment) University of Cambridge London

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Methods of estimation Objective prosperity – wellbeing, monetary & social pointers Subjective prosperity – mental markers Evaluative: global limited time allotment Experiential: \'on-line\' (ESM) recollected (DRM)

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Why is subjective prosperity critical for legislative issues? Wellbeing impacts : Happy individuals live more, more advantageous lives Enterprise impacts : Engagement, interest and reason prompt business and innovativeness Citizenship impacts : Happy individuals are more liberal, agreeable and philanthropic

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Do reviews as of now measure subjective prosperity? Single thing measures Domains of life fulfillment "Personal satisfaction" scales

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Towards national prosperity accounts Diener and Seligman in their fundamental 2004 paper "Past Money: toward an economy of prosperity" required: a national prosperity file [to] be made that deliberately evaluates key prosperity factors for agent tests, including constructive and pessimistic feelings, engagement, reason and importance, positive thinking and trust, and life fulfillment, and fulfillment with particular spaces of life. This ESS module on "Individual and Social Well-being" speaks to the main efficient endeavor to operationalise this thought – and it will happen crosswise over the greater part of Europe.

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Aims of the Well-being Module To give an arrangement of markers which will offer an itemized and efficient way to deal with the estimation and comprehension of how people encounter their lives. This will empower us to decide: How prosperity fluctuates crosswise over European countries The basic, social and individual elements connected with various levels or profiles of prosperity A firm establishment for strategies to upgrade prosperity

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Questionnaire Design Team Felicia Huppert -Team Leader Andrew Clark -France Nic Marks -UK Johannes Siegrist -Germany Alois Stutzer -Switzerland Joar V ittersø -Norway George Ploubidis helped with psychometric investigation

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Stages in building up the prosperity module Identifying key ideas Reviewing existing scales Conceptual system Refining the things Negotiation

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Conceptual structure for the ESS Well-being Module

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Conceptual structure for the ESS Well-being Module

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Satisfaction addresses in the ESS Well-being Module How fulfilled would you say you are with how your life has turned out in this way? How fulfilled would you say you are with your present way of life? Taking all things into account, how fulfilled would you say you are with your present job?  How fulfilled would you say you are with the harmony between the time you spend on your paid work and the time you spend on others parts of your life?

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Additional inquiries in the ESS Well-being Module Amount of physical action Feelings about staring at the TV Risk of unemployment Income examination

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ESS center things significant to prosperity

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Schwartz Value Inventory This scale evaluates individual and social values regarding 10 motivational sorts: power universalism achievement benevolence hedonism tradition stimulation conformity self-direction security

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Countries taking part in ESS Round 3 Prepared by Chris Abbott - 2006

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Exploratory component investigation of things chose for conclusive prosperity module

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How well does the model fit inside segments? For each of the 4 hypothetical builds, 4 CFA fit lists were computed: - CFI, TLI, RMSEA, WRMR - for pooled test, Poland, Ireland, guys, females Every list demonstrated worthy fit, and the dominant part indicated ideal fit

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Factor structure of prosperity things from the ESS pilot information ( n=831)

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Country contrasts in % concurring ESS pilot information

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Perceived social advance in Poland and Ireland ESS pilot information

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Refining prosperity ideas and measures Latent class examination to distinguish bunches with particular profiles of prosperity Item Response Theory (IRT) to assess the powerful estimation run over the populace from most astounding to least Developing a compact measure of prosperity for future research

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The Science of Well-being Editors: Felicia Huppert, Nick Baylis, Barry Keverne Book areas include: Evolution and improvement Physiology and neuroscience Psychology of prosperity Cultural points of view Social and financial contemplations

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