Mechanical technology, Past, Present, and Future.

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1960s: Shakey, first robot arm, SRI truck. 1970s: Voyager space tests, multi-legged robots ... Shopper and recreational robots: Lawnmowers, vacuums, kitchen machines get to be ...
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Robotics, Past, Present, and Future Susan Eileen Fox Macalester College September 5, 2004

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Science fiction robots

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Real-world robots Manufacturing, Security, and Exploration

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Real-world robots Consumer and Recreational

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Classes of robots Deterministic Human moves robot through assignment, robot imitates errand Remote-control Human effectively controls activities Autonomous Robot moves freely on the planet Assisted/Assistive Robot helps human in controlling its activities

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Robotics in the previous 1960s: Shakey, first robot arm, SRI truck 1970s: Voyager space tests, multi-legged robots 1980s: enhanced interchanges and PCs locally available! 1990s: AAAI Robot Competition, Mars meanderer, Handyboard 2000s: Affordable robot equipment and programming

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Macalester mechanical autonomy: Lego robots Mindstorm and Handyboard controllers Lego engines and parts Sensors: Touch sensors Light sensors Rotational sensors Sonar and IR sensors CMU Cam

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Macalester apply autonomy: Lauren and Humphrey Pioneer 2 DX robots Onboard Linux PC Wireless Ethernet Forward and raise sonar sensors Video camera Gripper

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Current apply autonomy research Kismet (MIT) Wheelesly (MIT) Autonomous vehicles (CMU) Mars robots (NASA)

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Current examination test beds Mars investigation Robocup AIBO film Search and Rescue

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Future of apply autonomy: 10 years Manufacturing: more "keen" robots move in Security and investigation: Patrol + reconnaissance Miniaturization More independent robots Consumer and recreational robots: Lawnmowers, vacuums, kitchen apparatuses get to be standard Prosthetics and insight wheelchairs hit the business sector Automated vehicles/Smart streets Robot toys of expanding knowledge NOT: genuine knowledge, androids, sci-fi imaginings

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